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BTW, this forum seems kinda dead to me, theres hardly ever any members online, and even fewer posts


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Braeby wrote:

What size is your laptop? Perhaps we can work out a deal

Lol, I'm not entirely sure, but I just paid everything on my credit card and a little bit paid to me by my parents to buy a new charger, so i might have to get back to you when i have some more cash.... I own a widescreen Hp from 2005, so if i had to make a rough estimate i'd say... a couple inches wide, 15 inches tall, and 20 inches wide, just to be safe


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Braeby wrote:

I should try to see if I can turn one into a messenger bag or laptop bag. Would that be more your style?

Yes, that would, i've been needing a new laptop bag.......... smile big_smile


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Braeby wrote:

I'm new to this forum, but I'm totally excited about sharing my love of The Fett with all you wonderful fans! Being a geek girl can be hard sometimes. There is truly little merchandise that's aimed at people like me, so I decided to make my own.


Carry your Bounty like a pro with this one of a kind Boba Fett bag. Hand crafted by a Star wars Geek Girl who made sure no detail was overlooked. Features include the Mandolorian skull patch, Boba Fett's emblem patch, button blaster scratches, and wookiee scalp braids (no wookiees were harmed in the making of this bag). It is 100% cotton. This bag has a long strap so it fits comfortably on your shoulder and hangs down close to your hip.



What do you guys think? I love mine so much! I get compliments on it everywhere I go and I've met a lot of other Fett fans while wearing it!

I'm selling them on my Etsy account if anyone is interested or you can contacted me through this thread.


Dear god if i wasnt a guy i would totally buy that, but im still tempted to just buy it anyways and call it a European Handbag

1.Bardan Jusik
2.Boba Fett
3.Ordo Skirata
4.Fi Skirata
5.Jaster Mereel
6.Jaing Skirata
7.Jango Fett
8.Niner Skirata
9.Darman Skirata
10.Mereel Skirata

I'm not really big on force users besides Bardan, but MANDALORIANS is a whole different matter!