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I Have A Very Big Star Wars Collection I Have Around 400 Action Figures Ranging From 77 To Present I Have Almost Every Star Wars Action Fleet Made. Over 20 Vehicles From 77 To Today. Every Ep 3 Figure And There Variants. Plus A Boba And Jango Fett Helmet The Boba Ones Autographed. Im Working On My Own Boba Costume. Coffee Mugs, Power Of The Force Dolls, 15 Unleashed Figures A Bunch Of Lego Ships All The Star Wars Movies And All The Star Wars Video Games From Nintendo To X Box. Plus Posters, Books, Games, Puzzles And Models The Only Things I Dont Have Are The Expensive Statues.

its a cool gun but its missing the flash tube for it to be an esb gun and how would you make it a rotj? im considering buying one from you but i wanted to know what else i had to buy?


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well if ya want group ideas theres
the godfather
any type of music group
the fruit of aloom guys
mario bros

Id Say Esb! The New Ones Are Ok With The Light Saber Battles, But The Effects In The Old Movies Are More Realilistic Than All The Computer Generated Stuff. Plus They Didnt Have Much To Work With Back Then.


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Very Impressive You Do Have Alot Of Different Things Really Like The Posters Ill Have To Post My Collection


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You Could Make The Knee Darts Fire. Making The It With Co2 Air Tool Fittings And Tubing


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Cool I Have All The Armor, Gauntlets, Flight Suit, Flack Vest, I Have A Helmet But Its Autographed. Also The Ammo Belt And I Still Have To Dye The Rope Belt

I Think It All Depends Look At Jodo Kast. They Might Be Colored By Rank Too.

Was Just Wondering If Anyone Wants To Show Pics Of Thier Fett Or Sw Collections!

Thanks Just Hope I Can Get Good At This! This Is The First Site Like This I Logged On To

I Have To Say I Got A Sticker Of Him On My Durango, Sticker Of The Helmet On My Tool Box At Work Half An 8x10 Room Filled With Fett Stuff And Build A Costume. So Its One Of Those Things Where I See Something Fett Everyday. Hes A Hobby And A Way Of Life.


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Boba Is Good But I Like Darth Maul Did Anybody Download The New Stuff Like Kit Fisto And Ventress?
How R The New Characters And Battle Feilds?


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I'm New To This Site I Dont Know Much About These Boards Any Help From Anyone Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Im An Avid Fett Collector And Im Also Building My Own Fett Costume. I/ve Been Floating Around This Site And Havent Found Anyone Talking About Making A Fett Costume. So I Guess Ill Leave It Up To Whoever What Do You Think About Making A Costume And If Your Making One Im About 60% Complete On Mine So I Can Give Tips Or Help On Them. I Guess Alot Of You Have Been On Here For A While And Have Your Own Friends On Here Its Pretty Cool To See How Many People Are Into All Things Fett Id Like To Get To Know Some Of Ya And See What Ya Have To Say


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If They Put Him In It The Ratings Will Go Sky High I Know Id Watch It

The Man Is Just Bad *** Think About It You Know Your Hardcore If You Have Someone Like Vader Telling You No Disinigrations A Rep Like That Isnt Gained Overnight. Plus Other Than His Dad Not Too Many People Handle A Jetpack. And Then Theres The Ee3 Blastech Sawed Off Laser Rifle What More Could Ya Ask For

Id Agree With Sd Chick. Any Mandalorians Would Be Nice, But I Didnt Like How They Take All The Cool Bad Guys And Kill Them Off Quick Like Darth Maul,general Grievous, Jango And Boba. All These People Are Suposed To Be Bad ***, But They Kill Them Off To Quick  And They Let A Chode Like Count Dooku Go Through 2 Movies!


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Im A Guy.


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I'm 26 Im New To The Whole Forum Thing I Have A Massive Fett Collection And In The Process Of Building My Own Fett Costume And Im Trying To Get New Ideas .