((Sorry probably some bad timing for that post on my part as I am not going to be here until Monday evening.  So you can do what you wish with Fen for now.))

((Alright I edited so that Fen had his weapons attached to him as a werewolf, I had no clue how else I was going to get them back.))

Fen leapt from rooftop to rooftop keeping pace with the Humvee and the man on the bike.  He watched, horrified even as a wolf as he saw the humvee get smacked at an intersection careening into a store front.  Fen immediately thought of Avlynn.  But he once again held back from charging down.  He saw the man on the bike come up and check up on everyone.  Fen slowly calmed himself and changed back into human form.  Fortunately his pants had remained for the most part intact.  Investing in the slightly more stretchy material had its benefits.

Fen was once again about to leap down when he saw a man wander to the back of the group.  His stink gave him away.  Vampire.  Fen pulled a scimitar and jumped down landing right behind him sword drawn.  Fen raised the sword to the vampire's neck.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't take off your sorry head and be done with another of your wretched kind."

Everyone else jerked noticing Fen and the vampire.

((Adeptus actually retconned and made his character a vampire.))

Fen lept from obstacle to obstacle finally catching up with the humvee that held Dan, Avlynn and the new Slayer.  This didn't bode well.  every primal bone in his body told him to tear out the throats of these two slayers.  One was bad enough.  But two?  And Avlynn had put her full trust in these two, at least enough to ride with them in their vehicle.

Up ahead Fen saw the vampire turn down an alley.  He vaulted onto a street lamp and launched himself down the alley.  Fen couldn't see past the mist as he jumped through and just missed the vampire running through the smoke.  But apparently Avlynn and her company didn't.  Fen turned as he heard the sound of the impact and then the scraping metal as the vampire began attempting to climb up the car.  Fen had to dive out of the way to avoid the Hummer.  He turned to run after them once again but another noise reached his ears.  The whine of a motorcycle.  Fen scurried up the side of the building hoping he wasn't seen but eager to find out who the newcomer was.


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I am deeply disturbed by this video I have seen.  Watch and observe.

http://pc.ign.com/dor/objects/816935/bi … 82109.html

Does this not take place in the OLD REPUBLIC?  Why are there even mentions of Imperials and Grand Moffs?  I deeply hope this was only a test mission.

Alright so I did some research and found that Grand Moffs have always been around.  But what about Imperials?  The Empire was formed by Palpatine.  Looking for some clearing up in this.

EDIT:  Ah nvm the Sith Empire is what the Old Republic is all about.

Fen nodded and was about to go gung ho into the fight but he hesitated.  It was time to even the odds a bit.  Fen allowed the beast to take over his mind as he made the transformation.  Fur grew over his body and his clothes shredded.  But his weapons were securely in place on the straps across his body.  He howled and charged out into the fray.  He quickly spotted the redheaded vampire scrambling for the Amulet away from the view of the vampires.

Fen took two strides and leapt across the hall towards her.  She looked up at the last instant and had she not had enhanced reflexes she would have been clawed to death but the vampire managed to dodge the claws but took the brunt of the force.  With unnatural strength she flung Fen off of her.  Fen skidded to a halt his claws scratching along the laminated floor.

"You do not know who you are dealing with wolf."  Emeline chuckled at him.  Fen only snarled in response.  Once again he leapt and charged but as she braced herself he altered the jump at the last moment.  He landed right near the Amulet and picked it up in his mouth.  The vampire blocked off his exit.

"Fool.  Hand the amulet over and I will let you live."  Fen saw her mouth move but didn't quite register.  His mind suddenly was focused on one thing.  Get the amulet to the tomb.  He wavered for a moment as the voice pounded inside his head.

As the brawl progressed Fen easily saw the vampire had the upperhand.  Fen was bleeding from numerous cuts and scratches and he could tell something in his arm was broken.  He hadn't had the time pull out the scimitars let alone shift into wolf.  He cycled through his options and the only thing he figured he could do was flee.  He cursed himself.  At the first oppurtunity he got Fen leapt at the vampire and landed a hard punch across his face.  He jumped off the dazed vampire and turned and sprinted down the main street. 

Where to go?  The pack gathering was out of the question.  It was too far and the vampire might pursue.  If he were to change now he would be injured and that wouldn't help him at all.  He needed a few minutes before he was recuperated enough to change forms.

Fen took left and right turns until he finally stopped.  Marley's Point Museum.  Why had he come here.  No matter.  He needed to get inside.  Fen smashed the glass door and crawled through the opening.  He immediately stopped in the lobby.  There were vampires inside.  Someone's blood had been spilled.  And everything just smelled...wrong. 

Fen cautiously headed into the museum not sure what he would find.

Fen stood confused as Ian ditched him.  Didn't Fen say he wanted to go hunt vampires?  And Ian just ditched him to go hunt vampires?  No matter.  Fen turned to follow him.  But he picked up a scent.  Fainter this time.  Fen took off at a sprint towards the smell.  After a short way he made out voices in the night.  He sniffed once again.  Two of them.  He rounded a street corner and saw them. 

He singled the female out but she dodged him and fled.  Cowardly.  He went to gave chase but the male jumped and him with inhuman speed.  Fen rolled and threw the man off.

"Look at you scum protecting your females.  I didn't know the undead had morals!"  Fen snarled and launched himself through the air towards the vampire.  They tussled on the ground but in human form the vampire had the edge.  Fen managed to shove him off and stood up to face him once again.

Fen an Ian headed out the door.  Fen shoved his hands in his pockets and began walking towards the forest that existed just outside of town in the direction of the pack.  Ian sniffed the air behind him.

"Come on Fen.  Can't you smell them?  The air reeks of their stench.  They're so close."

Fen almost didn't want to because then he knew a bloodlust would enter him.

"But the pack leader ordered us to come back as soon..."

"What's with you these days?  Ever since Avlynn left you haven't been any fun.  All work and no play.  What say we relive some of our youth.  Nothing but us and some vamp scum."

Fen turned and experimentally sniffed the air.  The scent of undeath was heavy in the air.  Quite close in fact.  The beast in him was howling but he managed to keep in control.  When he tried to speak his mouth was dry.

"I ah... I think that would be good.  But I don't want to change jut yet.  These are new clothes and I don't want them shredded too much."  Fen smiled wickedly and headed off in the direction of the scent.  He stopped and looked back to Ian.

"You coming or what?"

((Well generally once your character has left somewhere you aren't really aware of what's going with other characters.  You don't want to take too many liberties writing for others.  For instance.  I'm not sure my character would take too kindly too being held onto the collar.  He'd probably do more than struggle and give up trying to get out.  And I'm not sure Avlynn would hold us back.  She might have even hunted with us.  I don't know.  Other than that you're doing good.))

((Hmm.  Not sure I was going to transform into a wolf now.  And judging from the first RPG we do in fact have control as wolves.))

"No.  Ian came as well."

That drew a response.  She always had a soft spot for him.  Ian was quite infatuated with her a long while ago.  Fen suspected he still harbored feelings but he wasn't sure about her.  Probably found some human to replace him.  The thought made him cringe. 

"He's outside?"

"He's taking point watching for any of these unsavouries."

"I see."  She stared outside the front door looking around.  Fen slid out of the booth.

"Well we should be getting leaving now.  I'm slightly hungry."  He grinned wolfishly but the smile quickly disappeared.  He lowered his voice and addressed her.

"But really it was uh nice seeing you.  As much as I hate you living with these humans, I came because I missed it.  I miss those days were we were young and feral.  If not for the pack leader then for me and Ian.  Ian and I are drifting apart.  And I ain't the best with relationships.  You were the one that held us together."  Fen didn't really want to pull this out but he had specific orders.

Fendren scowled darkly as she sat down in front of him.

"So what's the go this time?"

"I was hoping you wouldn't show."

"Nice to see you too Fen.  It's been what 20 years since we last spoke to each other?"


"Ah.  Now really, why did you barge into my museum causing such a ruckus?"

"Like I told you.  He wants you back.  Don't ask me why.  He sent me to hunt you down and give you the offer to come back to the pack."

She stared at him unblinking.  Fen continued on.

"I have one question though.  Why would you choose to spend your time among these pathetic humans?  They are nothing!  I saw that man you consider your boss.  How do you sit there and let him boss you around when you know you could squash him like the worm he is?"

Hey I think he was the better of the two Anakins.  Episode One really wasn't all that bad except for Jar Jar.

Name:  Fendren Kalman
Species:  Regular Werewolf
Sex: Male
Age: 194
Appearance: Around 30
Weapons:  Colt Python .357 Revolver
Two Scimitars strapped to back under coat. http://www.georgehernandez.com/h/xMarti … imitar.jpg

Personality:  Doesn't much go for human company.  Dislikes the humans and thinks they are much too weak for him to bother with.  Happily will slay a few to sate his hunger.
He is very opinionated and let's people know it at times.

Short History:  Fendren's werewolf ancestry has been traced back to the early medieval age in Britain.  Since then they have relocated to America where Fendren was born.  The old clan which Fendren's family was apart of was massacred by slayers and his parents and him fled to Marley's Point.

Fendren checked the piece of paper in his hand and looked at the building in front of him.  This was the place.  Marley's Point Museum.  Didn't look too bad.  But the hackles on the back of his neck were telling him otherwise.  Ignoring these warnings he strode up the steps.  An overweight human bodyguard stepped in his way.

"I'm sorry sir but we are closed at six tod-" Fendren none too gently continued on through him.  The pack leader had given him a task and he wasn't about to let a puny human stop him from accomplishing it.  He spotted her hanging up posters.

"Avlynn.  It's been awhile since we've seen you around."  At the sound of his voice she froze. 

"What are you doing here?"

"Come on.  You know.  Everyone is missing you.  We all really want you back so very dearly."  Fendren let the sarcasm seep into his voice.

"You sound so sincere."

"I'm just about as thrilled as coming here to talk as you are.  But he told me to come over and try and we all know I couldn't tell the pack leader no.  Not without having to watch my neck for the next century."

"Listen Fen.  I-"

The security guard and a short balding man in a suit interrupted.

"Excuse me sir but I suggest you leave now or we will have to get the authorities involved."

Fendren didn't even turn.

"Avlynn and I were having a conversation.  I am going to give you 5 seconds to leave us."

"You can't tell me to get out of my own museum!  Who do you think you are?"  Fendren tensed and clenched his fists.  Avlynn glared at him. 

"Don't do it Fen.  Just leave."  Fendren smiled sweetly.

"Fine I'll go."  He slid a small piece of paper with an address for a bar 3 blocks down the street.

"We have some things to talk about."  Fendren turned and strode past the two men and out the door.  He inhaled the air as the sun set over the horizon.  He headed for the bar.  Hopefully she wouldn't show up and Fen would head back to the pack leader and tell him he tried.  But luck hadn't been with him theses past few years.

((Left the leader position open if anyone is interested.))


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Manji_Ninja wrote:

"makin an awezome TV show for da kiddies so Lucas is rollin in moar cash" > (is greater than) writing a novel for the REAL fans, apparently.

Eloquently put. 

But yes I wholeheartedly agree with Manji.  I really hope (although knowing what has happened to Boba in the past concerning books and movies *cough*Jaster Mereel backstory *cough* GL cares nothing for the Expanded Universe) he realizes how many true fans all of the EU books have brought in as opposed to the 4 year old children who don't know the difference between a mynock and a mythosaur.

Ah well.  We can complain all we want but ultimately it all comes down to George Lucas anyway so we might as well try to appreciate the fact we are getting some Mandalorian screen time.


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I recently got into a bunch of Valve games.  A friend loaned me Half-Life and I'm still trying to decide whether Half-Life or Half-Life 2 is better.

I find that the difference in graphics is extremely small.  I guess the 360 does have a few more family orientated games than a ps3.  And IMO some of the better console specific games.  So it comes down to main game choice.

Although another thing to consider is that the ps3 uses blu-ray so you can watch blu-ray movies off it which in itself is a great deal.  Getting a gaming console and a blu-ray play er for about $400 Canadian is a good deal considering new Blu-ray players are $200 and up.  But it's nice to have a TV to back up the good graphics.

So ultimately, it's up to you.  tongue


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I didn't think it was a terrible movie.  A few things though.  The voice on Cobra commander was terribly cheesy. 

Really it wasn't my first choice but a friend and I got kicked out of District 9.  Apparently you have to be 18 in Canada as opposed to 17 in the States to see R movies.


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I think he can only play the last two preseason games and has to wait for 6 or something regular season.  I didn't watch the entire video so they might have said that.

After browsing videos on youtube.  I saw a TFU one from comic-con.  Interested, I checked it out.  Ultimate Sith DLC.  Premise of this DLC is a continuation of the game had you chosen Dark side.  And if you pay attention you may see our favourite bounty hunter...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbFxuxOB … p;index=10

Definitely getting it.


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QJagriim trodded through the forest with the rest of his assigned squad.  They were quite a mixed group.  Some had said this was their first assignment while Jagriim could easily pick out the silent veterans of this squad.  The commander of the group was a particularly grizzled veteran by the name of Brutus.  After about an hour march they approached the ruins their contact had flagged.  Brutus called a halt.

"Alright vode listen up.  Alpha follow me up to the front of the ambush point.  We'll make our presence known first.  As soon as we do I want Bravo to flank them picking them off on the sides.  Finally Omega follow up from behind.  We shouldn't encounter too much resistance based on our intel.  A small squad of merc protectors."

Jagriim gathered with the rest of Omega who he had been assigned to.  Each squad had ten men.  The ambush point was the entrance to the courtyard of the ruins.  Strategically this was quite a good position.  The entrance was a long walkway that could be blocked off from either end with enough men.  The fallen stones in the courtyard provided ample cover while the plantlife around the walkway and to the rear was quite dense and could easily hide Omega and Bravo.

Jagriim settled down into the foliage and a light rain began to fall.  He snorted.  How fitting.  Amidst the pitter patter of rain on the leaves and spores around him a mechanical noise rose from the distance.  A trooper pulled out a pair of macrobinocs.  He hissed audibly through the com. 

“Brutus sir.  They are more heavily armoured than we were led to believe.  I can count 1 heavy weapon transport 3 or 4 medium and a fair amount of transports.

“Fierfek.  Our intel was sour.”  Silence filled the comm.  Finally Brutus spoke again.  “How many men do we have capable of taking those out?” 

“Only 2 men sir.”

“Fierfek.  Kriffin’ intel.”  Once again a long silence.

“Orders sir?”

“We fall back.  I know of a remote ruin location not far from here.  We will head there and call for back-up.  Talvin will not be pleased.  But I'm not leading my men into a slaughter."

Jagriim followed the rest of the Mandalorians as they followed Brutus through the jungle.

Is it just me or are Scorch's colours off?  Or has it really been that long since I've played the game?  He seems too blue to me. Maybe the dismal lighting of the game had an effect.

Anyway even though I actually really do want one of these does the pre-sold out thing mean there are basically none to get?


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Been good.  Busy but good. 

One of my favourite artists, Skillet, is coming out with a new CD this August.  I am stoked to get it.  The two singles they've released were awesome.  The two singles were Hero and Monster if you were interested.


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((Alright everyone I am going to be gone until Monday.  Assume I will be waiting in the ruins where Val is heading.  If you feel you want to use me for a purpose go ahead but don't take too many liberties.))


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Looks like the Bell Centre to me.  One of hockey's most famous arenas.


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Okay so that's a start.  Now create a history for him, personality, occupation etc, and find a way you can get him to fit in the story.