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Thank you smile And thank you for your welcome wink It's cool to be here, what a great site!


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Hi everybody!

I introduce myself, my name is Aurel McNitro, I'm a young freelance artist and a huge fan of madalorian bounty hunter smile smile smile I'm very glad to be here!  And sorry for my english, I have a bantha level in english... XD I'm french! Sacrebleu!

I'm glad to show you for my second post my fan art for the welovefine star wars shirt contest, with Daniel Logan himself as a judge! 
I love Boba and I love underwater adventure so here is a special version of our beloved character…

One Fett under the sea by Aurel McNitro par McNitro, sur Flickr

“The Empire has put a price on Ackbar head! Wearing his mandalorian diving armor, the most formidable bounty hunter of the galaxy, following the information of one of his informant, explores Naboo earthcore. But instead of finding a Mon Calamari secret base, Boba Fett comes across an Opee Sea Killer nest... It’s a trap!”

You can find this fan art here too, on my blog smile http://aurelmcnitro.blogspot.fr/2012/06 … r-sea.html

To vote for this design or one of its talented competitors, it's here:
https://www.welovefine.com/vote.php?id_ … ubmit=4317

I hope you enjoy it wink What do you think about it?  smile


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HI everybody ! I'm Aurel and I come from France ("sacrebleu!") so sorry for my english...

I'm very glad to be here smile