Glad you like it. Hopefully, my unmasked piece of Fett will turn out as epic in the end. I deepened the detail a bit and finished off detailing his gear. Now I just need to shade and color the background.


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I built the Death Star with real Legos, if that's what you're asking. ^_^ That kit takes some time, I tell ya...

xD You'll hear no complaints from me. I wanna see this site get more active. If I have to keep posting things just to make the posts recent enough to attract people, so be it. >3

Thanks. I'm really proud of my shading on Skitts. ^_^


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Pretty much just Lego games. ^_^;

That's me. It's a villain thing. xP


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I finally unlocked Slave I in Lego Star Wars 2. xD So awesome. I'm kinda too terrible at video games to have a favorite, really. But I look forward to playing Star Wars Bounty Hunter. Even though I will probably die constantly like I do on Battlefront. e.e;


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Thanks, Terra. =3

Just as they thought they were doomed for sure...

Welcome back, Terra. Good to see you. smile

I am well. And yourself?

Hello and welcome, Omega_Zed. smile I love role playing. But I'm usually the one playing Boba. It'd be interesting to RP as a character who can meet him, and see how other people play him. xD;

Yes, Boba's a clone. But he's an adorable clone. I'm just as happy with this new story line as I was before. Boba will always be awesome.


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This argument amuses me, but mostly because of a fanfic I'm writing. There's always too many 'what if's in these scenarios. Well, here's one:

What if Mace Windu survived his fight with Palpatine? What if he came back to consciousness on the way down, used the Force to guide him onto a speeder, and escaped? Now, what if Boba Fett is hired to hunt Windu (not knowing it's him since he's in hiding)? This places Fett and Windu both as older men than they were the last time they had a fight. Fett has become the hunter we all know and love, and is no longer really out for revenge. He kills Jedi now because it's business.

In this instance, Boba Fett wins. Fett is not a man to just go in, guns blazing, and take down a Jedi. No, he would plot and calculate first. Make a game plan, and also plan for several different scenarios. Windu in hiding would be trying very hard to keep his profile low. Sure, he is warned by the Force of the danger, but carrying a lightsaber is too risky in these days. I'm sure he'd have one, but it wouldn't be as instantly-accessible. Windu might escape the first bout, but I doubt he could out-think Fett.

Windu seemed more the 'acting' sort than the 'thinking/planning' sort. This is, of course, just my opinion. Even in my fic, Fett gets a little help from some of Windu's new rivals taking him down. But Fett does end up capturing Windu (however, does not kill him as he's worth quite a bit more alive).


But no, really. I love The Fett. Jango did actually nothing to my love for Boba. He just made me see him as sort of a tragic character. Think about  it, all you Jango haters out there: The child loses his father to a Jedi at ten years old. This creates a sort of shattering effect, and throws Boba into the world far too young. He makes his own mistakes, bent on revenge. This makes him realize revenge is bad for business. His experiences because of Jango's death forge him into the hunter we all know and love.

The very tragedy of his new canon past forge him into an unfeeling human machine, and I love every moment of it. >3 When I'm writing for the character, I try to see the world through his eyes. To feel and know and experience everything he does. The depth and complexity inside that head of his is just insane. <3


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Boba Fett has, and will always be, my favorite Star Wars character of all time. He was the reason I got into Star Wars in the first place.


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Oh my. xD Just like how they flip those scenes in RotJ. << You can only tell if you know that Boba's rangefinder belongs on the RIGHT side of his helmet. Now I have to watch ESB again to see this backwards Slave I. xD

1) Boba Fett
2) Obi-Wan Kenobi
3) Jango Fett
4) Darth Vader
5) Darth Maul
6) Cad Bane
7) Exar Kun
8) Leia Organa
9) Commander Cody
10) Yoda


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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 will most likely feature The Fett. Thus far, it is only a rumor. However, a rendered 3D version of our beloved hunter's classic look has been spotted wandering the internet. Seen here:

I suppose we can hope. We WILL, however, be seeing more of Death Watch!

You can watch the trailer here:


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Maybe I could do one for you. Kinda depends on what you want, exactly. =3

I can't say I'm really that biased. I do love Fett, but I also love Obi-Wan and Maul. So it's pretty even, I'd say, on that note. =3

So. Funny. xD

I think I'll do a comparisson list like most people are. =3

Costumes: Tie - I love the work in TPM, but I also love AOTC costumes (Jango especially).
Sith: TPM - Maul was awesome. That is all.
Jedi: AOTC - Obi-Wan Kenobi is by far my favorite Jedi. He was more mature in AOTC, and I like his lines a lot more. There was also more Jedi that had airtime. Generally spiffy. Even if Anakin is a bit whiney and emo.
Battles: AOTC - Obi-Wan vs. Jango. Jedi + Clones vs. Droids. Yoda vs. Dooku. Best battle scenes EVER.
Locations/ Scenery: AOTC - TPM has some neat scenes, no doubt, but overall AOTC reigns supreme as far as locations. Kamino was pretty neat, and the lake country on Naboo was wonderful.
General Characters: AOTC - Less Jar-Jar. 'Nough said. Oh, and Boba<3
Score: TPM - I love John Williams' music period, but Duel of the Fates is still my favorite piece.
Plot: AOTC - I wish they had done more with Jango, but the plot of the movie itself was generally better than TPM. (Also, less Jar-Jar involvement)
Acting: TPM - Anakin whines a lot, and he's so emo it's annoying in AOTC. TPM has generally better lines and acting, even if I think Ewan was better in AOTC, and Tem did great as Jango.
Nameless characters: AOTC - Clones own Gungans. Period. Also, AOTC has Super Battle Droids. Which were fairly cool.

Over all, I think AOTC was a better movie in general. But I did still like TPM. smile

Ford did a great job, and so did a lot of the OT cast (Guiness, Fisher, etc). Some of the acting in the prequels leaves a bit to be desired, but I love that they got McDermid back for Palpatine. And McGregor was an awesome Obi-Wan Kenobi. I also loved Temuera Morrison, except in the re-recording of the OT. I think he could have done a lot better. All of Boba's new lines seem rushed and a little unprofessional. And Wingreen was just fine to begin with.

I actually like that we know a bit more about the REAL story of Boba Fett, personally. Firstly: Once he gets over being a brat kid and figures out that the universe isn't going to be very nice to him, and dawns/repaints Jango's armor, no one but a select few will actually KNOW him. Take a real good look at the people who actually knew about Jango and Boba. It wasn't a very large crowd. And Boba spreads a lot of rumors about his identity once he's in the armor, since no one sees his face anymore.

Who, exactly, would be able to tell he was a clone? Vader, Aurra Sing, Bossk, Obi-Wan, and Dengar. They were really the only ones who knew his name, save the prison and Jedi. But really, the Republic fell. A lot of people who could have possibly known either died, or would stay quiet for fear of the Empire and/or Fett himself.

Come to think of it, the fact that Boba KNEW Anakin, if briefly, could tie into how Boba came to work so closely with Vader. Yes, Boba earned Vader's respect by being unpredictable.. but the Dark Lord also knew Fett from before. Think about it. Why else would Vader care if one (albeit very good) bounty hunter lives or dies, especially after shooting him in the face? Yes, Fett would be a great tool, but Vader had killed other 'great tools' without a second thought.

Just throwing in my two cents there.  tongue


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Boba Fett is not 'evil,' per-say. He is mean, and he is cold, but he adheres strictly to his moral code. Fett would never take a contract his honor did not agree with, no matter how many credits he was offered.

A great example of this was when he and Leia had a bit of a political argument in Tales of the Bounty Hunters. He argues that the Empire is the legal governing force in the galaxy, and that the Rebellion is in the wrong, because of this. Leia offers him a LOT of credits to switch sides, but Fett refuses, because it's against his code of ethics. The Empire may not be a force for good, but they WERE the legal government at the time.


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I definitely missed this. Hunting down this episode now. xD

Edit: Found it! I would now like to point out that this is in Season 5, not Season 3. xD;