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Is it best to just order Sintra off the web instead of searching for it in stores? I haven't really had the time to search, so I was just thinking about ordering it...

gotta love that armor, I'm working on a suit myself. Your armor inspires me greatly. Hope to see you the celebration soon!

I'd have to ask if I could be his sidekick or something. That'd be kickass

yeah I'm hardcore about the Fett man too. My AIM is TheFettMan14 for god's sake lol!


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answer to what is a Sintas Vel. Its not what, its who. Sintas and Boba went steady for a while (el oh el) and had a kid. The kid, Ailyn Vel, was abandoned by Sintas by like the age of 15 or something. Ailyn blames it all on Boba. the Fett man of course was out of the picture when Sintas abandoned Ailyn. Sintas died mysteriously which they are getting to in the new star wars series book and is introduced of Sintas' death in Bloodlines.


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man I love this website! its really great! I've been a member of this site for a little over a year. I haven't posted much artwork, but I plan to post much more. Here's a link to the site first: http://www.deviantart.com/  and one to my profile: http://koleung.deviantart.com/


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I think black armor with a dark grey suit under it, like the Death Watch's armor, is a sweet look. A clan I run on Jedi Knight Jedi Academy called the Romano Clan, use skins that resemble the black and armor. It's really awesome!