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I like the one were Jango is taking off from the Kamino escape when he opens fire on Obi-wan. Maybe something with that image?


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Hello Fett Fans! My name is Tim I hail from a small town in Canada called Antigonish and it is located in the eastern province of Nova Scotia! I have been a Star Wars fan my entire life which is near a quarter century now tongue I have always loved Boba Fett and and glad to have come across this site! I have a decent sized Collection myself and 4 Boba figures but none are the original "Rocket Firing" one regrettably haha.

Someday I will find it though it is my "Holy Grail" so to speak. I am sure that is the case for everyone here though!


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Hi guys, I love Boba Fett very much obviously but I seem to take a particular liking to Jango a little bit more, it may be blasphemy to some but I feel if it wasn't for Jango there would be no Boba Fett to worship and fear.

I am requesting something of a collaboration of maybe the two in one avatar if not that is perfectly fine with me haha.