I think that if they wheren't so hypocritical they never would have gotten themselves into that mess. It also could have been avoided if more of them treated the clones like humans.


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I have always had the awful feeling that he survived. Don't know why.


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Almost all Jedi are wrong. He probably was too. Obi-wan almost defeated Darth Vader but gave his life to protect Luke.He could probably at least gotten close to defeating Palpatine.


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I like, "Patience, in our case, is more of a neccesity then a virtue." (I think that is how it's worded. All of my Boba Fett books are boxed up right now so its hard to tell.) smile


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I was five and had just watched my first Star Wars movie, AOTC. After that I was hooked. I probably watched that movie three times in theaters.


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Eat, drink, read books about Boba Fett and other things, school, sleep, play on the computer, go to church, work, hang out with friends, spend time with family.

Harrison Ford, Christopher Lee, Hayden Christension, Jeremy Bulloch.

Definately AOTC. It was better made and had Boba's story.

I doubt Boba ever forgave Windu. If he had then why would he still have a hatred for Jedi later in his life rather then just dislike for them?

I don't particulary care for the idea of killing of clone Boba Fett and replacing him with an imposter. One of the main reasons I like Fett is that he is a clone. Besides, why would Jaster Mereel kill of Fett and impersonate him? Why not someone else? Just a thought. smile

He uses the money to finance his future jobs. I also bet that he is a philanthropist. It does create a strange picture, though.

When I need a wise quote I never think of going to Shakespear. I just naturally quote Fett. I only own Boba Fett comic books. If it doesn't have Fett in it it isn't worth buying. I find that he seeps into my life a lot of ways. When I need motivation I think "what would Boba Fett do".


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Boba has beaten Bossk many times. Bossk is too hot headed.


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Boba isn't evil. He is just a tool to get the job done. Boba has a morale code that he follows and does not vere from. The only reason he doesn't work for the Rebellian is because they don't have the money or willingness to hire bounty hunters. Boba stuck with Jabba because Jabba paid him for his services. I am sure that if Jabba ever missed a payment that Fett would have treated him like everyone else who didn't pay up. Boba also had a wife and daughter. It is true that he left them, but Boba tried to have a normal life before becoming a full time bounty hunter. If you want to know more about Boba Fett, I found Wookiepedia an invaluable tool.

Jango is more then worthy to be Boba's father. Without him Boba wouldn't be half as good of a bounty hunter as he was. Jango also fathered and help instruct the best army in the galaxy. He was the best bounty hunter of his time.

1) All clones
2) Boba Fett
3) D'harhan
4) Amidala
5) Jango Fett
6) Kal Skirata
7) Kuat of Kuat
8) Dengar
9) Qui-Gon Jin
10) Darth Maul

It's cool that Fett has a soft side. He still has a love for his father that drives him. Boba Fett is an all around cool barve. It is hard to pick out a favorite aspect.

I like that he doesn't take bribes like a lot of other bounty hunters. One wouldn't call him trustworthy, but you know that once he has taken a job he will not double cross you. Most likely.