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I've played kotor 2, and I'm gonna get Kotor 1 eventually.

The thing about Kotor 2 that I didn't like was that you pretty much had to go one sided, you couldn't use a mixture of both dark and light, you were either full evil, or full good.

I think they should make a game where you do what you think is right in every scenario, instead of doing something you don't necisarilly agree with just because you wanna be dark, or light.


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What the hell is a Tyber Zann?


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I'm on it!

They shall be mine!


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Either the one with Darth Maul, or the one on ROTJ between Luke and Vader.


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They are both extremely cool, I must admit.  Also, perhaps you are right, the Spartans were better for their time then the Mandalorians were.  However, I'm still going to like Mandalorians more, they have cooler armor, and blasters, and jet packs, and even on occassion very cool accents like Jango.


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Sounds good.


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You guys are thinking too straight forward.  Forget weapons, Boba doesn't even need them to beat wolverine.  Think about it guys, Boba is smart as hell, and would probably know a little bit about Wolverine if he were to for some reason end up in a fight with him.

Boba would always be one step ahead, and would probably trap Wolverine with a giant magnet machine or something, somehow wolverine would be outdone.


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How do you beat a super sayin or whatever?

Wouldn't he dodge a lot of stuff?

I spose Boba could trap him in a room and kill him or something.

I'll go with Boba's cunning on this one.

Like always..


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oh, and Sev, why would you give it to the spartans?  Are they not almost exactly like the neo crusaders?

I see almost no difference.  Even if you taught them to use blasters and echani fighting or whatever, The Mandalorians would still be equivalent I think.

Am I just stupid or something?


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Haha, Draco, am I getting the vibe that you don't enjoy the new Fett/mandalorians that Traviss is putting into her books?

Let's not go by reference of Karen Traviss, what then?  Would the mandalorians be the equivalent of the spartans? 

In a Star Wars insider magazine I read it talks of the mandalorian culture, and I feel like they have tons in common.


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Don't mandalorians also have pretty much the same lifestyle though?


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I heard something about the Yuuzhan Vong vs Mandalorians in the Yuuzhan Vong war...

Can anyone link me to information on this?

I really want to read up on it.

Why... is it making me laugh?


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If any of you have seen the new movie 300, you will know it's pretty awesome.

Me and my friend Chase have come up with the disagreement that mandalorians are the equivalent, if not better to that of the spartans.

Agree?  Disagree?

Are mandalorians the spartans of the star wars universe?


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I dropped out because there was a lot of pressure to drop out from friends.  I probably should have stayed, and become an eagle.

Easy it looked.


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Star Wars is the best.  My brother is really into Stargate, and battlestar.

Beast Wars is great, but I'm not sure how cool the new movie is going to be.  I have little faith. 

Matrix is cool, kind of burned out on that though. 



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and palpatine is a faggot, and vader isnt, so vader would dominate

im not trying to be stupid, or ignorant, even though im sounding like it, but vader would just beat sidious.


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Vader would just block the lightning, and choke the old man.


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Super man is lame, Boba would know super man was after him, or boba would be after super man.

In either case, Boba would get ahold of kryptonite in like, an hour, and bam, not so super man any more.


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Yeah, I love Jim Carrey as more than just a humorous character.  I really want to see this movie just because of Jim Carrey.  Hopefully it's good.  Maybe I'll get into the whole 23 epidemic as well.


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Why do people constantly underestimate Boba?  I think that Revan, while he is powerful and such, would lose just based on the fact that Boba would always be one step ahead of him.

The end.

Yes, but some people say that Sidious was planning on losing, thus making Anakin think the jedi were evil.  It could have been a very very elabroate planning by sidious.



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I really just don't think that Wolverine would have the chance to get within gnawing range of Boba.  Boba has killed "animals" before...

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Although, if it was a straight fight, Boba would have tricks up his sleeve, and I do not know if he could get Wolverine.

Chase, we've talked about this before.  Magnets... magnets...


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