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She is pretty awesome in an unstable sort of way.

Wow! That takes skill.


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I love Star Wars Republic Commando. I am not a big video game person and that is about the only one that I actually enjoy playing.


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mandalore the ultimate12 wrote:

It s a shame he died the way he did. I always thought he would die in some amazing way but I'm pretty sure he died when he fell out the window.

It was just retribution, though, for killing Boba Fett's dad. If he hadn't died that way I am sure that some Fett fan would arrange his death in some other fitting manner.

I think a ship sort of like Padme' Amidala's personal transport (the Naboo Royal Cruiser) would be cool. Especially if it was heavily modified with lots of weapons because then it would not only be fast, but deadly as well.


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Definitely Boba Fett. Jango isn't all that bad, but the very fact that Boba lived into old age while Jango didn't testifies to Boba's awesomeness.

I would have to say that Harrison Ford was the best, followed by Jeremy Bulloch in a close second.

I would love to see a spin-off on Fett. Perhaps one about Han Solo and Fett. All of that animosity would make it awesome.

I like Dengar best. Not only does he look cool, best he has a pretty neat back story as well.

It mentioned in Karen Travis's book Republic Commando that they like dried fruit.


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I smell food, fuel, blood, sweat, metal, and burning stuff.


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I like his EE blaster, knee darts, and flamethrower.


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A few of them defected and found a way to regain their ability to age normally. Other then that I assume that a majority of them died and the rest began to serve the Empire.

Wrath of the Mandalorian is probably my favorite Boba Fett fan film. I like best the part when he kills the jedi.


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Jango is cool in his own right. Not as cool as tons of other Star Wars characters, but still pretty awesome.

A fact that we are most thankful for.

They then migrated to Mandalore, took over, and set up a kingdom of plastic monkeys.


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It would be cool to be Ailyn Vel, but she isn't actually a Mandalorian. She forsook her father's ways and became a Kiffoo like her mother. You could always simply be a Mandalorian woman.


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Definitely Boba Fett. Jango trained him to be better, and Boba has more experience seeing as he has lived longer then Jango Fett.

If they ever do the live-action show. I have heard talk for awhile, but that was before Lucas sold out to Disney. I would like to see season six of the Clone Wars as DVDs at least.

Were they are duplicated and sold as a child's game.


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Looks awesome. I think that a customizing business is a good idea.

You're welcome.

It says that Boba Fett mentioned a partnership as a bribe for his life. It figures that since Dengar was trying to get out of the business he took Fett's bribe as the best way out. Boba Fett's death could not have influenced him finacially since he he was no longer hunting, Fett's future involvement wouldn't affect his finances. Being with Manaroo probably had a lot to do with it as well.


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Here is a poem I wrote when I should have been doing school. I would like to hear your thoughts on it.

The mighty hunter stalks his prey morning, noon, and night.
A fearsome animal he is hunting in the cold day light.
Not a mighty beast is it, but one that is small and frail.
Though weak his prey may be, it is dangerous still.
For are humans not the more dangerous one,
Of all the beasts of the field?

What evil person is this,
That like animals he hunts man-kind?

Evil he is not.
Simply the way for another's will.
And though his face you cannot see,
The T-slit where it should be
Gives all the brave hearts chills.

He has caught his prey, as the cold day turns to frosty night
The captured man is soon forgotten
By all he ever knew.
Only sight of Boba Fett's helmet
Sparks his sad memory anew.