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Yeah, this rpg died and got way off topic. And, no, I have no intention of making myself a regular again for awhile. I've been dealing with bouts of depression since last November, and a bunch of other things, my mom has cancer, one of my brothers needs me to help take care of him full time. I just don't have the time.

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Sure, I posted something to continue earlier. Just, there are no responding comments, yet.


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((I'm sorry, my cousin just came back from Iraq, he's going back in this week end. I haven't time to post on anything.))

"Like crystal, sir?" Ewoyn had met quite a number of men who hated to be called "sir". "Trust me, I just wanna help." [i/]Get away from the fame of your name, more like. Makin' your own way through the game. Hey, that rhymed. . .[/i]


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"I'd shake your hand, but I don't think the lady over here," Earon jerked her thumb in Saviin's direction, "would like that too much. I just wanna know how I can help. I snuck on board, so spacebait would at  least let me stretch my legs." Earon smiled lightheartedly; breathing fresh air had put her in better moods, even if her life was riding on this group's mood. Somebody had to joke to keep the stress of them; even though Earon knew she wasn't welcome, she was willing to try.


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Earon had been trained to keep emotion off her face; her expression always placid. But a sense of dread coiled in her gut like a leaden snake. Oh, gods, help. Come on, Sho'senaar, didn't grow up on Gargon as a slick talker for nothing. Her lips parted to breathe the breathe of life, but none would come.
   Stubborn to a fault, Earon had yet to allow her gaze to falter. If I'm goin' to die, at least I'll go with dignity. She let her mental shrug become physical.
    "Well, Nora. Guess I died helpin' a cause of Mandalore. Couldn't ask to die anywhere else but the sea. Here, amoung the souls of our ancestors," a smile touched her lips.
    Earon crossed the room to the veiwport; clasping her arms behind her back. "Well, I guess this is kind of the sea." There was a long pause before Earon turned back to the chargin of her fate. She had never felt so calm in her entire life. The snake in her stomach hadn't lifted, but an eiree sixth sense had injected ice water into her veins. "Thankyou, Nora," she sighed softly.


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Earon didn't falter beneath Nora's icy stare, she drew in a breath, tasting the refiltered oxygen of the ship. Her fingers absently tracing the weilding lines of her helmet. She started, trying to make her voice sound as strong as she tried to potray herself.
    "Pull up the map," Earon said, didn't ask. Nora didn't move, Earon tried to elaborate. "Most maps are outdated as of last month. A new holding area has been added on to the westwing, and that trinket of a helmet Mandalore Fett wants has been moved there. Now, in one standard week the local lords/ladies are holding a shebang for the coming of age of their monarch. Catchin' my drift?"
    "They're going to be short-handed that night. It'll be easy to get in from there; either we can split up and one group create a diversion at the party and the other can get in and get out. Or, we can take the place be force, Mandalore's Ghost knows you people brought enough muscule to get a rancor feed for a week. If you decide to go with plan "A"; I get get the diversion into the party. Or, I can get us hired to guard their junk for the night."
   Earon Sho'senaar never thought that she could feel so confident in her abilities and so scared at the same time. Use the fear, don't let it use you, her Dad's mantra flitted through her mind. Earon breathed deeply again and held the woman's I'm-not-going-to-look-away-first stare.

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Should we just leave this rpg as is? Or should we keep goin'? I don't care either way.


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Earon was a bit afraid of what she'd managed to get herself into; she followed the lead of the woman, occasionaly looking down and across at the woman. Well, buir was always telling me I was sticking my nose in places it doesn't belong, Earon shrugged mentally and surpressed her smile. now wouldn't be a good time to look like some cocky Corellian. Her life balanced on the tip of a knife and even a whisper could tip it unfavorably(sp?).
   "Hi," she greeted the other woman, Nora. "I'm Earon. Gargon-origin." Earon thought about sticking her hand out in greeting, but left her gauntleted hands hanging at her side.


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Funny, how things turn out, Kita thought as she tossed what Master Darius called a ten-ish ball. It was covered in light green fuzz and bounced better than an inflated gizka bladder. The boys were busy with whatever they were up to; I’m just hired muscle, I don’t need to know. She spun the ball in her palm and passed it between her feet. I want to know, Kita chuckled at herself, and I also wanna go home without getting shot.
    “I’ve gone crazy; completely lost my marbles.”
   Ã¢Â€ÂœThat’s what happens when you keep a Mandalorian cooped up in those stupid helmets they wear. Recycled air can’t be good for the brain.”
     Kita rolled her eyes and messed with the tubes that connected her HUD to her armour, “Anybody else, Garrison, anybody else,” she warned wagging her fingers. Her laughter laced her words as she got to her feet, “We ready to meet Tog?”
    “Are we ready to go meet Tog, Kita,” Garrison corrected. “I hate that Mandalorian grammer as much as you do, but, yeah, we are. “


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Name:  Earon Sho’senaar
Age: 17
Species: Human Female
Home: Gargon/Mandalore
Armour:  Sea foam Green w/ black trim
Description: 5’10, olive skin, dark green eyes, bright pink pixie hair
Weapons: Weapons: dual-wielding vibroswords, Westar-M5 blaster rifle

Living on Gargon for anyone is hard, let alone an orphaned child who doesn’t speak the language or know the culture. She only knew her father for a brief time and he wasn’t even Mandalorian; he was killed by a gang member for his jacket. She was taken by a “flitter”, a Mandalorian who doesn’t stay planet-side any longer than he/she has to. Impressed with her story and surviving alone and unallied, the Mandalorian warrior, Dom Sho’senaar—a personal warrior of Jango Fett’s Cuy’vul Dar.

Earon peered past the grating and at the group inside the ship. She winced as the thin grating groaned under her weight, but no one below seemed to hear it. She shifted her weight and the next thing she knew, she looking up at mixed faces of surprise and anger.
“Uh, I, uh,” Smooth, genius. Think of something to say before they end this quick, “I know what you guys are after, some helmet, right? I heard you guys in the bar; weren’t keepin’ it much a hush-hush thing, were ya?  Yeah, uh, I can get you in that place, and I’m a heck of a pilot, I can shoot, and I can fix stuff real good.” Earon winced inwardly at her Gargon-grammar; hoping that women wouldn’t kill her.


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((Since I'm not sure if Villimar is still, posting is it okay if my character goes off and does her own thing for awhile? I'm also lost as to what Villimar's character and my own are up to. Can somebody explain to me. I get that the three gals and posse are at the ship at the moment, but past that I'm confused and I've read the RPG story three times now.))


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((Man, sorry I've been gone. School's been keeping me way too busy.))

     Kita had the cockpit to herself and was bored. She'd gotten used to Garrison's jabbering about nothing, but the buzz coming from the main room-- where everyone else was-- was grating on her nerves. To have company, or not to have company? she thought taking a swig from her tea and stealing a glance at the holo-flismi taped up on the streak-lined veiwport. Garrison had never said anything about it, but every few months, the picture would be updated and over the course of time; Micah had grown a head taller than his siblings; Mikel had gotten burly from weight that would turn to muscle; James was as lean as a beanpole; and Neesha, Neesha was the idol of Mandalorian beauty.
    She was about to get to her feet when a familiar voice rasped from behind her, "I've seen them. You'd be proud. I didn't like the runts much, but they're just like you."
    "Hello to you too, Rilk. Go away." Kita didn't mean to come off harsh, but she didn't like anybody seeing her like this. Weak, vunerable, easy prey.


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Kita and Garrison loaded up on the transport they came in on with little if any hassle from the dock over-seers. Kita was glad to have the feel of familiar turf under her boots; she turned to Garrison, "Glad to be home, eh?" Garrison just raised an eyebrow and buried his nose back in his book. Kita tossed one of the boots left laying by the cockpit at him, "Make yourself useful; get the coordinates from our boys and make some caffa; de-caf."
   Garrison grumbled something in Mando'a that would have made a Hutt blush and dog-eared his book. He handed her an old mug of stale caffa and put his nose back in his book. Kita rolled her eyes and plucked the bok from his gloved hands and rapped her knuckles on his unhelmeted head.
   "We have vistors, ad'ika."


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((I'll wait a bit longer 'til I post again.))


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((Thanks? Don't think anybody here has been happy to see me. Glad to see you're back as well. I was just doing laundry when Stephen decided to be all dorky and email me.))

Big Z stopped by her run down apartment and climbed through the boarded up window. Grabbing her satchel, she kicked away a rat, and began heading out for the docking bay.
She walked up to the odd pair and smiled, "I'm Esperanza for the records; but, call me Big Z. Where do you need me first? I'm good with mechanics. Not great, but passable."


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I have muscles, but that's because I'm always runing around with my brothers and my boyfriend Stephen playing airsoft, paintball, fishing, hunting, four-wheeling etc. What's so wrong abour having muscle? Better than being fragile.
    All girls have facial hair. If you have dark hair like me, it's more noticable than on blondes and reds. You just got to deal with it, and, fyi, I tried plucking once for a dare and I've never done it since. Pain for a guy to look at something on my face that's only slightly noticable? Pass thanks.
   Let me ask you guys something, I'm almost 5'9'' and still growing so, I've got long legs. What is it with guys and long legs? And, long hair? It's probably just a stereotype, but I'd rather hear it from the horse's mouth.


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Big Z chuckled, "You have no idea." She downed the rest of her Fire Water and said, "Let me get my stuff; won't take five minutes. Where should I meet you at?" Territ rolled a docking bay off his tongue and Big Z thanked him and went out to gather her miniscule belongings.


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Big z laughed and put her Westar-M5 on the table, "Some things are better not forgotten." She cocked her side, "I'm willing to fly for a place to stay; I don't care about 'creds. Just food, drink, and a mattress. When do I start?"

"Okay," Kita began, pulling up a fold-out chair and sitting on it backwards. Of all places to hold a meeting. "Tatooine just joined the Sith; Coruscant's liable to fall any day now; and the Jetii'se are going to intervene on the Republic's behalf. Why don't you just shoot me now and get this over with?"
    "We need to stop the Jedi from interfering with the events unfolding on Tatooine." Kentaiba
    "Why would we do that?" Garrison
    Kita rolled her eyes. When nobody took that split-second to explain to him, Kita took it upon herself. What am I? His nurse-maid?[ "The Jetti'se have spread themselves too thin. This Tatooine thing will only distract them from Coruscant, and, once Coruscant falls, we might as well throw our helmets up in defeat. I'm thinking that Mr. Kentaiba here wants us," she gesticulated by waving her pointer finger in a circle. "To take that load off the Jetii'se by taking care of this rebellion and letting the Jetii'se and Republic focus their resources on Coruscanta, am I right?"


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Big Z looked up at the sign outside the cantina, Lararyc Strill, The Drunken Strill. A small smile touched her lips. She crossed into the room after a moment of being temporarily blinded by the change of light, and sat down alone at a the bar. Her simple helmet at her booted feet and ordered a shot of Fire Water. Big Z looked around the cantina; smoky, not quite grungy but on-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks looking, the smell of ale tingled in her nose. Like being back on Gargon, she thought, sipping on her shot.
   There was a Chiss--probably the most nocticable being besides the Devorain--a group of three females with a strill, the man sitting with the Chiss, and the group of regulars sitting downwind of her at the bar.
   Big Z knew she wasn't cultured enough to approach the women, and the man and Chiss-woman were together, so that left the Devorain. Picking up her shot, and letting her helmet hang by a pinky, sat across from the stereotyped Devorain.
  "I'm looking for a job; you got somethin' to offer?"


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Ezperanza "Big Z" Blank
Age: 18 in September 
Species: Human
Home:  Gargon
Armor: gun-metal gray 
Description: 5'8.5, olive skin, short black hair, whiskey eyes
Weapons: dual-weilding vibroswords, Westar-M5 blaster rifle

Growing up on ganster ruled Gargon, Esperanza was raised by the street. She never alied herself with one gang until a group of Mandalorians found her trying to "cut their purses". They took her in after being impressed by her courage; growing up surrounded by men has molded her into an uncomplicated, straight-forward tomboy. Her Westar-M5 may be a left over from the Clone Wars, but it's rarely seen out of her possession. She answers to nothing but "Big Z", though, how she got that nickname is still a mystery.


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Kita had decided to go to the local cantina without her armour. She didn't want to run the risk of being identified by the officers, and she felt like enjoying herself for a moment during a week that seemed to prove absolutely mind-numbing. Kita was always complaining about never having a vacation, but having nothing to do but wait for the hammer to fall on the anvil was antagonizing.
    Flipping her chestnut/auburn hair behind her shoulder for the upteenth time; she sipped on a juice-- she only drank to fall asleep nowadays. Her gray eyes scanned the crowd; a few locals in a smoky section of the cantina; of couple of hoodies sitting to themselves; and a couple of teens who hadn't learned to hold their own, sat at bar. She stole a glance at the small basket of coincrabs in front of her; still alive, mind you, and started to play with them with the little dinky straw that had come with her drink. Somebody had at least put on a decent song; Finger 11 ~Good Times~ .
    ". . . I still don't see the point of war. . ."
    ". . . peace is all we want, really. . ."
    "Yeah, but. . . only. . . tell that to Mandalorians."
    Kita looked up from her drink at a pair of local teenage boys who had walked pass her table for the pazaak tables. Hey, we've accepted that if we want peace, we've to prepare for war, she thought defensively, but chided herself for it. Outlanders would never be able to understand; she realized that with dissapointment a long time ago.
    She let her mind wander from her days spent in glorious battle with the Sith Forces; thought of the Wookies who had shown her the real war; the Younglings; and suddenly felt much older than her 23. Back on Mandalore-- in times of peace-- she'd have been married for at least eight years now, maybe have a couple of kids and a farmstead, a good, loving and respectful husband-- if she was lucky, a true mate who could share the thrill of battle with her. Kita wanted very much to just go home, but she'd be labled as a traitor and probably killed. For her, peace would never be a reality. Her greatest hope was to die young on the battlefield, bringing down as many enemies as possible.
    And maybe restore the honor back to her people; Mandalorians were razing planets now out of spite and bloodlust. Not for the thrill of being tested by a warrior on your standards, and not for the honor and pride in proving yourself to Mandalore and the Armoured Gods. She was about to drown her self-pity and sorrow in something stronger than ale; something that would cause her to have a headache in the morning if at all convienant. When a vibrant shade of red hair caught her eye.
    Ah, crap. I forgot that he was gonna be here, too. She stood, left a generous tip-- she had enough money to buy the entore Sith Armada, and walked out. Kita returned back to her room; sincerly hoping that he hadn't seen her, and decided to sleep until Gamorians(sp?) could fly with lacy lunamoth wings.


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Manji_Ninja: I didn't know that. That actually makes perfect sense.

So, I'm guessing that the answer is that Fett wouldn't get pierced because it's impractical and out of character?


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"Fine," Kita nodded before Garrison could speak. "What did you call me for, then? Not to be concided, but I don't see where I fit into your little scheme. Garrison knows every scrap of intel I do; you wanted him, not me."
    "They know I wouldn't have gone without letting you know or dragging you with me by the scruff of your neck--"
    "You can't reach that high." Kita scoffed.
    "Anyway, Kita, they knew you'd come after me; smelling a trap."
    It was TenRe's turn to be surprised, Kita looked across at him, "He's grown up. Garrison's not that scrawny teenager you and Rilk made fun of." She held up a single, metal-knuckle gloved finer, "You're wrong on another count, I don't want revenge anymore. Ursula and I choose different paths a long time ago; Master Darius and I accepted that. Just point me in the right direction, and I'll find some Sith to shoot. That's what I am, just some hired muscle. Now, what do you need me to do, 'cause I'm goin' home if it's nothin'."


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Can I see Mandalorians with ear piercings? Yes, I can. Anything else seems a bit over the top. Fett? Not really, it's not impossible, but it doesn't seem very practical nor does it seem like something he would have done.

Maybe destructive is too strong a word? Filling the body with questionable substances is destructive, but wouldn't it be more reasonable to describe a piercing as disrespectful? Either way, a piercing doesn't sound like something Fett would do.