I don't know if you have ever seen "shootout" on the history channel, but in one episode there was this guy named "Gunney Bodet" (I'm not sure if I spelled his name right) but he is the kind of guy who doesn't just brings the stuff and leave, he likes to fight. So that's kinda who I based this guy on. As for being hard, at times yes but at other times, no if you know what I mean, also if you have Jango come for some men, he would say somthing like "Yes Sir, but on one condition, I'm coming too." So he's the kinda guy who want to get out there and fight. So let me draw some more stuff and I'll try to send it to you. Also, I finished that guy I was drawing, but I still haven't thought of a name yet. And my favorite line in Mando'a is "Aruetyc Jetii'la hut'uun! Mhi Mando'ade ven shuku gar shebs." - "Traitorous cowardly Jedi. We Mandalorians will beat your ***.”
and "Gar ru kaymaru kaysh, di'kut: tion'meh kaysh ru jehaati? You killed him, you moron: what if he was lying?"

I just want to be the "Gunney" you know, the guy who brings the new weapons, ammo ect. I own that game, the minigun I drew was based on a gun i saw in a "wall case" I saw on the first level in the shooting range area with all the target holograms, on the right side next to where all the guys are shootng, the auto cannon you are talking about is on the left side. Sadly, since its the first level, you can't pick them up. But my friend wants a guy, so I'm drawing it right now, he is white with black armor and red shoulder an knee pieces, but I haven't thought of a name yet.  The projectile pistol I drew is based on the "Desert Eagle". It's my favorite gun, but it and the other guns I drew  are in lead form and not ink like the mandalorians I am drawing, so I'll have to re-draw it and those other guns. You might want to search wookieepedia.com for the mandalorian langauge, Just type in Mando'a in the search and go down to the bottom and it has phrases in mando'a and their meaning. I though you might be interested in it.

I can draw the auto-cannon like a minigun if you want me to. Oh by the way, how big is the auto-cannon? I also drew a mandalorian I named Corp. Ven Kotan, if you want to add him It'd make me happy, but if you don't, thats ok.  No, make that Gunnery Sgt.

I think I'm better at weapons, I'll draw up some more and take a picture of them to see what you think.

Not really, Have you ever seen Terminator 2 or Predator? They use hand held miniguns in both movies, wich when i mean hand held I mean about the size of a rocket launcher, very large but still portable, if you know what I mean.

I just drew somthing I dubed the "JZ-7 Minigun" wich is a massive hand held version and a capitol ship for some one, they look pretty sweet.
I just finished a Projectile pistol, Reapeating blaster pistol, and a sniper rifle. How many do you want me to come up with?


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I still can't figure it out.


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Probobly Boba and Jango, With a little bit of Revan, It takes alot to get me mad, but when I do I want to kill somthing..................maybe.


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Does anyone know how to post pics? If so, tell me how


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ebay. My favorite place to shop. Also, I have some 75% finished PVC sintra armor that I don't need any more and will maybe get rid of.

Little ships? Big Ships? Rifles? Pistols? Blaster? Or Projectile? I have some sketches.


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I'll take some pictures and post them.



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Yup, I just finished my helmet last night, Go to Wal-Mart and get Rustoleum Spuce green fo the main color, Krylon Hunter Green fo the cheek pieces, Krylon Ruddy Brown Primer for around the visor and the rear vents (wich I cut mine out for ventalation), Rustoleum Aluminum, Walmart brand Gold and flat Black. You might want to get two cans of the Spruce green, and one can of everything else.  Then go to the modeling section and get Testors model paint in White, Black and Silver, It works alot better if you get enamel paint, and make sure you get some paint thinner and several modeling brushes. I can walk you through the steps if you want me to, or if you want to see some pics of my helmet, let me know. And yes, That said Ruddy Brown Primer. Oh, and make sure you get 2 cans of Krylon Matte finish, It takes away the Glossy sheen and makes it look better. If you can't find it, ask somone.


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Off the subject, Jonezy If you are talking about when boba fell into sarlacc, he didn't die.  Back to the subject, It was an o.k. death.


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That movie is awsome!


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Mine started when they re-released star wars in 1996,  I got a boba fett 3 3/4 action figure and since then he has been my favorite.


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Yeah, Scorch.


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That song is frieking hilarious.


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Mine came from KotOR, obviously. He's my 2nd favorite charater, and because Darth Revan was taken.


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I use a 98 custom, but I want to get a tippmann A-5, not yet though because I just finished my boba fett costume, it's sweet.


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The first time I played paintball, it was a speedball course, every one got hit but me, and 38 year old guy, and had had been playing for about 5 years. It was a showdown, like in the movies. The rookie vs. the pro. I was down to my last 25 rounds, and he poked around the corner and I did the same thing , shot him right in th butt. It freaking hilarious, but he got me back later.


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yeah, I like  A. the best.


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what does?