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From what my friend tells me it sounds like a very interesting game, but alas, I am lacking the Xbox 360 to play it.  But there is the issue of when KOTOR 3 comes out...  If it is only for the 360 then I may have to consider buying one.

I like Dengar but wasn't Dengar killed by Mara Jade in one of the comics?  Or was that just canon...


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I hate the textbooks we are taught from in school, so evolution leaning.
Can't forget the left-wing media.
On a smaller scale, people who assume that since I'm good a sports, I should be some stupid C- average kid.
And the cheek-pinching aunts.
People who talk on MSN using the short-cuts.  Can you please take another 2 seconds of your time and put a peroid or capitalization, or just type for instead of 4 etc.
There, I feel better.


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Superman hands down, unless Boba has getten hold of some kryptonite, that would make it more fair.  Superman is basically invincible.  Despite all the weaponry Boba has, I'm going to go with Superman.


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Malachor V.  It be cool just to go there and explore, see if there are any storms beasts, left, exlpore the Trayus Academy.  But other wise Coruscant would be cool, especially after the Yuhzahn (spelling) Vong invasion.  The vegatation would give it a nice touch.


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There was Zuckuss and Boba trying to fool Bossk, but we all knew what Boba did...


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but yes Boba is much more deadly thasn Jango ever was, Boba learned alot he knew from Jango and more.

RC= republic commando sorry, ahh the laziness of society, anyway, alothugh i guess it would be Imperial Commando...


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Yes, yes i know im on a posting spree, so im not sure if this a topic somewhere else but who is your guys most favouritest clone of all time,  (and no Boba Fett does not count:p)  yes he is all our favourites, so second favourite then.  there last post of the day.


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I think you should be some Jedi master with an apprentice and you have to train this guy and you find the Sith holocrons from Revan's times (i found it interesting how the Path of Destruction tied in KOTOR and how Bane learned almost all he knows from Revan) and in secret your apprentice studies them and he becomes your the sith lord.  When you find the holocrons you can either hide them (for the apprentice to find them) or secretly learn from them (and the apprentice to do so at the same time) 
But people i would want back would be Atton, Mandalore, or Canderous, and um Bastila because shes cool like that

Hi new member.  Just curious, i am a total Sev fan and I'm wondering whatever happened to Sev?  Does anyone know anything of what happened to him after he was (as we are assuming) kidnapped or killed?  If there was any information in any of the books that i missed like triple zero or sumthin could someone let me know?  I'm just wondering when RC 2 will come out...
And if KOTOR 3 is only for Xbox360 i will have to buy a 360.


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Woo first post.  Anyway one thing i found dissapointing is Arya.  Blond hair?  Not what I was picturing.  Try raven black.