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He could shoot him with his blaster rifle to stun him, then shoot him with his concussion grenade launcher to disorient him, and then a couple thermal detonators to melt him (permanently) cause how hot do those things get when they explode????

I think you are crazy........


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There are only 2 T-1000s


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That is freaking awsome!


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We should start a thread on advice..........


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And MOST IMPORTANT! Don't take my droid, HK-47's advice!


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don't go sad you can always check in every couple of months


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They have them in down town disney also, but they are like $10 more than Target. But I found mine at Target.


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That's what I was thinking.


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Not too sure about that one.

It's a minigun, but it doesn't look like one because it has a cover  around the barrels. The biggest sniper rifle has 2 fire modes, so it can be a beam rifle and a projectile rifle. I'm not sure wich sniper rifle you are talking about, is it the bigger one or the smaller one?


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Or he could have a brain transplant into a new cloned body........maybe.

Thanks, you can just tell me wich ones you like the most, and I can refine them. The first minigun I told you about  was that black and white one next to the auto cannon and that .30 cal. Again, I can do more if you want. Trenchcoat and tippmann AK-47?  Sweet.

Hello.......Vassili.......You there? Did you get the pics?

Pretty good, but some are better than others I'm talking about my pictures, not that new chapter, Its awsome. How did you get kfc soviet? It dosen't really make sense.

That's a good start, I like it.


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Mine is Darth Revan, before Malak tries to kill him.

That would work too, I guess.

If I were Jango, instead of trying to torch Windu, I would have thought "Screw you Tyranus" and turned and launched a wrist rocket and him, blowing him into little bity pieces, and torched everyone on the balcony (exept Boba, duh) Take his lightsaber, grab boba then fly up to the gunship that just saw me torch the CIS leaders, have them take me back to the Slave I, and go to collect the reward for killing Tyranus. Can you say, $$$$$$$$CHA-CHING$$$$$$$$
If Ihad gotten really mad about Mace holding the light saber under my neck, I would buy a cloaking device of some sort with the reward money from killing Tyranus, and then fill the Jedi Counsel chamber full of missiles, killing everyone! Muahahahhahah!!!!!!!! Mauhahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!
But I only would do that if I felt like it.

What's your email address, Vassili?

How bout somthing like the halo 2 rocket launcher, exept with 3 barrels instead of 2, and it could have a secondary mode where it shoots all six rounds like a minigun, for larger and harder to take down targets. Or i could do both rocket launchers, and have a single barrel one for the lighter jobs maybe? And did you have any idea on what guns you wanted to base the sniper and the blaster rifles on?

Yeah, that sounds really great. I'll try to email you the pics of Ven Kotan and the Desert Eagle within the next couple days. I'll work on some other weapons, they take me about 1 - 1 1/2 to draw each, so can you tell me what all guns you want pictures of?

The episode is called "hunt for bin Laden" and his name is William Bodette, not that that has to do with anything. And the other guy with the black and white armor I was drawing was for a friend. I was kinda hoping he would come in blasting with a squad of guys reinforcing Jango or somone, but you don't have to make it that elaborate if you don't want to. As for his special weapon, I designed the desert eagle style projectile pistol as kind of a commando pistol, but I put 2 on the my guy, but you can put a green lightsaber on his belt as a trophy if you want to. The desert eagle has a square flash supressor like was on an old tommy gun, a red dot scope, ports on the side of the barrel, an extended clip, and a shorter clip in front of the trigger gaurd, If that wasn't there it would be too recognizable, and they can be any combination of color you want.  No I haven't read that book, it sounds good though.