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Wasn't mandalore at the time a little more... head strong... maybe even more arrogant, and.... illustrious?  Like, he would get into a situation and try and be a badass to win?  Boba might be a little more... careful when dealing with a Sith Lord.


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So, I just re-realized how awesome Boba Fett's outfit is.  His gear looks the coolest of all characters gear.

Of course, I remind myself of this every day, so I'm not sure why I'm saying it now.


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I didn't mean to be a jerk about it.

There is only one person working on it?  I wish I could help...


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Has anyone noticed that they have been working on the main page for like, 85 days?

When the heck are we going to see some Boba Fett stuff?

I'm gettin pretty tired of RPGS.


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Anyone know who he is?


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So maybe I am close minded.  But I think that people don't give Boba enough credit.  I think it's a shame that I have to say this on the Boba Fett fan club too... 

I read that list you put Draco, and I didn't even recognize most of those names.  Sept for riddick, and I really don't think Riddick would stand a chance.

As for super man, if lex luthor can almost kill super man, then im sure that boba could finish the job.


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Okay, I don't mean to be sour, but I must.

Everyone is always posting rpgs on this site about Boba Fett vs whoever, and I have read so many of them where people think that Boba Fett would be beaten.

I hate this.

Boba Fett would win almost any fight, vs any person.

Everyone thinks so incredibly close minded, that they just picture Boba Fett fighting head on, like a fool.  In some scenarios this may be the best option, but Boba Fett is way smarter than that.

Super man for instance. 
Everyone would probably say that SuperMan would beat Boba because the only thing that hurts him is kryptonite. 

Well, I would say that it would be pretty freakin easy for Boba to get ahold of some kryptonite.

Boba Fett would win in almost any "fight" based on the fact that he is cunning, and smarter than your average head on shooter arsenal man (master chief).

Am I wrong?  Tell me if I'm wrong.  Tell me of one character that would beat Boba Fett...


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*nods*  I agree with Mel.  Sept. I'm not sure Boba is one person that underestimates.  Is he?

And it sucks that Han Solo can kill Boba with one shot in battlefront.  Sooooooooo stupid.


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Again, depends on the scenario.  George Lucas would let Obi Wan win of course.

However, I would go with Boba.  What did you think I would say?

He would find a way.


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Hm, all very interesting stuff.

I've also wondered where Boba picked up so much nack for bounty hunting.  Guess that's part of what makes him mysterious.



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It could always be that the artist drew the outline, then when the guy went to color it in, he thought his pinky was a pipe, and didn't color it in.

Who knows.

Amazing though.


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Boba would still win.

Do you guys honestly think that Boba Fett is that much of a moron?  Fifty ewoks couldn't touch him.  I bet han solo could take 50 ewoks with his blaster in the jungle.  You just have to be not mentally retarded.


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Well, I guess battlefront is just a good enough game to talk about.  I think that Boba's weapons are way underrated, and innacurate.

Jango has scope mode... boba doesn't, even though boba's gun has a scope, and jango uses pistols..



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Hahaha.  This made me laugh a great deal.  I like the finger stuck in the glove thing.  That was aaaaaaa good one.

Very good find.


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No need to try and burn people, Jesse.


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Honestly ewoks would run in terror.

But it's funny to say that Boba Fett would lose.


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I'm pretty sure that Eddie Brock died, due to the fact that you could see his skeletal remains desintigrating along with the symbiot...


Wow, for some reason I really like that pin.  Don't know what it is, but I want one really badly.

Maybe it's the way he's standing...


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I'd just like to say that venom is probably not dead yet.  There may be another venom yet.  If you remember the scientist has some of the black goo stuff with him... that could be released into something else.  Say Carnage?  I don't know much about the spiderman universe, but I do know that carnage and venom are similar.

I didn't like the fact that the new goblin died, I spose it would be too weird to have a duo working together in spider man. 

Overall, I was expecting to cry to this movie like I did to SW episode III.  However, no tears came.

I thought the subway fight with sandman was overall better than the actual climactic fight at the end.  The end fight was too predictable, short, and convenient.



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There is only one thing that would beat Boba, and it's ewoks.  Easily.


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I suppose I'll vote for Boba, because he is real cool.  I don't know much about Mara at all.


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I'll go with Sean Canaray.  Incorrect spelling, of course.


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I was being sarcastic about the whole boxing match.  Depends on the location though too.  My vote goes to Jango, he could probably evade and escape till he gets the job done.


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I'll go with Jango...  Depends on the scenario.  In a boxing match, or what?


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Haha, yeah I know it was odd, but I love Mirko.  He just lost in his fight, but he is so good, he hardly loses.  My friend Chase "Mace Windu" on here watches all the fights, and he watched the interview afterwards, and basically... yeah... I don't know, it was a fluke.