Lev stood away from the group, casually examining the room's layout, looking for alternate exits. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, more vampires joining the group.

"For the love of..." Lev crouched down beside a moss covered stump,  putting two fingers on his ear. "Fort, you hear me?" He started moving some small, unusually placed stone bricks out of boredom.

A few moments later, a reply came. "Yeah, you seeing this ****?"

"Ridiculous. If I had an automatic weapon, I'd gun 'em all down where they stand."

"I hear you, although the girl may be of some use to us." Dan glanced over his shoulder.

"Hey Dan..."

"Yeah what?"

"I think I may have just found the ticket out of here. Can you get past the vermin without calling attention to yourself?" Lev tested a large vine that ran down the side of the newly discovered man-sized hole for weight.

"Hey, it's me." Dan walked over in such an obvious manner no one payed attention.

Lev stood up, casually gesturing towards the newly discovered hole. "Just big enough for a full-grown man. I think it'll work."

"I think so."

"It's roughly fifteen feet down, and that vine looks like it might hold long enough."

"Let's move...now, go."

The two began creeping down the vine into the unknown.

"Come on guys, though the passage...!" Lev fumbled the loading gate open on the Zeliska, ejecting five massive empty cases and stuck them in his pocket for reloading later. He quickly shoved one back in the cylinder and rotated it into firing position. "You know you want to!"


"That's it..." Lev raised the massive pistol, aiming it down the stone stairwell passage. Dan was directly behind him, reloading the G36. "I'd cover my ears if I were you."


The bullet ripped from the muzzle, leaving a near-visible shockwave as it went downrange. It penetrated through eleven zombies, turning them into chunky piles of deteriorated flesh.

"I ought to get me one of those." Dan said nodding slightly.

"Not sure you'll like the pricetag." Lev reloaded yet again, saving the brass.

"Can't be all that much." Dan decapitated two zombies that had gotten within arm's reach.

"Sixteen Grand, my friend."

"I don't even know what to say to that."

The two moved further into the crypt, barely keeping up with the others. The room opened up into a large sanctuary littered with rubble. It oddly reminded him of Austria...

Mountains of Arlburg, Austria 2 Months Ago

"-alright, thanks Sam. What's a few wolves right?" Lev screwed on the suppressor to his Colt M1911 .45 loaded with silver hollowpoint bullets.

"It's pretty straightforward, just kill the pack leader and whoever else you run into."

"Yep, I'll give you a sitrep every fifteen minutes."

"Over and out."

Lev pulled the handle of the steel door, it creaked open, protesting the icy wind. He moved in, scanning the room for occupants. It looked very much like he had expected, bunker like. The walls were a flaked white, grey concrete showing through several spots. It was brightly lit by old metal light fixtures, WWII era by the looks of them. Lev continued down the hallway, which led to a hub of several hallways. Something felt wrong, the navigational signs read: 'Sanitarium', 'Laboratory', 'Morgue' and 'Subject Testing'. Something was very wrong.

"Sam," Lev spoke into his combat mic. "where the hell did you send me?"


"Sam? Sam?!" The lights suddenly went out. The only thing visible was the laser sight of his pistol on the wall. "****."

"HEhehAhaha..." An eerie voice echoed through the darkness.

Lev turned, raising the pistol and firing three times in the direction he thought the sound had come from.

"Wrong." The voice whispered behind him.



Bright light, it was all Lev could see until his eyes adjusted. He was strapped to a table, wearing nothing but his shorts. He looked around as best he could, his head was also secured by the leather straps. There were surgical tools and viles of various colored liquids layed out on a table in front of him, beyond that were blood spattered walls. A tall thin man wearing a pristine long vintage-looking white laboratory coat and tight black gloves walked up to him. His face was aged and gaunt, sporting slicked white hair.

"Haha, you are zeh purfect subject I must tell you."

"Subject..! Let me outta here! What the hell is going on?!"

"You my fhrend, are in my Labooratory. Forgive me for not intrhohdusing myself, I am Hanz Gruber, bhrilliant bio-chemist." He flicked a large vile of amber-colored syrup, observing it in the light.

"You're crazy if you think you're gonna put that **** in me."

"Ha! Hahhahaa... But my fhriend...I already have! HahaHahAHa!"

"Uhh..ugh.." Lev tilted his head down slightly, looking at his arm. The veins were protruding, and they were black. Lev did nothing short of panic. He jerked and squirmed trying to get loose, but the belts that held him down were firmly secured. A warm tingly sensation moved from Lev's arm to his chest, then throughout his whole body. "What...What hell have you done to me!! Aghk!"

"Oh, my fhriend it is my crohwn jewl, my life's worhk. It vas designed around zeh genetic patturn vich you fit: noticably blonde hair and blue eyhes. Only prohblem vas none I have tested ver like you. I have a ghood feelingh it will worhk.

"Egh!..it..burns..get it out! Ahhhhgh!"

"HmmmHmmhahahaAHHAhAHa!" Hanz laughed maniacally. "It is worhking! MUaHAhAHahA!"

Lev shakily tightened his fist, suddenly gaining a new level of strength he had never felt before. He snapped the belt holding his wrist, then his arm. He was quickly free of the table, but staring down the barrel of his very own 1911 pistol.

"I am sohrry, but I can no long let you live, my creahtion." Gruber shot Lev a single time, dead center of his chest.

Pliskin stumbled backwards, watching in horror as a black liquid ran out the hole in his chest. He coughed, the same black substance filled his mouth, then dropped to the floor.

"Pity." Hanz turned around, about to walk out.

"Isn't...it?" Lev somehow was standing up, arm around the scientist's head. He tightened his grip until a wet crack was heard. The body fell limp to the floor, blood dripping from the eyesockets and mouth.

Lev stumbled to the table, grabbing the white insulated jacket and munitions belt he had worn in. He then picked up the 1911 pistol and sprinted down the corridor, carelessly throwing C4 packs on the ground behind him.

He shoulder charged the thick door he had come in, knocking it off the hinges. Lev hit the detonator, blowing the bunker entrance to rubble. The shockwave reached out through the walls, knocking him over. A Chinook helicopter appeared above him, Sam standing on the ramp motioning for him to get up and run to the chopper. Lev stumbled to his feet, trying to keep his balance. The helicopter touched down a few meters in front of him, kicking up a fine spray of powdery snow.

"What the f#&% happened in there Jimbo? Where are your pants?"

"Hell if I know. Let's just get away from here and back to the lodge. We'll talk about it over a...long drink."

"I don't like the looks of this place, Jimbo."

"Neither do I."

"Well, I think I've found a mode of transportation." Lev stood up, just noticing Dan had retrieved his bike.

"He went off in that direction," Dan said, pointing down the street "we should go before the cops show up."

"Right." Lev unwrapped yet another cherry flavoured blow-pop, sticking it in his mouth. "Fen, would you kindly follow me."

The two jogged about 35 feet to the 379 Custom idling on the roadside. Lev motioned Fen to the passenger side. "The driver is most likely asleep, let's make it quick." He checked the driver door, which was unlocked. Lev opened the door, staring down the barrel of a Springfield .45.

"Awlrite boy, Ima gonna tell ya one time. Git the hell away from MY truck." The trucker had his finger on the trigger, and meant business.

*Ahem* "I'm sorry, I should have knocked. I'm Agent Smith from the Department of-"


"-Transportation... Damnit I wanted to lead him on a bit."

"No time for that, we need to get moving." Fen casually removed the man's plaid red flannel shirt and put it on, then was about to break his neck when Lev interrupted.

"No! I WILL HAVE NONE OF THAT!" Lev jabbed the barrel of his M29 into Fen's forehead. "I can understand collateral damage but this is unnecessary! Especially- no, never mind. Just drop the man now."

Fen's blood boiled, it showed in his eyes. Pliskin was unsure if he would have to shoot the Lycan or not; although it was his job, after all. He reluctantly let the driver fall limp over the seat, whom Lev hefted out of the truck and propped up against a parking meter. He climbed back in the truck, scooping up the 1911 that had fallen on the floorboard.

"I don't trust you Fen, and it's out of character for me to show this much mercy on a were' such as yourself. I would have put a bullet in your skull without a second thought, but something inside me said no. I pray it wasn't a mistake on my part." With that said, Lev sat the handgun on the dashboard for him to take. He glanced over at Fen before shifting the truck in gear, pedal to the metal. The massive truck lurched out of the parking lane, thick black smoke pouring from the chrome stacks.

"For cinematic effect."

"Not again..." Fort raised his Desert Eagle, capping the Minion closest to him. "Formulate a plan yet 'master' Jimbo?!"

Lev drew his M29 and emptied the chambers on four of the mysterious poofing beings. "I'm workin' on it..."

Fort grabbed Lev's arm and pulled him behind the cover of a large china cabinet. "I thought you were blind?"

"I was." He promptly reloaded his .44 and clicked the cylinder shut. "Past tense."

Dan smirked. "Cheeky bastard." He one-handed the G36c in full auto mode, hosing the minions with bullets. Suddenly, 10 more poofed into existence around the storefront.

"As defacto leader, I say we get the hell out of here." Lev pointed to the side display window.

"I've got my bike, seats only one."

"I'll just have to make a field acquisition then." Lev grinned and chucked a stone buddha he found in the cabinet at the window, shattering it to pieces. "Go!"

Fort, Desert Eagle in one hand, G36 in the other, went out first guns blazing. Lev followed, diving out of the shop before taking cover behind a pickup truck. "Spellcasters?"

Dan crouched beside him, reloading his weapons. "Yeah, I ran into them earlier. Didn't get to tell you the whole story."

"Too bad." Lev eyed a black Peterbilt 379 custom semi idling down the street. "I like stories..."

"...but this is as far as my plan goes."

Lev navigated the Humvee through the alley, dodging large trash bins and parked cars. The vampire grasping the hood skidded across to the passenger side in an attempt to kick in the windscreen.

"Wolfie, you best be buckled in," Lev fired a shot through through the glass from his .44, hitting the vile creature in his shoulder. "-because this is gonna be rough!" He smashed the Humvee against the brick alley building wall, knocking paint and truck parts off in an attempt to rid the vehicle of it's unwanted passenger.

"You're just plain crazy." Avlynn said dryly.

"You ain't seen nothin' yet."

Lev jerked the wheel of his Humvee hard to the left, cutting across traffic out of the alleyway, tires screeching on the damp road surface. Lev floored the pedal in an attempt to follow Dan through an intersection, running a red light. Next thing he knew, the Humvee was upside down inside a building. A garbage truck had clipped the rear end of the Humvee, forcing it to spiral and flip into one unlucky corner Chinese curio shop.

"Got...to get out of...here..." Lev frantically unbuckled his seat belt, and tried crawling out of the broken driver's side window. Everything was blurry, and his ears were ringing. A figure grabbed his forearm a hauled him out of the wreck.

"...get you.......of here..." Lev tried shaking his head to clear the image, but no to avail. "...Daniel Fortes..."

He was propped up against a broken china cabinet, continually wiping his eyes with his forearm. Suddenly the ringing stopped and Lev could hear. "Slow down...I can't see..."

"You have oil or something in your eyes, Jimbo. Can you stand up?"

It was Dan he heard. ...oh ****... "Yeah I think so."

"Easy there..." Dan helped him up. "You know, It's a funny thing..."

"Don't start with me Squire..."

District 9 was very good, storyline was excellent, I'd see it several times over. Not so sure about Avatar though, looks interesting.

Lev followed the GPS to the museum, where most of the lights were still on. There was a large advertising banner with the amulet pictured, along with other fine period and modern jewelery. He drove the Humvee through the parking, cutting the lights not to draw attention. He just about parked before he saw several figures running through the lobby, exchanging gunfire.

"I don't believe it Lev...Oh yes I do...frikkin luck..."

Lev checked the cylinder of his M29, and double checked the speedloaders. He drove though the truck entrance that led to the rear loading dock, there was no sense in barging though the front door. Lev had hoped Fortesque was the cautious type, but it seems that was only wishful thinking. Suddenly, a hail of shattered glass rained upon the hood of his Humvee, and then...


Lev hit the brakes hard, skidding across the pavement to a halt. He grabbed his .44 and got out. There was a dark figure moving on the ground just under the front brush guard, Lev walked to the front to investigate.

"Who are you?" Lev held the pistol at the ready. "Can you move?"

The figure mumbled something and tried crawling out from under the truck.
"Must...take...it to...the master..."

"What the hell are you talking about?" He raised the M29 cautiously.

Suddenly the thing hissed, and slid out from under the Humvee.

"It's his! The precious! I must return it!" He started running away, blindfiring.

"Jeez!" Lev hit the ground, firing a shot at the crazy person. There was blood in the air, but he just kept running. As if things couldn't get any worse, a large wolf-like dog and several others jumped down on the Hummer in pursuit of the man.

"Son of a bi-"

Maricaibo Airport, 0437 Hours

Lev tipped the cab driver generously before walking out to the tarmac, where a private jet awaited him. His SKSM Ops Director, Sam, climbed out of the cabin to greet him.

"Jimbo! Everything go alright?"

"Eh...let's just say Vance won't be making any withdrawls or deposits again."

"Ha! I'll bet he won't." Sam offered a hand to help him up the ladder.

"I'm fine Sam. Although, we have a problem." Lev pulled back his coat to reveal the dried black ink- looking stain on his waistcoat. "The wound itself has already healed over, but I haven't been in for bloodwork recently. Last time I checked, black blood and ultra pale skin isn't normal far a twenty-six year old."

"Well...damnit Jim, I don't know. I'd lay low and go for the smaller jobs, try not to get any medals or anything. You remember how finicky the head honchos are about the whole 'purity' garbage."

"Yeah, maybe I'm just paranoid." Lev pulled a large cherry-flavored Blow-Pop out of his coat pocket and stuck it in his mouth. "Let's just get the hell out of here."

Somwhere Over North America, 0500 Hours

Lev sat gazing out the small window, unable to sleep. Sam, on the other hand, was sleeping on the adjacent couch, snoring. Pliskin kicked him a couple times to get him to stop, but it didn't help that much.

"*sigh* Sam. Sam, wake up. Sam!"

"Huh...wha?" He sat up and grogilly rubbed his eyes.

"Candy's calling for HQ."

"Oh, right..." He proceeded to lay back down before the words registered in his mind. "OH...wait one eh...one sec..."

Lev shook his head and put the video feed on the main TV screen without hesitation. "Hey Candice, anything new?"

"Hello Lev, Samuel. I trust you've taken care of Vance DeMercel?"

"Yeah, he won't be giving us any more problems."

"Excellent. We've got a small support operation up for grabs, if you're interested."

"Am I? Of course."

"Okay, we've sent in a single Knight, Daniel Fortesque, to ensure the safety of a powerful ancient amulet. Your mission will be to assist him in keeping it out of the wrong hands at all costs. It is located in a city by the name of Marley's Point, in which you will be arriving in 15 minutes. I just sent the coordinates to your pilot, and the full mission briefing has been sent to your PDA. Have a nice flight, gentlemen."

The screen went blank, and Sam hit Lev in the arm. "That my friend, was close."

"I'll say." Lev pulled off the tan leather glove and examined the ink black veins in his hand.
"Way too close."

Marley's Point, 0527 Hours

Lev stepped off the plane, double checking his gear. "I'll give you a call when I meet up with Fortesque."

"Your ride, a black Humvee, is sitting in a 15 minute parking spot by the baggage claim. Tag number 07M4R8Z. Here's your keys."

"Thanks, I owe you one."

Lev walked though the muninciple hangar out to the terminal entrance, and spotted the Humvee sitting by itself. under a streetlight. This was a classic movie ambush scene if he'd ever seen one. He casually checked the warding stones stitched inside his coat. Two of them glowed faintly, so he wasn't worried, but cautious. Lev got into the Humvee and keyed in the Museum in his GPS. Today was gonna be a cakewalk.

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((Edited opening post, Drogan's a vampire now.))

Drogan exited the car, they were in the centermost park in Marley's Point. He walked to the other side and gave Michelle his hand as she exited. "Always were a gentleman, despite everything you've done, Drogan." Drogan grinned to himself as he draped his overcoat over her shoulders. He looked up at the sky, rendered dark and starless by the nearby lights, breathed in deeply and relished the fresh night air. Jonah and Roland had already disappeared into the darkness, going to find something to conceal the car with and to find a place to spend the daylight hours.

He turned and looked to the city. "Tell Jonah and Roland to do what they will when they get back. Wheres my knife?"

"In the glove compartment, with your pistol. The Thompson is under the drivers seat if you want it."

"Not now nowhere to put it." Drogan said as he retrieved his weapons. He began to walk off towards the city.

"Oh and Drogan?" Michelle called, "Take this," she tossed a silver rectangle to him, "Its a cellular phone, when it vibrates open the lid thing and press the green button then place it to your head like this." She demonstrated using her own. "You can talk through it, Jonah will call and tell you where were going to be spending the day."

Drogan thanked her and began to walk away, putting the phone in his pants pocket.

((I took the bit I edited into my sheet and made a longer post out of it, enjoy.))

((900th Post))

Hotel Maracaibo, Venezuela, 0355 Hours

Lev leaned against one of the hotel lobby's finely carved marble support pillars, eying the the front revolving door. He was awaiting a particular subject of interest: a wealthy, terrorist-funding vampire known simply as Vance. At exactly five minutes 'til four, an elderly man wearing a particularly expensive looking suit, walked through the front door.


Lev unholstered his .44 and followed the man to the gold plated elevator. The distinct *clack-kachink* of his boots prompted the old man to look over his shoulder, suddenly quickening his pace. The doors to the elevator were almost closed when a gloved hand caught and parted them, and Lev casually stepped in.


"I know who you are, you're making a very grave mistake."

"Well, I'll just assume you're going down," He pushed the *Close Door* button. "...straight to Hell."

The old man, who was not just simply an old man, gave a sinister toothy grin. "You first, Silver Knight of Saint Michael...!" The vamp shoulder-slammed Lev into the ebony-lined elevator wall, knocking the wind out of him. "Pathetic. This is the best they can do? Ha. A child-"

Lev regained his composure and headbutted him, Vance stoopered backwards. "You should act your age, old man." Suddenly he was now on the ground trying to hold the vamp off his neck. "...****...get off... me...!" Lev brought his knee up hard into the vamp's left kidney several times before he could roll him off. He frantically fled to the corner of the elevator and squeezed off 3 .44 Magnum rounds before Vance was in his face. Lev was holding off a knife attack with his left hand, while  trying to twist his right hand free enough to make a killing shot.

"You...assumed I was...an incompetent...old man? Fool..." It happened all too quickly, the vamp released his grip and brought the ivory-handled knife down and straight into the right side of Lev's ribcage. But he was not without injury, the sacrifice had cost him as well. There were now two large holes dead center of his chest. Vance rasped for breath, coughing blood. "If I go, I'm... *cough*...taking you with...*hack* *rasp*...me..." He griped the knife hard and pushed it as hard as he could into Lev.

"raaAAAHHH!" Pliskin screamed in pain, grabbing Vance's hand, pulling the knife out. The vamp was dumbfouned with confusion, it was over. Lev twisted the knife from Vance's grip, bringing his arm around into a chokehold. "A good man always knows his limitations..."


Lev buried the muzzle of the .44 hard into the side of Vance's head, cocking the hammer. "Do me a favor...*gasp*...and die already."


He dropped the now-headless body on the marble elevator floor, and stood for a moment, looking over the chaos that had ensued; just listening. They said elevator music was supposed to be soothing and stress relieving, but he didn't think so. Lev hit the *Open Door* button, and casually walked out, clenching his side.

Pliskin hailed a Taxi, and got in. "To the airport, kind sir."

Name: Lev 'Jimbo' Pliskin
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Affiliation: Silver Knights of St.Michael
Appearance: 6', average build, short blonde hair, silver-grey eyes rimmed with black. Wears mid-calf length brown leather trenchcoat with matching buckled bracers and gloves, white long sleeved button-up shirt with dark grey period wool vest and pants, knee high brown leather period cowboy boots with spurs, brown bandolier-style gunbelt across chest.

Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum
http://www.engstromauctions.com/Novembe … odel29.jpg

Pfeifer-Zeliska .600 Nitro Express Revolver
http://forum.gon.com/attachment.php?att … 1230200409

Personality: Random at best, usually a nice guy. Lev is obsessed with old western-styled clothing and is often considered weird or just plain crazy by most.


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Indeed, I also have the latest Firefox and have the same problem.


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Shame, no one has so much as mentioned the MGS Series...by far my favorite. Remind me to snipe you all for that later... Halo 1-3 are great, although the 13-under crowd on online multiplayer get on my nerves though, takes a bit of the fun out. Call of Duty 4 has excellent replay value, online and campaign. I also have recently picked up Army of Two, which Ralin stated earlier is a really fun game when you have 2 people to play with.


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Just picked mine up today, I love it. big_smile


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Lev walked through the reception area of the Czerka administration building, bypassing the GE3-series receptionist droid.

"Excuse me! Sir, I am afraid you must have appointment to proceed through this area!"

"Hhhmm." Lev turned around. "The Hanger, where is it."

"Three corridors down to your left, at the end of the hallway, but I must protest! You are required to sign in on a scheduled appointment!"

"Thanks." Lev continued down the passage, following the droid's directions to the hanger. The door hissed open, and he entered the large open main bay. His boots made a distinct  'ka-ching-chnk'  sound as he stepped across the duracrete floor, echoing throughout the room. It was apparently loud enough to draw the attention of the large gathering of mercenaries away from the Czerka Director of Operations and his presentation. He wasn't sure if it was the yellow-gold Mando armor he was wearing or the protocol droid called security for stepping over some imaginary line, because either way, everyone in the room had their guns drawn on him.

"There he is! The Mandalorian!" The obnoxious GE3 Droid came bumbling into the hanger, followed by a dozen Czerka security officers.

"Well well, looks like we got a Mandie, boys. I'll handle it." The Czerka officer stepped forward. "Where's you buddies? There anymore of your filth in my outpost?"

Lev tilted his head slightly, glaring at the officer. "I work alone."

"Well, ain't that cute. Get this, he's alone. All alone. You want to cause trouble? Do it. I'm not afraid of you, Mandie. You take me on, you take on the whole force."

"Hmph." Lev slowly reached into one of his belt pouches, pulling out a dark cylindrical shaped wrapping of dried, aged leaves, carefully placing it in the side of his mouth. "You're not worth my time."

"Yeah? think I can't shoot?" The officer stood for a moment, then raised his blaster. "I'll show you, Mandie."

Lev halfway turned around when a bright red bolt of energy zipped past his face. Everyone braced for a gunfight, but he simply pulled the cigarra from his lips in mock toast. "Thanks for the light." Lev inhaled a whiff of the sweet smoke, then continued walking to the gathering of mercenaries, most of which were stifling laughter.

"Now that our final member of the group is here, let us continue..."


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Name: Lev Kerradin

Species: Human (Mandalorian)

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Occupation: Private Contractor / Freelance Mercenary

Weapons: KarSel-Magnum Model 11 Slugthrower Pistol, Czerka Blaster Carbine.

Weapon details: The Model 11 is a heavy revolving-type pistol, firing a 11.2 mm cartridge with high stopping power. It easily penetrates common light armor meshes.

(Lev has a gray-white poncho cape over his armor whenever he wears it)


Out of Armor Appearance:


Personality: Lev will fight dirty and shoot first, if required by his own self-defined sense of justice. Although he mostly looks for ways to benefit himself, he has, on a few occasions, helped others if he feels an obligation to. He's a man that takes no crap, especially from his employers.

Brief History: Details of his early life are sketchy, but it's known that Lev fought in the Mandalorian Wars against the Republic and was a ranking officer at the time of the First Battle of Taris. Since the end of the war, he's done a few freelance jobs, but remains a drifter. Rumors of the Echani uprising have reached his ears, and where there's conflict, money is to be made.

Czerka Operated Landing Pad, 1307 Hours, Local Time.

"-well it sure is a nice ship you got there mister, even if it is Mandalorian. Say, which side did you say you fought for again?"

Lev glanced over his shoulder, clearly annoyed at the Dockmaster's persistence. "I didn't."

"Ah, well... I uh...believe I have other duties elsewhere..."

Lev ignored the man and finished locking up his Davaab-type starfighter, the very one he commandeered at the Second Battle of Taris. He patted the ship's hull and began the walk to the local Czerka HQ.


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((I'm working on a Mando also, should have it up later this afternoon.))


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Jesse Fett wrote:

I think the whole movie was the best part to be honest.

lol, I was thinking the same thing. tongue Plus the Arnold cameo was great, even if it was him digitally.


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W00t also, congrats!


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Heh, I stayed up for 2 days straight on several occasions. And yes I do enjoy sleep.

Why do you make these random topics?


Yeah I'm sorry. Vamp ftw.

Both Raiden and Snake working together struggled to kill him.


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Solus stood in disbelief as he observed the Chrsyslide turn on it's PK Masters. Fortunately the Jedi were on his side, for now. Solus mock saluted before climbing up a mossy rock outcropping to lay prone. He attached the suppressor, flipped out the bipod and adjusted the scope's built-in rangefinder on his rifle, linking it to his HUD. Solus copied the ammunition's type and ballistic data from his helmet memory bank to the scope's built-in trajectory-calculating software. The HUD, with assistance from the 3x-14x magnification scope, recognized and marked 29 potential targets. All of which were PK soldiers, one officer and 9 handlers.

"Time's up, chakaare."

He clasped the grip of his custom sniper rifle, exhaling slowly. Solus first targeted a PK Officer barking orders into a comlink.


Solus followed the large .58 caliber projectile as it sliced through the humid air. The slug struck the officer in his lower back, showering the surrounding black clad troops with red decorative gore.

"Gooood night. Officer down."


Next he lined up on a PK trooper who had just set up an E-WEB Turret. Unfortunately for him, he was next.


The bullet passed through the Chryslide's left arm and the E-WEB's 'protective' armor plate through the target's skull. Not only was it a clean headshot, but the projectile continued through, hitting another soldier behind in the lower abdomen.

"H-V-Ts eliminated. Oya! Go go go!" Solus spoke into the helmet comm. He watched as the small team of Mandos rushed from their treeline cover at the disoriented PK troops.

Solus cycled the bolt, re-focused, then lined up his last round on the Chryslide's bulky face. He was sure the HEAP Round would kill it instantly, without pain...

...Not that he cared.

Hehe, same here.


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Yeah, I don't like it at all. My mom and sis went to see it, trying to convince me to go with 'em. So I went and saw Defiance instead. (Really good movie btw)


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We must see pics of this stuff you guys are making. PICS!!! Just because it's WIP doesn't mean you can't take a snapshot...or 30.