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well for the rangefinder i found this one special lcd screen used for reading stuff and its meant to go rifht infront of your eye and so that will work out great because its simple and it only has a screen a battery and a video input
and so ive found various spy cams that are wireless and ill probably take the nozzle from a bbq lighter and pump lots of fuel through it if im at least able to get 1 to 2 fett ill be satisfied(for now lol)
oh and heres some pictures of my costume from haloween and yes im going to repaint the armor but sweet helmet huh?


and yes i have alot of other things missing but ill have em long before next year but its hard to get in much time to work on my suit with my constant supply in homework


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well for help on a boba fett costume you can email me
and for pictures of how mines going go to the "working parts" thread

<a href>www.SGT-BOB@hotmail.com</href>

ok over the whole armor thing in halo once your sheilds are gone your gone unless you can hide behind something so armor doesnt seem to do much good and so you can pretty much put them equal as to armor protection. also lets not forget that when boba fett shot his laser at luke and missed it put a crater in the wall the rifles only put small holes or holes in a wall like that.

but what would probably realy happen is the chief and boba would become allys and a spartan plus a mandalorian equals a republic commando so that what should be in halo 3 lol

http://games.kikizo.com/media/starwars_ … ew/04c.jpg

well if only one question then
"could you bring me president bush? preferably in carbonite"

eh went a little off topic huh?

i would have understanded if it was a jedi theyre always killing off the cool characters
but the gungans are allys of the republic and they probably never heard of order 66


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well i dont want to use liquid because if it soaks someone they intantly become super flammable but what i was thinking of(gas)
can easily be blown back at you or someone else. so im still going with gas since theres almost no windy days where i live.

well as far as the comics and books are concerned he lives but there is supposedly a "chirismas special" movie that has him in it and its supposed to be after rotj(from what i heard)

but mainly what im supporting this clame on is the new "boba fett unleashed" which is an official product of lucas arts.
so take it or leave it theres alot of info that supports it
but i guess ya its not exactly canon.


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realy me too i actualy built a robot out of lego mindstorms that would automaticaly make bowls of cereal
i even made a model of a rebublic assault ship that was 3 ft long i wish i could put up some pictures and a link to a movie but unfortunatly im out of my home state visiting family so ill post when i get back to AZ smile


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well i dont know about you but i dont believe in superstitious stuff i think originaly some of the stuff made sense like going under a later but black cats cmon
so i think i should make a bad luck machine and see if anything lucky or unlucky happens

basicaly the machine would be in a warehouse and you would lean on a chair under laders braking mirrors and opening umbrellas while black cats circle around you and basicaly try doing as many things that are bad luck as possible.
man do i have some crazy ideas. . .

yeah jaster has a good point and you gotta be carefull with wookie pedia so many links per a page i went there once to confirm that boba fetts escape from the sarlacc was canon for another forum and pretty soon i had spent over 30 minutes there! o man next time im going to set an alarm clock


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oh man more spaceballs heck yes!! big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile
lets celebrate with some good spaceballs moments


instant cassets


ludicrous speed!
enjoy! big_smile

we should star a poll on which one is best!

i have to agree with fetterthanyou nobody can argue with nonstop clone battles.


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i would have bought those plans but the pictures showed that it was pretty bulky and make sure you get fire retardent gloves smile

i would have to say green and black and to give better imaging ive edited a picture of boba fett to show u a color scheme that i think would be awsome!

http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q8/S … olored.gif


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i could also latch a voice changer on there
and thx miba

well i would get one but since im trying to make as many things actualy work as possible(see thread"does it work?)
instead im going to disguise a paintball gun as his rifle
works good for pranks wink


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ya i think i saw some on ebay if ur local targets out


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geez i wish i could draw that good but my mind works in 3d
thats probably why i like and am good at building stuff


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oh man no more ig-88 o well

D'harhan: 3
Dengar: 79
Cade Skywalker: 2


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well this year im boba fett but you dont have enough time to make a fett costume.
so heres a short list of good ones
-some kindof army guy(seal,marine,spec ops ect)
-a bannana(you can use some cool puns then like
"ow my bannana""stop looking at my bannana")
jk smile
-a zombie(for reference play dead rising)
-ronald mcdonald(he is pretty scary)
-freddy crugar
-clone trooper
-a mobster
-a ninja
-a monkey or gorilla(or just chewy)
well ill think of some more later


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lol i think what ill do is use flammable(not explosive)
gas and ill have to light it manualy or maybe i can get a bbq lighter and rig it to shoot out a lot more fuel but i think ill do the other stuff first

also do any of u know how to change my title right now it says "new member"


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well boba is actualy very effeiciant at killing jedi its just you have to have a certain approach
first find a high spot like on a tower so they cant use force pull which is the stupidest(fill in the blank)ability that they never should have put in the game
then just snipe the jedi with ur rifle and use an occasional rocket but you have to be alert because they hate being sniped and will try getting you from behind.
also if they try jumping up to you fly around the tower and start lighting them up with ur flame thower and missles
and since boba has the best rifle other guys with lasers are no match!
so sure it would be cooler running into a group of jedi guns blazing but if you do try that, do what i did get 5 guys to be boba(or jango) with you and youll never lose.


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does your armor have working parts if so post some pictures!

or ideas on what kindof stuff you think you could make work

im trying to make my fett costume have as many working gadgets as possible heres a list of what i think i may be able to put on it
flamethrower(works great at birthday partys and bonfires
put lcd screen in rangefinder(shows where ur guns aiming)
camera on paintball operated carbine(camera works wit range finder)
missle launcher(using a model rocket and a co2 canister)
jetpack(ill think of something)
some kindof of cable launcher(i can probably at least make it dispense a cable.
and last but not least a lite up display on armor wont do much just flash.
so ya i got a lot of cool stuff planned but i probably wont be able to do the flame trower or missle launcher(unless i can sneek it under my parents radar)
so ill post some pictures and a link to a movie when im done smile

ya i just entered this site and am also working on a fett costume and im going to make it have some real working parts (see topic "does it work?")
im probably only 50% of the way there because i still need to bend out my plates and put some padding and a visor on my "mystery" helmet

well i also HATE jedi(see signature)
and like to observe rather than be involved.