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OK, michaelfett, u should.....ummm.....uhhhhhh.....Im not sure! I dont know what ur future girlfriend is like. I have 2 go! I am watching a movie! Ill be back at about 10:30!


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OMG i am retarted!!!


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I would have an entirely Mando team. Maybe Darth Revan....


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about what?


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Chunky peanut butter?


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Smooth move, Micaelfett!:D

If u need any advice ask me.


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Sev Fett wrote:

Personally I think there is nothing wrong with being killed by Mce Windu.  Mace almost killed Sidious had it not been for Anakin.  Windu was a master of form, um, can't remember but only one that he and his apprentice knew.  Named after some feroscious animal.  Anyway, yah nothing wrong with being killed by Mace Windu.

The ferocious animal was a Vaapad, a creature with lots of whipping tentacles. Only Mace and his apprentice Depa Billaba mastered Vaapad.


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IG-88 wrote:

Dawn of the dead is cool i personally like the old version though.

I have to agree with IG-88 that the old version is better.


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Asking a girl to be ur girlfriend is really hard, and u need to have a strong will so u wont back down. I hate that when ur about 2 ask some1 out, ur stomach feels all queasy....


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I love it here! This place ROCKS! By the way, IG-88 is wicked cool!


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Thanks, Miba!


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Hi Jacveus! BFFC is awesome! Ive learned a lot more about Boba Fett than I originally knew.


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I found out that Cody didnt get killed by a gungan. He was killed when the Death Star exploded in A New Hope. I might be wrong, though, because I learned that on the Wookiepedia. Never trust wikis.


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Hey! I am very mature for my age!


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Thanks. Urs is cool too.


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Ur right, I didnt think of that. I am pretty stupid sometimes


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I love Clone Commanders because they killed their Jedi Generals. I hate the Jedi for killing most of the Mandalorians. Commander Appo is my fave commander because he led the attack on the Jedi Temple. He was badly wounded by Zett Jukasa, but he survived his injuries. Darth Vader was very fond of him, but Appo was killed by friggin Roan Shrine, a Jedi Master, during the Wookie uprising on Kashyyk.:(


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Thanks, man! This place is GREAT! Mandalorians Rule!


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I am a mix of Count Dooku  (I hate the Jedi; they are too narrow minded) and a Clone Commander like Appo (I like to be in charge)


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I am an 11 year old Virgo


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How can you almost ask some1 out? Its either you ask them out, or u dont. Its that simple.


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Commander Appo is mine  (Hence my username) EDIT: I also like Boss and Sev because I really got into playing Republic Commando on my X-Box. Delta squad is great. So is Omega.


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Concord Dawn and Mandolore RULE!