I actually recommend making your own stencils. I did last year, and it turned out pretty snazzy.


I personally think that adding in some history to the character just made him a deeper, more relate-able character as a whole. I loved AotC, so. xP

I've loved Boba ever since I saw him for the very first time in The Empire Strikes Back. I'm not really sure why. o_o I just tend to relate to a guy who's a loner like me. He's so confident, speaking back to Vader's face. And he doesn't even get Force-choked for doing it! The character's always been epic. I love him.

I even love the new Boba (meaning Jango's cloned son). I think he's adorable as a child. And the fact he looks like Jango just makes me love him more (I've had a crush on Temuera Morrison since I saw him in Once Were Warriors, so shush. xD). It makes him human, yet still keeps an air of mystery. I mean. Why the heck does he choose to have all of these different stories floating around about himself? He keeps hidden. No one knows he's a clone. Just us fans. And he's so good at what he does. ^_^;

The helmet itself isn't very screen-accurate. So I don't see why anyone would expect the thing to be accurate in other ways. xD It looks ridiculous. I would never personally buy one. *shrug*

I suppose he reflects certain aspects of my personality, but not me as a whole. I'm a silent, calculating loner, but I don't have the same level of confidence or emotional control that he does.


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Supposedly, Episode 2 is scheduled for 3D release on September 20, 2013. And Episode 3 is October 11, 2013. While I heard a rumor that the OT will also be re-released in 3D, this has not yet been confirmed.

Various places. I've met other fans at clubs, events, and even online. xD My Academic Counselor for school is even a Fett fan. Maybe I'm just a Fett-fan Magnet. x3

DarkOne wrote:

I like, "Patience, in our case, is more of a neccesity then a virtue." (I think that is how it's worded. All of my Boba Fett books are boxed up right now so its hard to tell.) smile

The line he used was actually: "Patience. In this case, it is not so much a virtue as a necessity."

The source is Bounty Hunter Wars 1: The Mandalorian Armor. smile

Try looking for Sintra plastic specifically. EE-3 is Boba's weapon. If you want a Fett armor, it's good to have all the pieces for it. smile Also, I'd really recommend using a metal-specific jigsaw or rotary cutting tool for metal. Though you can usually use tin snips for really thin stuff, but your edges will need grinding down if you do that.


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Wookiepedia is a terrible source. That can be edited by anyone, just like regular Wikipedia. =x I'd really say to just read the books and comics for yourself if you want to know about the Fett.

Also, the Empire may have been 'evil,' but Fett said himself that they were, in fact, the government of the time. Therefor, they were the law. Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star, thus making him an enemy of the established government, and a 'criminal' of the times. I doubt it had anything to do with Luke being a Jedi. That may have just been a bonus to Fett. xD


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Bossk keeps trying to kill Boba. Boba always escapes Bossk. So I say Boba wins. I even think Boba hasn't killed Bossk simply because he's just too much fun. xD

You can actually sometimes find an EE-3 resin cast online. But if you want to make it from scratch, I recommend trying to find something with relatively the same style handgrip. Then everything else is just a matter of PVC piping and plastic pieces. So not all that complicated, if you know what you're doing. smile

As far as plexiglass for the armor plates, I would really recommend Sintra or some other form of plastic over it, because plexiglass is not very easy to mold into the shapes you'll need, and it doesn't take paint very well at all. Sintra is a bit expensive, but all you need is heat to mold it.

Well, that really depends on how thick you're making the plates. But steel armor can weigh quite a lot. I've known medieval suits that weigh upwards of 100lbs. But that's for full plate. So I'd put an estimate around maybe 50-80lbs, depending on how many plates you use, and how thick you make the plates themselves. smile

Well. Cad, like Boba, has a sense of honor. That was proven when he saved the disguise Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Box. He's smart and resourceful. But unlike Boba, he vies for the top position. He isn't just there, and there are none better than him, like Boba. Embo is a challenge as far as that goes, for sure.

I have to say, I really like the character of Cad Bane. Even now that we're going into Season 5. But I doubt we'll see too much of him /or/ Boba in this season, sadly.

Video games, MMOGs, read, write, or draw. ^_^


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I've recently come across a band with a very Star Wars name. It amused me the most, because Boba actually holds this title in the EU eventually.

The band's name is Mand'alor. They're mostly Psytrance, barely any lyrics. But it's awesome music, if you ask me.

Here's a link to what music of theirs I found:

I like pretty much every scene Boba is in. Except where he's flirting with the alien dancing girl (NOT because she's an alien, but because I agree whole-heartedly with Jeremy Bulloch on the subject of 'I don't think Boba would do that'), and the whole.. falling into the Sarlacc thing. But hey. He survives that. No one else has ever done so. Go Boba. =3


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I so wish I could. xD


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I have fairly good aim with a rifle, but I suck a bit with a pistol. So in that way, I guess I'm more like Zam. My personality is a little Solo-esque, especially when it comes to money. But whenever I take the quiz things, I always get Boba Fett or Han Solo. <<;


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If the page doesn't load for you the first time, try reloading. It came up with an error for me, but was fine once I reloaded the page! smile

I'm going to put up my vote for Mandalorians.

That sounds uncomfortable.

I've done a few with charcoal, yes. But I'm not overly fond of the medium.


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Lol Sims. I played that forever ago. Then I just got tired of it. All I ever seemed to do was eventually get tired of them and invent ways to make them go away. <<; All of my houses were haunted. ^_^;

They have a ton of Lego games for the Playstation and PS2. Lego Indiana Jones. Lego Star Wars. And I don't have any pictures of it. My friend has it now. Maybe I'll see if she'll take some of it for ya.

I saw. I wish they'd come back.