At the moment they're having a run of the Original Star Wars Trilogy on the telly, not that they're very original with all the added scenes etc. It's the first time I've seen it with Boba's voice changed. It really ticked me off. It sounded so wrong. My perception of Boba was very strongly taken from his voice. Tem just doesn't do Boba justice. What I wouldn't give for the original trilogy ONLY digitally remastered on DVD. None of this edited garbage.


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BFFC Chrys wrote:

It's fun if you make up ridiculous dances to do with your friends.  In my area we have dance moves like "The Sprinkler," "The Grocery Cart," "Open the Fridge and Look Around," etc.  Basically just like charades or miming.   It looks hilarious and it's guaranteed to make all the popular kids jealous of how much fun you're having.

You're forgetting the "whipper snipper" and the "lawn mower" tongue


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ARC Fett wrote:

I thought you were a guy because of the way your stories were written.

I always try to keep the stories in line with Boba's persona or whoever I'm writing about. I know a lot of the female writers like to add a romance element. I've only done it once, I don't think it fits with Boba's character. Besides I find it much more fun to do action wink


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I find it amusing that people seem to assume I'm a guy. Is it because I'm a Mod or do I just write like a guy?

By the way, Mel is short for Melinda.

Been involved since 2000, became a message board member is 2001 when it was launched big_smile


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Guys, all I can say is stop feeding each other's anger and play nice. You're all better than this.

I see you're trying to mend the rift by restarting this topic. Thank you smile

I agree with ARC, that's amazing! big_smile

Because you look more like men than boys at 25 tongue Ah nothing like a broad back and a nice butt to boot big_smile Anyway I'm getting off topic.

You can get formal wear now that comes with pants rather than a skirt. Plus you don't have to dance with guys, you can dance with your friends. I went to my Year 10 Formal on my own and had a good time (and we had a massive hail storm that smashed the glass out of the hall but the night still rocked).


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Couples really shouldn't live out of each other's pockets. You still need to be individuals. So cloning probably isn't the best idea tongue


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Hopefully by now people know I'm female tongue


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I'm a quarter of a century - 25 big_smile

I'd say Greedo's death. It cracks me up everytime. Nothing like seeing a moron die tongue


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Listen to Chrys, she is a wise woman wink

Woot for Boba Dude! big_smile

Surely things are not that bad???

I'll believe you wink Can't say I've ever heard of it, but it sounds better than being an enemy of the TMNT tongue

**I think Italics weren't working because you did the wrong kind of slash ( \ instead of / )**

The Billowed Reid came out of hyperspace just where the co-ordinates of the remote should be and there before her lay an image of the Promised Jewel. Lula smiled as she watched a fellow hunter's ship fire at the ghost ship. She almost laughed as she saw the bolts pass harmless through and almost hit a ship on the other side.

Lula wasn't particularly worried about the hologram, she just wanted to pin-point the signal that was being sent to the remote to keep it operating. She tapped a few keys to get the most powerful of scans activated from her ship. The reading was surprising. It appeared to be coming from a tiny planetoid registered as PT44086. Obviously the planetoid was nothing of interest since it hadn't been given an official name.

Lula decided to let the other ships play with the image of the Promised Jewel while she checked out PT44086.


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Yeah Spaceballs was good, I liked the sticker on the ship at the begining "We brake for no-one" big_smile

I had a Tie between Bebop (wasn't he an enemy of the Teenage Mutuant Ninja Turtles?) and Millennium Falcon - 81% each.

You're drawings are amazing. I love the one of Boba, it's so perfect! The only suggestion I have is for the female Mandalorian, she needs curvier hips (unless she's an adolescent). But be assured you've got a fabulous talent. big_smile

It is pretty cool wink


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Yeah it's amazing when you leave school how all the popular kids that ignored you suddenly want to be your friend. They tend to be the people who can't cope with real life.

I liked the later levels when you've got the jet pack.

Lula took her time getting to her ship, the Billowed Reid. As she climbed aboard she went through the data she had collected over many years. She observed the logs of sightings and one thing became clear, despite all the years the Promised Jewel had floated through space it had not been plagued by rust or other ailments old ships suffered. Lula sat back and flipped her face plate open. "It's a hologram." She muttered to herself.

Tapping her lip with her finger, Lula started to think it through. Perhaps Talk Ettin had wanted to disappear so badly that he actually crashed his ship and set up a fake hologram so people would think it was still out there. Lula wondered if that were possible. It took her only a moment to realise that the hologram projector could be a remote or small ship. The former seemed more likely.

Lula decided to scan for remotes in the area, then perhaps she'd find where the true Promised Jewel hid.

((Sorry SciFi, I don't have your email!))


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Not married yet. Not until the 6th May. Amazing hey tongue


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My fiancee is an enjoys doing a bit of astronomy for fun. He frequents the following website: (it is an Australian site). wink