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Lol sad smile (Test smileys)


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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey i wanted a avatar with boba's face (Helmet on) with lots of smily faces around him and he's holding a beer bottle (I want whole body) and as a backround i want just everything in flames


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Im not totaly sure but considering its star wars and i belive he is a jedi he may have used lightsaber crystels on regular leather, lightsaber crystals are pretty much just dye, you think lightsabers were made those colors?
Hope this helps


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Well, in childhood i know many books, in teen, well im not sure if you would like the book(s), it starts out inside his childhood, then he gets older into his teens, but if you want spesificly want his teen years then i would suggest either google, or chapter books, not many comics are him in young, but try star wars Tag and Bink, it's features him, and its really good, so i hope this helps you smile (im a big boba fett fan)