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Only because he was Liam Neeson.


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Which are...


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Ha, if the Vikings pick him up they will have an epic fail of a season.


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Guess who's back
back again
Appo's back
Tell a friend

I am currently extremely bored on a Saturday night in NYC so I decided to come and check on the site, which I haven't been on in quite a long time.......

How's it goin vode?


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MandoGirl0415 wrote:

I'm very sure it was him. At first I'm like "Hmmm...he looks like Samuel L. Jackson". Then I'm thought "Wait...he REALLY looks like Samuel L. Jackson...I think that was Samuel L. Jackson". I walked passed a couple of cops and they said "You know that was Samuel L. Jackson that just passed you right?" I started to hyperventalate and nearly fainted lol.

I got a couple of things. I got V for Vendetta on DVD, tickets to see South Pacific, and an iTouch (the one i was MOST shocked about) It was easily THE best birthday I ever had.

AAWWWW Happy first to your little one Terra!! She sounds absolutely adorable! Thanks for more bithday props big_smile

Wow, you gotta be kidding me MG. I've been coming to NYC for like 3 years almost every weekend, and I've never seen 1 famous person (at least that I recognized) At one point I thought I saw George Lucas, but it was just a hobo.


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M9 Pistol. Duel wield=pwnage.

As much as I love Colt .45s, they only have 8 bullets per mag. M9 has almost double the capacity, but the bullets are smaller. However, most people won't keep fighting when they have any kind of bullet stuck inside them.

M-21 sniper, preferably silenced and a good old-fashioned AK-47 are close seconds, but I'm a guy who likes his pistols.


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I liked the movie, but it wasn't as good as X1 and X2. However. it was much better then X3, which was a disaster.

The action scenes were cool, and the Wolverine/Sabertooth as brothers storyline was interesting. The opening credits was done awesomely. Liev Schreiber, who I have never heard of before, played a great Sabertooth. Better then Tyler Mane, who just looks tough and growls. The movie was full of mutant cameos, and I think this kind of sidetracked from the story, which is supposed to be about WOLVERINE. Ryan Reynolds played a great Deadpool, and I hope he gets the spin-off movie that he says he would like to do.

Overall, I give this movie a 7.5/10.


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Because everyone loves wedgies that are Downy soft. Especially Adeptus the Speedomancer.


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Mmmmmmm.....I had roasted lamb for dinner....yumm...


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Sweeeeeet i can get it for my birthday in Speteber then. I think this book will be awesome.


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They do that so they can resell them later when the price has risen much higher. You can't sell a figure that has already been taken out.

Of course, I would never sell my Commander Appo action figure. It's the only figure that I have.

Blue milk is bantha milk.....

A Blue Milk Run is a slang term for a really easy mission.....im not sure what he means exactly.


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I think he's talking about the Golden Rule and how karma will come back to bite you in the @$$ is you do a bad deed or something. My mom firmly believes in karma, but I am not so sure.

Masterchief wrote:

I understand.

I think it's pointless that ppl give unwanted karma for no apparent reason. It's sad.... hmm

omg ha! great greenie......great. ur such a comedian. I dont even think u understand what u just said......


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*snicker* green u like eating cox apples? i've never heard of it.

Sorry, but that statement made me laugh like crazy.

Hmmm....yeah apples are really good, but I don't like granny smiths. I like the plain old red delicious apples.


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The absolute best tv show ever in the universe. Of course, it's American.

Well, the guy who plays him IS an English actor. He just speaks with an American accent when acting.


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One of the budgie smugglers had perfected a serum to make zombie speedos.


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Probably because armor is supposed to be metal. Think outside the box, greenie.

Ralin, great job. Hit me up on messenger when u can.


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umm......what exactly is that? I can make it for you if u like, i just need a pic of the nasha vetana or whatever.


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Yeah, because pillows that were just eaten can walk away.

And then the world imploded due to green's unfunniness and the fact that he never reads other people's posts.

Because of this, Rorschach farted (The true cause of the Big Bang) and the world came back together, but he left green on the moon.


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He would want House.


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Exactly, these topics aren't that great. I really could care less if someone liked bananas or peaches.


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And then the universe imploded again, so now the makeup artists and stuntmen were fired as well as the director, the producers, and scriptwriter.

Yah Kal always gives them candied nuts and stuff, so I guess they would like sweet foods alot.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

Finally done for anybody who cares to see:  My Mando self portrait 

http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg17 … us/SP1.jpg

Close Up of Ralin

Close Up of Mando I

Close Up of Mando II

Will post a pic of my Mythosaur Skull as soon as I can


wow the mando on the right has a sick helmet......sweeeeet. great drawings vod.

Yeah, concentrating on dying is a good way to spend your time......they really don't spend that much time thinking about just fighting, greenie. Read the Republic Commando novels.

Karen Traviss is from the UK, so you should understand some of the British terms she uses (somewhat rarely)