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Thanks guys! Hopefully I make it to 2000 eventually. That would be awesome.


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I still think they should have an episode with Delta Squad in it. That would be awesome. Or even just a random squad of Commandos. But no more Jar Jar. Ever. Ever. Again. *cringe*

And yeah, the clones episodes are the best ones. I even liked the fact that the clones used words like damn and hell in the "Rookies" episode. Made it feel more realistic.


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Actually no, Nazi Germany wasn't unstable, it was just led by a bunch of evil, manipulative maniacs. It only became unstable after they started to lose in WWII.

We don't need to stay in Iraq. There are plenty of countries with unstable governments that we could be worrying about, like Somalia, Chad, and Sudan, but we aren't trying to help them. That's because in the big picture of things, they don't matter to us. Oil is the world's most precious resource besides water, and Iraq and the rest of the Middle East is LOADED with it.


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Woohoo, I've finally reached 1000 posts! I'm glad I decided to come back!


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So Sarah Palin shot them from a helicoptor.


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Seco Fett wrote:

Cece, you talk as if it is fact. We're back to story number one now. It is just a theory as is everything else as to how life began.

As to a record of a ww flood, how about "Billions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water, all over the earth." And about the ""How are we here?" question, it's Noah's Ark. Well, it was actually God's Ark, but Noah built it.

Hell yeah, I built an Ark. How awesome is that. j/k

I am sick of this topic, and I am gonna stop posting.....unless someone posts something that i absolutely have to respond to...


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lolz that reminds me of a funny part in a Family Guy episode.


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It's not our damn problem whether or not Iraq's government will become unstable again. We should pull out and focus our resources on, oh maybe the f'n economy or something. People are living in freaking tents! (And I'm almost one of them!) And this is the first instance where a country has gone into a recession and still maintain military superiority. Its ridiculous. I support the armed forces, but I don't think they are needed currently. We should at the most keep a smaller force in Afghanistan to completely root out and destroy Taliban and terrorist cells, but being in Iraq is just pointless.


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I think the War in Iraq is absolute BS. As much as I hate al-Queda, and I want to rip Osama's guts out with my bare hands, I think keeping troops in Iraq is pointless. I agree that we should have definitely knocked off Hussein like we did, but then we should have pulled out. The problem is, war = MONEY. The only problem is, that money costs lives. Cheney and his buddies own several companies that equip and support the military, so the war is making all of them money. Also, the fact that Iraq has a lot of oil helps too. It's obvious that the only reason we stayed in Iraq was so Cheney's friends could keep making money.

For example, a company manufactured a virtually unpenetrable body armor called Dragon Skin. This could withstand AK-47  7.62x39mm cartridges at point blank range, as well as frag grenade shrapnel. The current military-issue body armor (the company is owned by one of Cheney's friends) cannot. The military, however, said that the Dragon Skin armor "failed" in their testing. Um, hello? Obviously a lie. Actually, Generals in the army who get to pick their equipment use Dragon Skin, knowing that it is superior to the other body armor.


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How do you know everything in the Bible is correct? It could have been written by a crazy hobo guy back a long time ago, and then somebody picks it up and reads it, and goes "Hey I'll believe everything this random book says" I mean, seriously. By the way, the entire Protestant religion was created just so King Henry the 8th could get a divorce from his wife, and now Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland kill each other every day. Then there was the Crusades, the Holocaust, and now Osama bin Laden is twisting Islam into making a jihad against the U.S. All religion does is cause suffering, and waste time.


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Yikes, remind me not to move where you live, SciFi. Although getting your school bus window shot out would be cool.....as long as you didn't get hit.


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Same here. The trailer looks great. And Starscream was always my favorite baddie back from when I watched Transformers Armada when I was little.

And I actually laughed when Jazz got  killed in the movie.

"You wanna piece of me?" -Jazz

"No, I want two!" -Megatron, while ripping him in half.


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Awesome movies. Willis is great.


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lolz i think i know what quote you are thinking of. that was a good movie, although i prefer to root for the baddies.


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although its probably not true, i would die without my cell phone.


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Well, what proof have you found? And I mean serious facts, not some hunch or belief.


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for some reason the nachos had that salmonella contaminated greenut butter, she had a heart attack. Robo Celine Dion then had to be revivied by her great-great grandfather.....er, I mean husband, Robo Rene Angelil. cmon, anyone could make that mistake


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Yeah I understand what you are saying. Human beings are too unpredictable to be always 100% loyal.


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As for the whole sin thing, everyone sins. It's human nature. You shouldn't go to Hell for being human.

And the thing that bothers me the most is the lack of evidence of God. There is absoutely no evidence, but billions of people believe in a God.


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I think that he made the stupidest move ever by diving to try and get Mace's lightsaber, when he could have just shot him. Mace was defenseless. Duh. A stupid end to a great bounty hunter.


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I have a Helio Mysto.


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Well I think the drinking age should be lowered to 13, not just because I am 13.....ok maybe. But alcohol isn't  bad thing. A glass of red wine before you go to bed is supposed to be good for your blood pressure, although I think beer tastes much better than wine. And actually, my mom is always the funniest when she is drunk. Although she did get drunk and set my trampoline on fire with some fireworks last summer......

And that drawing is awesome, tachyon!

As for smoking, I hate it and I think it is the stupidest thing you could possily do to yourself besides commiting suicide....although smoking actually IS almost like commiting suicide....


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Travis is the greatest, I love reading her books, and I must have read each at least 5 times. The Nulls are my favorite. One thing I have to object to is Corr. He actually at one point suggested lining up Palps and the other politicians and shooting them. Since he used to be a regular, rank-and-file clone trooper, and not an independant ARC or RC, I seriously doubt he would say that.

But besides that, I think she is fantastic.


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I think the episodes should be all clones. its the clone wars, duh, and I just think all of the focus on force-users is annoying. They aren't really that great. One of the first episodes, Rookies, was an all clone episode (mostly) and I thought it was pretty good. The Jar Jar episode was absoutely retarted.


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Here's another interesting thing: he sucks, and I hate him.

Its his fault the Patriots weren't in the playoffs.....goddamn tiebreaker

That's still a nice list you got there though, Karson.