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My fav would be the Boba Fett print I have that's signed by both the artist and Jeremy. It says:

To Melinda,
"You're Next"
Jeremy Bulloch
"Boba Fett"

He was so nice too big_smile


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Hmm, I think that's called lack of imagination on Lucas's part. But anyway, yeah there are a lot of similarities. I mean you look at ROTJ when Luke cuts off Vader's hand, you can see at that point he realises he's heading down the same path as his father and he's determined for that not to happen. I think Luke's upbring in a galaxy of turmoil taught him the importance of being a good person, while Anakin who had been a slave was only drawn to power.


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Xmen are always good. When I was in High School I used their comic art to inspire me to do a strip of comic art. Then the damn cockroaches ate the paint on its return from being marked. Was not happy.

Anyway there was this awesome pic in one of the comics of Wolverine in the rain at night with his shirt ripped, claws out ready to attack an on-coming motor bike. It was awesome.


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Hmm let's see: Get Smart, Hello Hello, Inspector Gadget, Ducktails, Astroboy, I Dream of Jeanie, Danger Mouse, Hogan's Heros and You Can't Do That On Television. We favs of mine when I was a kid.

Oh and one of the more recent ones was Father Ted. That show was so funny. Especially Father Jack.

I have most of the older novels, I think I've only got one of the New Order. The last book I bought was Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader, before that I bought and read the MedStar books. Besides most of my books are in boxes at the moment. Moving will do that tongue

I dunno, I kinda lost interest in the books with Leia, Han and Luke. Luke was interesting enough but the other two got really boring after a while. Though I did enjoy the Han Solo Trilogy.


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BFFC Chrys wrote:

And clearly I need to read it again too, because I could have sworn the cannon stuck out of his chest....

It was his head. I re-read a bit of Slave Ship and I'd forgotten a fair bit of it, so don't worry Chrys, you not the only one wink


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I think the only one he's have probs with is Mr T. But then all Boba would need is a large magnet tongue


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I think you can get it on computer and Xbox as well. I'm sure it hit all the consoles. I have it for PS2 but I also saw it on Gamecube and I think on Xbox.

Yeah the scream is so wrong. But then the flirting with Rystall is too. Ah they should have just left him how he was. There were many possible reasons why Boba's voice could have been different - synthesizer, accident etc.

I also noticed you can tell when it's Jeremy acting and when it's not. Jeremy just has Fett's moves down so well. He was right to say "He's slow, but he's fast" it's so true! big_smile


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Is Darth Vader in here tongue I swear I heard him big_smile


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Nah, Aaron's just telling you how it is wink


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ARC Fett wrote:

dose anyone remember the story about Boba's last hunt? the person writing it never finshed it i dont think

That was me. I haven't really had a chance to write anymore due to wedding stuff. I hope to finish off a few stories once I get back from the honeymoon and I have more time wink


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Yeah there are some of us who are still on dial-up and adding more graphics would slow the snail response time even more sad


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Hmm hard to tell. I think Kast could use Sing's anger against her. Mind you Sing's pretty good with her lighsabre. I'll go Kast, he did pretty well against Fett before dying.


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No I don't but is it good? Do tell smile


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Mace was leaning dangerously close to the Dark Side. But you also have to remember that they were in the heat of battle and to leave an enemy alive at your back would be a fatal mistake.


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Bounty Hunter was brilliant, definitely worth the money. big_smile

Anakin was a fool. Surely the Chosen One could distinguish wrong from right. But then again he was so worried about being powerful that he was probably blind to everything else. Obviously Padme wasn't too smart either.

At the moment they're having a run of the Original Star Wars Trilogy on the telly, not that they're very original with all the added scenes etc. It's the first time I've seen it with Boba's voice changed. It really ticked me off. It sounded so wrong. My perception of Boba was very strongly taken from his voice. Tem just doesn't do Boba justice. What I wouldn't give for the original trilogy ONLY digitally remastered on DVD. None of this edited garbage.


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BFFC Chrys wrote:

It's fun if you make up ridiculous dances to do with your friends.  In my area we have dance moves like "The Sprinkler," "The Grocery Cart," "Open the Fridge and Look Around," etc.  Basically just like charades or miming.   It looks hilarious and it's guaranteed to make all the popular kids jealous of how much fun you're having.

You're forgetting the "whipper snipper" and the "lawn mower" tongue


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ARC Fett wrote:

I thought you were a guy because of the way your stories were written.

I always try to keep the stories in line with Boba's persona or whoever I'm writing about. I know a lot of the female writers like to add a romance element. I've only done it once, I don't think it fits with Boba's character. Besides I find it much more fun to do action wink


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I find it amusing that people seem to assume I'm a guy. Is it because I'm a Mod or do I just write like a guy?

By the way, Mel is short for Melinda.

Been involved since 2000, became a message board member is 2001 when it was launched big_smile


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Guys, all I can say is stop feeding each other's anger and play nice. You're all better than this.

I see you're trying to mend the rift by restarting this topic. Thank you smile

I agree with ARC, that's amazing! big_smile