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I said in the ring.

Boba would kill master chief in the ring, because I don't like Master Chief, so he should lose.

In the ring I would definitley say Cro Cop.  I can picture Boba surviving for a bit though.

In case you don't know who Mirko Cro Cop is, he is a fighter who is in Pride fighting tournaments, sort of like UFC.  He is really awesome, and owns.  You can find videos of him kicking people in the head on youtube.com.

woo, go mirko


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Sounds very exciting.  I can never really find the best Boba Fett pictures.  I guess me being number 6, I'll be able to try this out.


Staying up till 1:00 AM with nothing to do sure does have its perks!

definitley the little carts that people are carried in on tatooine, seen in episode I.



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Yes, maybe, but Master Chief is lame.


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Innovative idiot?


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I should put my mandalorian art on here.

There was once a time when I had a sketchbook full of mandalorian drawings, I don't know where it ended up though.


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Ack!  I totally had this idea.  My dad was going to open a new business and we were going to make it Star Wars themed.  I think it was going to be called Jabba's Java.  Or something like that.  Jabba's Java Hutt.

But that's a great idea!


Now people are totally going to steal your ideas!


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Sorry about the language, I just would have figured that people on the boba fett fan club would not even suggest such an idea so stupid as master chief vs boba fett.

Maybe I'm picking favorites... but... go hang out at the master chief fan club... if there even is one

boba would own master chief in a second


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Yeah, it gets dark in my basement at times I guess.  I don't enjoy flash, because I'm very pale, and the flash tends to show that more.



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Either way, Boba is very unique, Master Chief isn't.  Master Chief just seems too movie like, and it seems like the people who made the video game didn't take the time to like... make him more interesting.

Obviously spartans are lame... notice there is only one left?

I'm just not a fan of Halo because it seems to... predictable to me.

I think it's shameful to put Boba Fett vs master chief as a thread.

Boba Fett would outsmart, and then, if he even needed to be near master chief to kill him, out gun as well.

Boba Fett would dominate master chief who's name I shall stop capitalizing.  It's not even his fucking name... a video game whos name is master?


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Some of them ended up really blurry for some reason, Probably because I can't hold a camera steady.

Yup, that's me.


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The reason I call master chief a faggot, is because he's a lameass character.

He is just another bruce wayne if you will, but less great.  He's a nuetral guy.  The people who created him gave him the voice of a quarterback, and the skills of everything.  Basically they just made some guy with armor, who runs around shooting everything and killing everything.  They make him seem invincible.  I think the game halo is dumb, because you can't picture master chief dying, and there is no thrill.  All you have to do is kill everything.  wooie

Master Chief is nothing compared to Boba Fett because at least Boba has some sort of character that is different from every other shooter in the galaxy.

Master Chief is lame as hell.


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Master Chief is a faggot.

But, in the cartoon anyways, wasn't Solo unconcious?  Maybe Chewie didn't know of their history, if there was one, and Boba didn't mention it.  Han didn't even know who had caught him in the first place.



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Ah, very niceley put Sev.  I belive you are refering to KOTOR II in which the assasin droid states that.

That's so awesome.


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See, the thing is I really liked the book Bloodlines, which is weird, because I don't like the soft Boba that she protrayed.  In that book, Boba takes his helmet off in front of Han Solo, and allows a girl the chance to shoot him in the chest, out of pure guilt.

I don't know what to think about that.  Too much is being learned about Boba... I'm not sure I like it.  He seems too human in the book, and.. I think I'd prefer the old Boba.


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As we know from certain books such as mandalorian armor, and stuff like this, we note that Boba doesn't spend time loving anyone.  He stays away from relationships, and sees them as unprofessional. 

However, in the remastered version of ROTJ we see Boba flirting with some dancer/singer.  Also, in the book Bloodlines, and other books of the sort Boba has a wife and child. 

Which Boba do you like more?  The one who doesn't indulge in a love life, or the one who has a love life?


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Dude, I own with Boba on that game.  The only thing that a jedi has on boba in that game is the force pull.  Other than that, just keep your distance and watch them squirm.

Oh yeah, Boba's flamethrower doesn't do near enough damage.


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Either Boba would escape, or set an extremely clever trap for yoda.  But Yoda would escape.

Logically most people are going to say Yoda, but they aren't thinking creativley, like Boba would.


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Boba would beat him.


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Hehe, I've had my days when I loved it.  Compared to other cartoons, it's not too bad.  I think that it's pretty random, and funny.  It seems like they are trying to add too many morals and stuff so little kids can learn from it.  I liked it a lot more before.  Patrick is way cooler than spongbob.

ARC Fett is cool becuase he likes half life.


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Half life 2:  Episode 2 should be good.

Any star wars game basically, too.

Of course, if they were our movies, Boba would have nailed Luke, and bagged him.  And Jango would have nailed Jango, and bagged him too.