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Miba wrote:

But why would Boba want to Concord Dawn to be a Journyman Protector? I'd heard somewhere, I forget where, that Jaster the Mandalorian was exiled and Jango's dad was among the people who were standing up for Jaster in this political debate thing. But I have no idea where I heard that.

Jaster was never exiled he was betrayed by Montross on a field mission in order to become leader. Jaster and Montross along with the remaining mandalorians however were being hunted by the Deathwatch faction where in a crossfire Jango's mother, father, and sister died and he was adopted by benevolent Jaster. Montross' betrayl was discovered and what little of Mandalorians were left followed Jango by default. Jango I think could be called Mandalore at the time but the title may not have existed in the Republic era mercenary mandalorians. They were then eradicated by Dooku who after seing they did not deserve death and was set up in a political "misunderstanding" quit the jedi leaving only Jango, the last of the Mandalorians. 

My theory as to why he went to Concord dawn taking into account all new material is to make people think he was a Journey man named Jaster and cover his tracks/to visit his father's homeworld. That or he did not go and used this as part of his hand crafted backstory.

Also here is something I hope someone can answer. Where did he get his suit of mandalorian armor that is almost identicle to Jaster's suit? I heard he searches the galaxy for mandalorian relics to add to his tools. Did he go to Concord Dawn in search of these things?

Dengar for me. He is the bounty hunter with the heart of gold.