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I watched the movie and it was really funny!

Im not totally sure who would win. I would root for Fett, but Bane is wicked strong! Then again, so is Boba.


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So far I havent had any snow because I live in NJ.


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I agree with IG-88. We dont know the whole story.


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Good! I hope she says yes.


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A am glad Boba won in that comic. I dont even know who Deadpool is.


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I would have Bastila, too


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True. But then Boba wouldnt be 100% Fett, either.


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Well, I broke up with my girlfriend 6 months ago on a monday. Also, its the start of another 5 consecutive days of school


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Because, every monday something bad happens to me.


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Congrats on turning into a smuggler! Great, now we are both of topic.


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When is it gonna be finished, anyway?


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My fettish started after I read The Mandalorian Armor, and after I bought a Boba figure.


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michaelfett wrote:

the form thats close to the dark side

Michaelfetts right. The form Vaapad twists your inner darkness and turns it into a weapon of light.


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I hate mondays....


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draco fett is right, there is no proof. I wish he was on Alderaan when it blew up, though....


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I am not sure what I will be this Halloween. Next year I am definitely gonna be a Mandalorian!


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I agree with Miba that Sudokus are way 2 hard. I was just kidding when I told u that


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Then you should buy her a book of Sudokus, a rock cd, and Im stumped on the green part.


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where did ya get it?


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Nice costume!


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Jango and Boba rule and Jar Jar deserves a horrible death!


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WOW! *Jumps up and down in amazement* Its rare to find a girl that even tolerates hearing the words Star Wars! Since she is smart, buy her a book of Sudokus (Very hard number puzzles). A chinese fellow in my class is super-smart, and he loves them for reasons I cant understand.


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I am obsessed with clones (Hence my username), so I disagree with draco fett that the Clone Wars suck. I agree with draco fett that Jar Jar is a friggin annoying. Mesa this, yousa that, I wish he would just shut up!

His sergeant, Walon Vau, fed him to the aiwhas...........
I dont really know.