upgrades and porn, lol JK
probably millions and millions of starfighters


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turning 14 in a couple weeks... people generally think im older, and i've been asked if i was a mother before

armor.... and your mom!! jk


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I think that learning Mando'a would be really cool. I already know a good bit, and me and several of my friends speak in Mando'a together, and to others, especially when it comes to others, we enjoy insulting them in Mando'a(specifically if those 'others' insult star wars LOL)


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Hello there! I have been a Boba fan for a while, and think he is majorly epic. A couple  things about me:
-Boba never died in the sarlacc
-Darth Maul never died on Naboo
-Boba Fett is the best character in the original trilogy

it's nice to see that more than one person out there is a Fett fan smile