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Oh oops I meant Carrie Fisher. Sorry sad


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Metal....anyone who likes pop is a witch!

Who's hotter: Carrie Fisher (Leia) or Natalie Portman (Padme)?


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ooooooooo Ralin's gonna be mad.....the Rams beat the Cowboys.


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Cars, they're faster and cooler.


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I have that book....and I have to say it was great. But I still like Clones better.


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Great idea ner vod.


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Clone Troopers! Stormies all look the same. The clones armor was more personal and colorful. And Storm troopers weren't all clones of Jango, and therefore probably not Mandalorian.


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I would also be a Gray Jedi

Xbox 360 all the way. LIVE is da bomb, and you can't play Halo on the PS3.


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Master Chief's armor. The energy shields are a great bonus, along with the cybernetic enhancements.


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The Panthers? Eh, I guess I have to like them because I'm moving to Florida.


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LOL nice find WV. That guy is pretty obsessed methinks....if he calls an old lady an ignorant witch just because she doesn't know everything about Star Wars.....wow


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Wow......Draco spelled "Siteings" wrong.....unless it was deliberate and I'm being stupid........


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Yeah it does, I just thought the line was kind of funny, the way I said it in my head.


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Romo's out.....Brady's out.....jeez why do the QBs of our favorite teams have to be hurt? I mean c'mon.....the Pats were amazing last season, and this season they aren't as good as they should be.


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I'm so mad Tom Brady is out....the Pats aren't doing too great.....3-2, osik compared to their record of 18-1 last year. I can't believe Brady is out.......horrible luck for the Pats. Hopefully they'll still make the SB this season, but it's doubtful.

You are a Cowboys fan, Ralin? Some kids in my school are, even though we aren't even close to Texas. Most are Giants fans....I had to endure weeks of torture after the Pats lost the SB to them.


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"And then, yes then" Best line ever tongue

Great job, Si.


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Lord Revan wrote:

they will most likely be over $1,000 from what I've seen.

Actually, you can get an AK for around $250 in the US.


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Nobody needs an automatic weapon. They are useless to civilians. A pistol, a shotgun, or a hunting rifle is good enough protection for a civilian. While I believe everyone should have a weapon, the chance that you will have to use it is miniscule.

To everyone who says "What if someone came to your house to kill you and you had no weapon", do you bring a gun or a knife to the beach in case you get attacked by a shark? You probably don't. People shouldn't live in the constant fear that someone will murder you.

Just have a weapon in case something does happen. Better to be safe then sorry.

I think this quote from one of the AvP movies sums that up quite well.

"I'd rather have a gun and not need it, then need it and not have one."


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Exactly. Any good thing he did in his life does NOT make up for the fact that he is responsible for 11 million murders.


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I never said that only hunting rifles should be available. I'm fine with people having shotguns, bolt-action rifles, and semi-automatic weapons. Nobody really needs automatic weapons.

And why the hell would 20 people come to your house trying to kill you? Anyone can just keep making up these scenarios, but it doesn't mean that you have to be protected against everything.

And what if 100 people wanted to kill you? You'd need a minigun. A 1,000? A house surrounded by anti-personel mines and a grenade launcher. 100,000? A freakin nuke. Just because there is a chance, an extremely low chance, of any of those happening, it doesn't mean everyone should go out and buy these things.


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SciFifreak90 wrote:

Semi-newly ordained 18 year old, birthday was September 11.

You were born on September 11th? Hmmm, that's a coincidence that your 11th birthday was on 9/11. Mines on the 9/21, kinda close to yours.

Happy B-Day TW. Now you get to drive, right? Lucky.....


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Nobody was saying Hitler is good, Ralin. They are just saying that he did help his country a little bit.....but he caused waaaaaayyy more harm then good.


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Well Ralin, I still agree with AA here. Just because the Constitution says we have the right to bear arms, and that means ANY gun, it doesnt mean we have to be able to get automatic weapons. Even if we are allowed to get them, we would be buying them for absolutely no reason. They are useless in the hands of a civilian. The only thing someone could do with them is look at it, bring it to a firing range, or if the are crazy, kill people with it. What good comes out of owning automatic weapons? Nobody needs them, except the military.


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Name: Mayor Hoodoo Brown
Nationality: American
Occupation(optional): Trying to establish himself as Mayor of Hopeful
Age: Around 35
Gender: Male
Appearence: http://www.superostrich.net/images/large/3d_hoodoo.jpg

Weapons:Two Dual Colt Peacemakers : http://www.kapowwe.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/1-1-262.jpg Also, his left eye is cybernetic, but looks very real. It can do some special stuff, like view infrared/x-ray. He also has a special very tiny computer on his arm that allows him to keep in contact with others in his service, or to go on the Internet or whatever. Those are the only futuristic things he has.

History: Hoodoo Brown is a charismatic, yet cruel man. The people of Hopeful want a mayor, and Hoodoo wants to fill that position, whatever the cost. His cronies, Webb and Rudabaugh, each dress in black trench coats and have several weapons each. They kill or torture anyone foolish enough to get in Hoodoo's way.

His eye was lost when he was young,  injured when he was beaten by his rich, yet sadistic father. Hoodoo isn't as evil as his father, but he's still a merciless man.


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So while Boba cut Karson up into human sushi, Dr. Phil tried to get a hair cut. Unfortunately, he realized he was bald. To fix this problem, he....