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Jagriim casually strolled through the dense foliage of this planet's surface.  He took note of the creatures that scurried across his path.  A twig snapping caught his attention but he made as if he heard nothing.  As he kept walking he heard a voice behind him.

"Not another move aruetii."  Jagriim slowly turned around to face three Mandalorians.  They all had their blasters leveled at him.  He slowly raised his hands.  One of them motioned to the sword on his back.

"Awfully nice sword you have there.  Steal it off a Mandalorian during the wars?  Or do you actually know how to use a beskad."

Jagriim smirked under his helmet.  "Calm down vod.  My clan is Martuul.  I was only a child when the Mandalorians conquered Althir and they adopted me.  Spent time on Dxun afterwards."

All the Mandalorians relaxed a bit.  The leader adressed Jagriim.  "What are you doing so far away from the rest of your clan?"

Jagriim shrugged.  Looking for some more excitement.  One Mandalorian merc I met let me know of this place.  I was tired of hiding on Dxun and wanted something to do simply."

The leader lowered his rifle and the rest followed suit.  He reached his hand to Jagriim who shook it.  "I'm Talvin.  Clan Erthros.  We've been having quite a problem with Echani here and any extra help is most welcome.  We heard an unknown ship entered the atmosphere near our base and left so we came to investigate.  That was yours I presume?"  Jagriim nodded, "Good.  Makes our job much easier.  Let's see what we can get for you.  Follow."

The rest of the Mandalorians headed off and Jagriim tailed them through the thick jungle through what seemed like a random trek.  But as he watched where they were going he noticed very discreet markings on trees and other plants.  Finally they came to a set of ruins that looked to be completely deserted.  Talvin headed to a stone slab and pulled a bush aside revealing a keypad.  He entered in a passcode and the stone slab slid back revealing a durasteel door.  Jagriim followed his party in.  They passed many Mandalorians doing various tasks.  Finally they entered a great hall of sorts.  Holoscreens and maps lined the walls.  A fierce looking Mandalorian sat observing them all.  He turned to the party.

"This was our unexpected visitor?" 

"Yes sir.  He came here looking for work."  The Mandalorian's eyes scanned Jagriim sizing him up.

"You say you want something to do?"

"Yes sir."

He turned back to the holoscreen inside.  "We have learned from our agent inside Czerka that they are planning an expedition into one of the more prominent Sith ruins on this planet.  We are running low on certain supplies.  I would like you to accompany a raiding party against this group of archaeologists.  Take what we need and kill anyone who tries to stop you.  You should meet little resistance.  What did you say your clan was?"

"I didn't.  It's Martuul."

"Ah.  They were responsible for Althir during the second battle correct?"


"And most of them were slaughtered."


"We'll see if you can make up for your vode failures.  Dismissed."


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Name: Jagriim Martuul
Species: Human (Mandalorian)
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Occupation: Mercenary
Weapon: His beskad.  His is slightly longer than the average beskad.  It measures at about two feet.  A Mandalorian Ripper.  Concussion Grenades.

Weapon Use:  Jagriim heavily favours his beskad.  He considers it a much worthier weapon than a blaster pistol.  In most situation he will be wielding a sword. This focus on melee training has left his ranged skills in question.  He's moderately good with a pistol but worse than most out there.

Appearance: Armoured http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/starw … mander.jpg
Out of Armour: http://moviesmedia.ign.com/movies/image … 68-000.jpg  Obviously not with those weapons.

Personality:  He is a patient individual overall.  Willing to wait long periods in order to get what he wants.  Slow to anger but when he gets angry he is more prone to mistakes.  Thinks usually of himself but is bound by his own sense of honour.  If he feels his target is decent enough he will offer him to one on one combat.

History:  Was born on Althir.  During the early stages of the Mandalorian Wars, the Mandalorians conquered Althir.  During one of the raids by the Mandalorians his father, mother and sister were killed.  Jagriim was only 7 years old at the time.  As the Mandalorians approached him he picked up a beskad of a dead Mandalorian and attempted to hold them off.  One of the Mandalorians found this display amusing and decided to adopt Jagriim.  He spent his time on Dxun training during most of the Mandalorian Wars.  After the fall of Malachor V he began taking up work as a mercenary/bounty hunter doing whatever got him cash.

“Eem.  Ee wronged me.  I want eem dead or alive back ere to ze rendezvous point.  You can do that non?”  Jagriim nodded as his employer, Qolleb, handed him a datapad took the datapad containing information about his target.  He studied the man’s features.  Gerindolus Solo.  Corellian human. 

“I had claim to a precious artifact and ee beat me to it ze swine.  And I want eem as compensation.” 

“Consider it done Qolleb.”  Jagriim put his helmet on and walked out the door.


Jagriim carried a bag containing his armor and precious beskad over his shoulder.  The bag was made of Verpine fibermesh which should cause enough interference in the machines of the Corellian spaceport facility to hide his effects but not be too suspicious.  He boarded the plane and took his seat.  He cautiously watched the boarding passengers over the top of his holonew reader waiting until his target finally boarded.  Jagriim sat a few seats back from his target.  Turns out this man was not too hard to find.  He was a professor at an institute in Corellia.  And like Qolleb had said he did some treasure hunting on the side.  He had tailed him for a day until he found his break.  Solo was interviewed by some Czerka Corp members.  After bribing one of them after the meeting he learned that Solo was heading to a highly secret Czerka outpost to investigate some ruins.  Jagriim had managed to do some research and he had found that Mandalorians have a high presence there.  This was shaping up to be an easy payout.  Ambush him at some ruins and the survivors will confirm it was a Mandalorian raiding party. 

The shuttle stopped off at Tatooine where Jagriim had a contact who set him up with a smuggler who was travelling in the area and was willing to make a stop at this planet.  The greasy human and his ithorian counterpart weren’t exactly the most trustworthy of types but they got him from A to B and for the most part left him alone.  After a long trip the ship managed to touch down at a remote location without Czerka, Mandalorian, or Echani contact on the planet.  Jagriim paid the smuggler and suited up in his armour.  Ditching the bag he headed out towards a location he had worked very hard to find.  These Mandalorian outposts here were quite hard to find.


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((I'm going to work on a mando here.  Expect one sometime tomorrow.

By the way Verda.  Jayne Cobb is great and all but I like Mal better.  Favourite scene was in the train job.

"The last thing you will see before you die will be my blade."

"Darn."  *Sparta kick*))


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Viva la revolution!  >.>

Man I feel inspired to go stage a government coup or something.

No but seriously I agree with Ralin in that it was the fascination of Fett by the fans which instigated KT to go and write up on our favourite culture.  I think there was an event in DC where the fans whined enough about one Robin Batman had and the writers put it up to a vote and the fans voted him dead.


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Most impressive.  Boba Fett in a nut shell. 

And just because it's reality doesn't mean we can't complain about it.  Take the American Presidency for example.  Even though he won some people will still complain. 

Aha.  And once reading over McCoy's post again I realize he already said that.  I may as well add something.  Some people have grown up idolizing this character for his mysterious traits and don't appreciate when people try to change it.  And even though I did admire that mysterious Boba when I first saw him, in coming from a younger generation, I am less stuck to the idea of that enigmatic Boba Fett. 

I really do appreciate what Karen Traviss has done.  She took the Mandalorian culture and made something out of it and now it has exploded into an entire subsection of fans.  There would be a gap in my Star Wars fandom if she had not taken the step and written some of her material.


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I remember one thing that Joe Kelly (might have been a crossover thing can't remember) wrote where he had a character in their that was a lot like Deadpool but looked like Deathstroke and would try to get his name off but would only get out "Dea" before being sucked into a portal or something.

Does anyone read Deadpool here?  Currently I'm subscribed to all three of his titles and the local comic book shop.  I still think the Deadpool series is best as opposed to the Merc with a Mouth or Suicide Kings series.


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Another thing that I noticed was when they were calling for backup in Egypt they called Jordan.  Umm from a military perspective that makes no sense whatsoever.  There is a little country called Israel that has infinitely more military power than Jordan.  Just a small thing I noticed. 

And of course they played up the Megan Fox aspect once again, but what can you expect.  Some of it was a bit excessive.  Other than what everyone else has said I thought it was good.


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I bought the Wolverine Origins Deadpool comic series figure today.  I was very pleased despite his size.  Did some funny poses with Jango and all them.


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Karson Fett wrote:

Well don't be a heart breaker...stay with this girl for a little bit longer than you did the last few...be nicer...women talk about players....

Women talk about everyone.  Be it player or the nicest guy you know.  Especially some tha are just ridiculously gossipy.


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It's not as noticeable from my Firefox but that's due to the size of my screen.  Although looking at it now I can definitely notice the shift of the page.


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I never said Deadpool was smarter.  All I'm saying is that Deadpool is definitely not one to be underestimated no matter how he acts.


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Way more intelligent?  I disagree.  I'd say that Deadpool isn't too far behind Fett.  His only holding on that is his insanity.  He has done some incredibly smart things in his time.

Saw one of those at Disneyland but didn't have the cash on me to buy it.


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Yay Mel!  Hopefully you will raise him to be wise in the ways of the Force.  Start young.


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Commander Appo wrote:

I liked the movie, but it wasn't as good as X1 and X2. However. it was much better then X3, which was a disaster.

The action scenes were cool, and the Wolverine/Sabertooth as brothers storyline was interesting. The opening credits was done awesomely. Liev Schreiber, who I have never heard of before, played a great Sabertooth. Better then Tyler Mane, who just looks tough and growls.
Overall, I give this movie a 7.5/10.

I first saw Liev in Defiance (which is a great movie).  As soon as I heard he was going to be playing I was very happy because I thought he would be able to add another aspect to Sabertooth which he did.  Even though the writers took some liberties in the origins I didn't mind it. 

Reynolds was always the perfect Deadpool for me from when I saw Blade Trinity.


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Marvel has Deadpool.  End of story.  Dr. Manhattan would fall before the awesomeness that is Deadpool.  End of story. 

But since Watchmen was only a small series, so who knows how he would do against gods like Thor or Ares. 

Although I stick to my Deadpool theory.  Who has by the way been confirmed for MUA2.  His picture was on the promotion for MUA2 in the Wolverine game.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_0LhEeWdzFN8/S … jpeg_2.jpg


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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:
Sev Fett wrote:


From what I have heard there is also another Deadpool ending.  The Wade Wilson ala beginning of the movie walks through the rubble and picks up the head saying something along the lines of "who are you?"  So that's like clones or something.  Only a rumour though so may not be true.

There are confirmed 2 endings so far, but I've heard rumor of another Gambit ending as well.
The one you're talking about though can be found on youtube even, Deadpool's hand reaches out of the rubble to find his severed head, when it touches the eyes open up and he says "Shhhh" while looking a the camera in a iconic 'breaking the fourth wall' moment for Deadpool fans.

No I was talking about another rumoured Deadpool ending.  Although I kind of doubt it as there already has been one.  Yah I've seen the video your talking about.


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Shiv had been placed in Green squadron with Captain Yakown Reth.  Shiv listened in as they squad went through roll call.  He waited for his turn and called in.

Green four, standing.  Shiv's computer took what he said and translated into basic.  Although slightly disappointed he was in Green but as a Jedi he needed to set a good example.  As they came out of hyperspace Tanis was could feel the foreboding sense flowing through the force from this evil planet.  Suddenly thousands of enemy dots appeared on his nav computer.  Tie fighters and Star Destroyers were streaming from the planet's surface.  Shiv hardened his resolve and let himself be taken by the force.  He felt energized as the Tie fighters clashed with Renegade, red, blue and gold squadrons.  Red and green turbolasers flashed across his view screen.  Green mopped up any TIEs that got too close.

Slowly the TIEs were getting closer to their capital ships.  They needed to do something and fast.  Out of nowhere a hole appeared in the TIE defenses and a wave of TIEs streaked through.  They were heading in fast.  Almost as if they weren't engaging but going straight for the capital ships.  Shiv quickly grabbed his com.

All available squads target TIEs moving towards the capital ships!  They are looking to ram the ships!  Take them down!

Acknowledged Green four.  A handful of X-wings wheeled around and followed Shiv and the Green's as they madly picked off the TIEs.  But there were just too many of them.  They screamed straight for the bridge and collided in a blinding explosion.  The capital ship groaned as the bridge burst into flames.  In a massive explosion it exploded showering debris everywhere.  Shiv groaned as the loss of life hit him throgh the force..  This was going to be a long day.


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From what I have heard there is also another Deadpool ending.  The Wade Wilson ala beginning of the movie walks through the rubble and picks up the head saying something along the lines of "who are you?"  So that's like clones or something.  Only a rumour though so may not be true.

But the lack of blood annoyed me.  I find it ironic the only blood was in fact fake.

And some of the action sequences were cheesy.  I mean the Agent Zero reload almost made me gag.



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The Classic Crime is a good band.  Abracadavers would have to be my favourite.  The guy's beard in the music video is kind of odd.


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I really liked the Kovacs they chose.  The whole prison scene was very well done.


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I still think Bane.  Bane had the knowledge of Revan himself.  Darth Vader didn't have anywhere near as much of a mastery of the Dark Side.  If he was pre-suit the only way he could win would be sheer power, which Bane did not lack in.  So Bane would be hard pressed and I'd say that Bane could do it.


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Here's a fun little thing that I found on MSN.  More geared towards the older fans, but still a fun little thing to read.

http://entertainment.sympatico.msn.ca/m … d=18932772

I've seen the stills.  His weird form looks retarded.  Don't say any more.