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Boba definitely has my vote as he is a cold calculating person.  Boba brings in any bounty without delay and he doesn't give up.

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Yes I know this but he could have taken his family with him.  His wife was allready a Bounty Hunter.  They could have worked together which might have strenghtened their relationship.  Also this would have not caused his daughter and granddaughter to hate him.

Allright guys and gals you wnt to know what Kotor 3 should be like read this.
Read The Children book 1 and 2.  This guy is an amazing writer and I love these books.  This story brings back all the amazing characters in both games.  After you read it post it up and we'll see what your thoughts are.

If you havent heard then your missing out.  if this is allready posted sorry.
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Boba Fett is what I think every Star Wars fan wants to grow up to be.  I mean who wouldnt want the awesome armor, weapons, and gadgets.  But to me Fett is more than that.  Fett is the hero Ive been trying to grow into ever since I saw Star Wars.  Fett teaches you that you can be on your own and still be able to provide for others.  I believe that if Fett had someone he loved nothing could kill them.  Fett might seem evil but he does what he does so that he can provide for himself.  I think its awesome that Fett now has family.  Now we can finally see that Fett can have compassion.  I believe Fett is an amazing character to follow.  He doesnt give in to the basic human need for sex.  This is proved when Jabba offers him Liea and he lets her have the bed and it doesnt even cross his mind that she is extremely beautiful.  Fett could show eveeryone that not all codes of honor are about fighting fair its about how you live not how you fight.

Jango utterly failed in raising Boba.  Sure he taught him how to fend for himself but he didnt teach his culture.  Jango was Mandalore and he abandoned the Mandalorians.  This shows up in Boba when he abandons his family.  Sure he reunites with his granddaughter but he doesnt know even know slightely of the proud Mandalorian history.  Boba fends for himself.  Not a total failing but he doesnt work well with others.  This is horrible as he is Mandalore.  He should know more about his culture and he doesnt even know Mando'a.  This is Jango's fault as he wouldnt teach Boba the language.  Jango might wear the armor but he was no Mandalorian.  He only cared for himself and his money.  When he had Boba cloned he showed  little compassion for another person but that was all.  Atleast Boba tried to have a family.  But again his individuality showed up again and he left them.  If Jango would have showed Boba that loyalty is important then Boba could have had a family for a while.