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Wow that's annoying...


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ha ya lol.

i read the looking for group thing from aa's sig and i thought it was hilarious....


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Umm seriously......................................u just killed the topic.....selling purses in a topic about the war in Iraq?


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seriously, i gotta say i hate most fruits and veggies. If I HAD to pick a fruit it would be blackberries,

meat is teh best food group.

And thanks for calling me a jerk/idiot green......you make me feel so special......


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Ha Miba, that sums his expression up perfectly.

That is great! I wish I could draw but I'm terrible.


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oh no, its the attack of the whats your favorite random thing again. dun dun duuunnn! the fruit thing and now this. personally i think boba wouldnt watch tv.


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fruit of the loom. tasty, tasty underwear.


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That's exactly what I was thinking.


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And green was so unfunny that his entire post meant absolutely nothing.


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Because he wants to remove soldiers from a place that they get killed in? Yeah, stupid idea.....

Masterchief wrote:

lets stick on topic please


I would agree with AA, I think they would like meats a lot, and other things high in protein. In the KT novels, it says Ordo's favorite food is roba sausage.

And I also think they would enjoy sweet things, because there is a big difference between cake and their tasteless ration cubes.


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I'm guessing it was really good. Unfortunately for me my brother wants to see Taken so it looks like I'll have to see that instead of Watchmen today........


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I really liked this book, and it might be my favorite of the series. I think True Colors was the best though.

And I really hope we find out what happens to Sev in Imperial Commando. Vau said he was going to Kashyyyk to look. Sev had better be alive or I'll be mad.....Delta should have said "screw Yoda's orders" and gone back to look for him.


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lol well I blow my own mind too. Well if I stick around long enough I'll make it to 2000. I've already been here for 3 years......just 3 more.


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Ha that video was so funny.

Touch my awesome button.......lol


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I have a new quote, one from the one and only Boba Fett.


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Windows Paint is fun to use, but I'm terrible at it. I make drawings that look like a 2 year old's work.


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They have a stable government and military. You act like as soon as we leave they will go right back to where they were before. Then we would have to be there forever.


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Hot grease = ouch


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This kinda fills in for the birthday thread, green. And I don't think you need to add another topic to the rest of the 50 bajillion you've already made.

I'm a teenager, and my birthday isn't until September 21st, which is pretty close to 9/11 too, SciFi. Luckily, people aren't all like "This day is the anniversary of the worst day in  the history of America" and all of that stuff, so my birthday is still not all sad and gloomy.

It must have been really weird for you to have 9/11 happen right on your birthday...


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KT's version of the clones is the best, no doubt about it.


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Sounds like it will be good. Anything with the Predator in it is awesome The first Predator movie with Arnold in it was the best.


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You mean the movie? That was terrible....


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Iraq now has a stable government put in place by us, along with a military. It's up to them how to handle themselves. And I do not like Iran. Theocracies are my most hated form of government besides Nazis. It just doesn't work.

And I agree with Cecilia 100%.

And I don't think Bush is evil, I think Cheney is the one behind everything. He's the smart one. Bush was just a puppet in my opinion.


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It's not his fault, it's just that Mr. Lucas can never think of good ways for great characters to die.