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Vaulting over a few crates, Merlidan ran to the security locker near the control booth. With some awkwardness she managed to shoulder a rocket launcher.

Drymes was quickly by her side, “Isn’t that a little on the overkill side?”

Merlidan was busy priming the launcher. “Depends on what they’re trying to get away with.”

“What if they’re innocent?” Drymes pointed out.

“If they’re innocent, why are they running?” Merlidan shot back.

“Point taken,” Drymes replied, “But let us act a little more subtly.”

Drymes aimed his own blaster pistol and found one of the few weak points on the ship, its refueling nozzle. With only two blasts he managed to ignite a small fire which would make the ship’s emergency systems kick in and stop it from taking off.

Merlidan smiled despite herself, “Nicely done, Drymes.”

The ship landed with an audible thump. The trio of crew members quickly emerged, “What did you do that for?” The Duro demanded.

“You were taking off without permission,” Drymes said forcefully.

“Hey we thought the ship was on auto remote, we didn’t start the engines.” The Duro replied with an edge of fury to his voice.

Merlidan didn’t believe him but didn’t say as much, “If you didn’t activate the ship, then who did?”


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I have a running joke with a friend of mine of how we'd badly pimp a car worth $500. Funnily enough I found a car for sale online for $450.


Here are some of our ideas. Please feel free to add to it:

My friend's ideas:

- It needs to be spray painted gold. The streakier the finish, the better. Maybe nail polish?
- The bonnet needs to be replaced with a LCD screen of equal size. Who needs a motor when you can have a DVD player?
- Those head lights look a bit shabby. We should replace them strobe lights. The cool kids at King Street McDonalds will think we're cool, too.
- Obviously it needs to be lowered.
- We'll also need to source rims that are so awesome, we'll feel compelled to attach the spare tyre (with rim) to the roof as a display of our awesomeness.
- Anything that moves will need a spinner attached.
- The horn should be replaced with an iPhone that plays Snoop Dogg at the press of a button.
- ProSound will hook us up with some phat bass coz they're our mate, mates.
- Entry to the car will require a six bling minimum. Anyone attempting to enter the car with less bling will be effed up by our cousin, Steve-o, who has recently been released from prison. He's an innocent "concreter". The cops are out to get him. He's got the best rates around. (So, we'll need to source a "Steve-o" as well. ProSound can probably help us out)

My additional ideas:
- Flames up the side, because we all know that makes the car go faster and look fully sick
- Pink shag pile carpet as it'll just look so awesome with the paint job
- A stereo that costs at least 8 times more than what the car is worth, even with all these totally awesome additions
- Chrome door handles inside and out, it doesn't matter if they burn the skin off your hands in summer, coolness has no bounds
- Low profile tyres that are practically non-existent as we can't take away from the choice mags with spinners
- Extra gages on the dash, we don't need to know what they mean, they just need to glow in the dark
- We must have the biggest rear spoiler ever made and it needs to be carbon fibre, wouldn't want to weigh the car down with any excess weight
- A chrome exhaust that is so big you could fit a rock melon up it if you so wished - maybe it should shoot flames too, that'd be rad


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**I have amended for you, just wanted a confrontation.**

LMAO so funny. What about:

Strong in the pants am I, but not that strong.

Pants accepted Captain Needa.

Your father's pants, an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

Leia: I love pants. Han: I know.

Mos Eisley pants. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.


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Agreed, Boba is a lot harder personality wise than Jango. I can't imagine him getting close to anyone (despite the newer SW novels claiming he had family - bah).

Besides I can't imagine Boba ever sub-contracting someone to do a job for him like Jango did with Zam Wesel. That doesn't really give a being great rep if they don't fulfill the job themselves.


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Is it just me or does Boba look like he has a more feminine form - small waist tongue


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**Thankfully the boy is home now and a lot better.**

Merlidan and Drymes walked down the boarding ramp only. It didn't take them long to find the bodies of the security detail. "Are any alive?" Merlidan asked as she checked the two guards nearest to her.

Drymes shook his head, "Doesn't look like it. We should get the clean up droids over."

Merlidan nodded, "Yeah sounds like a good idea."

Drymes got on his comm and notified the Emergency Team. "They're on their way."

"We need to detain that ship," Merlidan started to say. However the engines suddenly burst to life. "What the..."

"They don't have clearance," Drymes said without conviction.

Merlidan ran to the port side control both. She slammed her fist down on the bay doors locking system. The first pair of doors was closed, the blast doors however were slowly closing. Somehow Merlidan had a feeling they weren't going to be fast enough.

Merlidan grabbed her own comm, "Security fighters get prepped, we have have a rogue freighter about to bust free of the docking bays."

**Sorry guys, I'm not going to be able to post for a couple of days. My son is in hospital so I'm going to be a bit busy. I'll be back as soon as he's well. Ta, Mel.**


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A pair of Duros and a shabby looking human female, with a vicious scar running down the side of her face, waited for Merlidan in the cockpit. The taller of the Duros was first to speak, “Greetings human, what seems to be the problem?”

“This is a customary check of your ship. The company is also curious as to why you’ve added an extra fee to the already agreed upon tender.” Merlidan told as she crossed her arms.

“Ah that,” the Duros said as he threw a glare at the human. “My new Accounts Officer is somewhat confused about our invoicing system. I assure you will we amend our records.”

Merlidan gave a stiff nod, “Be sure you do. In the meantime we’ll need to search your ship.”

The Duros took a step forward, “You’re associate, Mr Drymes, has already performed this duty.”

Merlidan smiled politely, “He didn’t follow the correct procedure. I’m sorry for the delay.”

The Duros seemed to huff in his own alien way. Merlidan also got the impression that the human crew member was not a companion of their choosing.

Merlidan was about to start the inspection, however Drymes’ comm suddenly burst to life. “Alert 15, Alert 15.”

Drymes looked at Merlidan, “Tell me that’s not what I think it is.”

Merlidan rolled her eyes, “You know as well as I do, Alert 15 means we have blaster fire in the hanger.” Turning to the ship’s crew, “You stay onboard your ship. Nobody leaves until this is over.”


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Merlidan had called in security as soon as she caught wind of what Drymes had said. There was no doubt in her mind that the scumbag was in on whatever was going down.

The sound of booted feet headed her way was a comforting sound. Feeling empowered by the backup, Merlidan made her way towards Drymes. “So have you searched the ship?” she asked, pretending that she didn’t hear his conversation with his contact.

Drymes smiled and tried to look reassuring. “Yes ma’am, I couldn’t find anything that shouldn’t be there.”

Merlidan held back her contempt. “Show me where you’ve looked.”

A few fine beads of perspiration dotted Drymes’ forehead. “The crew won’t be happy.”

“They can live with it, they’re on Balkest after all.” Merlidan said as she stormed up the gangway. She paused only when she heard some muffled conversation behind her. But now was not the time to check it. She needed to search the ship.

Merlidan made it to her office without any further distractions. As promised the invoice was awaiting her on her personal terminal. As the norm, Merlidan checked the invoice with the tender.

A frown lingered on her face as she called Drymes. “This invoice has an extra charge that we didn’t agree to.”

“Really?” Drymes replied with a touch of falseness to his voice.

“Yes it is asking for a danger payment of one thousand credits.” Merlidan said with annoyance, “Personally I don’t understand there being any danger in carting freighter replacement parts. They weren’t exactly travelling on unknown spacer lanes.”

“It’s probably a mistake, should I ask them?” Drymes replied.

“Hmph,” Merlidan replied, “I suggest you take a security detail with you and sweep their cargo hold. It sounds like they may have brought extra cargo of the illicit kind.”

Drymes voice sounded a little strained, “Oh I don’t think we need to go to those measures.”

Merlidan snorted and muted the comm, “You’re in on it, aren’t you scumbag?” Instead she said to him. “Fine I’ll come down there and check it myself.”

“Sure, that’ll be fine.” Drymes replied sounding less strained.

Merlidan ended the connection. “Why do I get the impression this is going to get nasty?” She opened her desk drawer and removed her blaster pistol and tucked it into the side of her boot, then shifted her pant leg into place to cover the slight bulge.

With a fast pace, Merlidan made it to the docks only to see Drymes talking rapidly on his comm..


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Yeah Miba I agree with you. I remember when Ep II came out I was so disappointed that Boba was in it. I thought it totally ruined the mystery of his character.

I also refuse to believe the he would have a family of his own. In my opinion he would have seen that as a weakness and point to exploit. As you say, fan fics that somehow got published... *sigh*

Merlidan could have cursed herself as her the toe of her boot came into contact with an empty soda can. The telltale tink tink gave away her presence to the Jedi. He turned and seemed less than surprised.

“Why hello there,” he said pleasantly.

Merlidan gave a slight smile in greeting, anything more than that was seen as insincere and sarcastic by the general population of Balkest. “Are you on your way to the offices?” Merlidan asked as she pointed to the looming skull-white building at the end of the block.

“I’m on my way to see Trask Heyurk,” he replied simply.

“Ah,” Merlidan commented, “Well you’re heading in the right direction.”

The Jedi gave a cordial nod of acknowledgement.

Merlidan let out a sigh. “I’m on my way there too; I assume by your attire that you’re the Jedi sent to negotiate peace between the colonists here.”

Again the Jedi gave a nod, “Yes I am Jedi Master Genn Ostace.”

“Oh a Jedi Master, aren’t we lucky,” Merlidan commented dryly. “I’m Merlidan Alsk, Procurement Specialist for the company.”

Ostace seemed to take her opinions in stride and merely shook her hand in a firm yet positive grip. “I can already see that there is animosity in this region that will be… difficult to diffuse.”

“You have no idea,” Merlidan muttered as they continued their way to the office.

“So,” the Jedi started, “As a member of the general public, what do you see as the main contributing factors of this conflict?”

Merlidan raised a brow, so he was pumping her for information, how novel. “People come to new worlds looking for a new way of life, a fresh start, a dream of paradise. When things aren’t what they thought they’d be, well then people tend to get a little antsy.”

Merlidan paused for a moment and watched as the evening shadows turned darker with each moment. “Most of the human colonists threw in their lot to come out here. They have a substantial debt and if they did pack up and leave it’d just make it two or three fold higher. In essence a lot of colonists feel trapped here and lash out at those around them. The arrival of the Kubaz became and easy target for that anger.”

Ostace seemed to be mulling over what she had said. She could almost hear the cogs of his mind turning over the information she’d just revealed.

They arrived at the office entry and Merlidan almost jumped as Ostace spoke. “Do you think other factors could be involved, say the environment?”

Merlidan studied the Jedi’s face intently for a moment. His features divulged nothing of what he might be thinking. “It’s hard to say,” she told as she tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear. She felt awkward with her next words. “Over time I hadn’t notice the oppressive atmosphere, it was just constantly there. Yet when I came within a certain radius of your presence I felt a tranquility that had been lost to me for some time.”

The corner of Ostace’s lip twitched upward, “Interesting.”

Merlidan retrieved her access card and swiped it through the reader. She kept her head down, feeling somewhat embarrassed by her confession. The doors slid open and Merlidan led the way into the brightly lit foyer. “You’ll need to speak to Moyra, she’s at the Reception desk.”

Merlidan turned to leave but the Jedi caught her elbow with a large hand. “Thank you, Merlidan. I appreciate what you’ve told me.”

Merlidan flinched at his words. Moyra was no doubt listening and dying to relay whatever she perceived the gossip to be. “I need to get some work done,” Merlidan said as she slipped free and avoided eye contact with the Jedi. She had a payment to process.


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LOL it's his secret vice, hey Fett_II tongue

You forgot to mention the shag pile carpet in the cargo hold / disco room tongue

Merlidan threaded her way through the streets with relative ease. She was somewhat surprised when a couple of men went tearing by her screaming bloody murder. Merlidan frowned, deciding that the guys had probably drunk too much and lost a fight.

There were times when Merlidan longed for a quiet day, mainly when she was underground, however in the thick of things it was hard not to get caught up in the chaos.

Strangely the dark fog that seemed to emotionally suppress Merlidan waned as she drew closer to the office. The emotional weight that had been pressing down on her seemed to lift and Merlidan felt a sense of tranquillity that had eluded her since her arrival on Balkest.

Ahead of her she saw a man dressed in the typical robes of a Jedi. Merlidan raised a brow. The Jedi were creatures of the light, could it be that the turmoil of Balkest had become so intense that it was almost a tangible force of its own?

To test the theory, Merlidan moved closer to the Jedi’s presence and strangely enough her mood improved with it.


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That story was written long before the new trilogy was released. As usual Lucas stuffed up the original writings of authors he'd ok'ed to expand on the SW universe.


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With the toe of her boot, Merlidan kicked the man off the table top. He grunted and turned on her the moment he hit the floor.

Merlidan stood up, “I just love a big strong man who’s not afraid to show it on someone half his size.”

The man seemed to think twice and rolled over and up. He was slammed by a man Merlidan recognized as Pip. “Oh I think it’s time to leave,” she said to Mir. She knew that Pip had one of the worst tempers in the colony.

Mir shook his head, “I’ll stay a bit longer.”

Merlidan shrugged, “Suit yourself.”

Using the back door, Merlidan made it to the alleyway. A street urchin stuck out his hand for anything she might care to give him. “You gotta make it worth my while kid.”

He scratched his dirty mattered locks, “I ‘eard the Sith are here.”

Merlidan raised a brow at that. “Sounds like a load of hog wash to me.”

The urchin shrugged a skinny shoulder. “I never said it was true.”

Merlidan shook her head, “Try the spaceport, someone might drop you a crumb over there.”

The urchin scowled but said no more. Merlidan was making her way to her quarters when her comm chimed. “What is it, Drymes?”

“Order 546 just came in, invoice has been transferred to your terminal and the space monkeys won’t hand over the cargo until you approve payment.” Drymes informed her.

Merlidan let out a sigh, “Fine I’m on my way to the office.”


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Merlidan swirled the contents of her glass. “There’s been a lot of in-fighting going on since the start of colonisation. Initially it started with us human colonists when we found out about the kubaz colonists.”

The newcomer scratched his chin, “I had heard there were kubaz here.”

Merlidan continued, “Yeah they’ve got an underground nest about 40 kilometres west of here. Generally I try and stay out of their way if they venture into town but a lot of the other people here have an itch to fight.”

The brawling behind them was starting to quieten down due to the fact that a few of them had been knocked unconscious.

“So what’s your occupation?” the stranger asked.

Merlidan smiled into her glass. “Procurement Specialist, I buy in all the parts for our freighters and mining equipment and you?”

The stranger smiled, “I’m in the procurement business myself. But I don’t like to go into details, much too boring.”

Merlidan laughed but deep down she hoped that this stranger was not going to be a rival in the company. She didn’t need any more funny business. Merlidan extended her hand, “I’m Merlidan Alsk, and you are?”

“Mir,” the stranger said simply as he shook her hand.

Merlidan raised a brow at the lack of surname, or perhaps that was his surname. She didn’t push though. Generally pushy people copped a fist to the face.

“Did I hear a mention of Jedi coming?” Mir asked.

Merlidan curled her lip, “Yeah, they’re supposed to be coming to settle the disputes between all colonists.”

“You sound sceptical,” Mir pointed out.

Merlidan smirked, “I think they’re much too late for that. There’s too much bad blood that can’t just be wiped away with a simple sorry.”

As if to emphasize her point, a patron landed flat on his back upon their table top. Merlidan laughed, “Exhibit A.”

RPG – Unrest on Planet Balkest

Era: Knights of the Old Republic - Darth Malak has just come to power.

Location: Mid Rim planet Balkest

Situation: The people of Balkest have been in unrest for decades. A civil was has been continually waged between the human and Kubaz colonists.

The Jedi have been dispatched to repair the rift between the two parties. Little do they know that the planet is tainted by a dark side artifact.

Can the Jedi find the artifact before the Sith brethren find out about it? And can the humans and Kubaz come to an understanding? You decide…

Info: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kubaz

The Rules:

1. You may create any character you want.  Clarify their name and species so others can follow their actions easily.

2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you. However you can wound other people's characters.

3. You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move.

4. Be consistent, eg if someone says they blew up a building, don't suddenly be assaulting it.

5. If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die. If you're a Jedi you can use the Force to help heal yourself - if that's one of your powers.

6. Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.

7. Have fun.

Ka’Bae Drenade, queen of the Kubaz of Balkest, sat on the dirt floor of her chambers. Once again many of her people had been lost in yet another skirmish with the humans.

She didn’t understand the anger that seemed rage whenever her people went to the surface. Their intent in coming to Balkest had been to live a peaceful life, however such had eluded them.

Ka’Bae was thankful that the Jedi were coming. It couldn't happen soon enough.


Name: Merlidan Alsk
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 29
Appearance: Tall, slender but muscular. Has shoulder length blonde hair that is always pulled back into a low ponytail. She wears drab clothing so she doesn’t attract any unwanted fights.
Weapons: Black market blaster pistol and vibroknife.

The tavern in Elderslie camp should have been called the “Brawler’s Trap” rather than the “Trawler’s Gap”. Merlidan Alsk sat nursing her Corellian ale as yet another fight broke out between two young men. “We don’t need those Jedi morons out here. I left the core to get away from those jerks!”

“Jerks? Have you seen what a Jedi can do?” the other man said as he tried to connect a right swing of his fist to his opponent’s face.

The first guy ducked, “They’ve got those stupid light swords. Nothing beats a blaster.” He shifted to deliver an upper cut.

The second man fell back against a wooden table top which made the drinks on the table topple over and spill. This of course infuriated the patrons at that particular table and the fight turned quickly into a brawl.

Already Merlidan could feel her hackles rise. She wanted to join the fray but quite frankly she was already nursing a sprained wrist and sore jaw from her last fight.

She moved to a far corner where a dark stranger sat draped in a robe. “Mind if I join you?” she asked in her most non-threatening tone.


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Hmm 5 to 10 years... hopefully in a new house! I'm sick of living in a half renovated house that has walls that seem as thin as a tents'.

I'd like to have another bubba, but I guess that'll just depend on time and the hubby.

A promotion in career would be nice, although job sharing work as a Statutory Compliance Officer for an explosives company ain't bad.

Perhaps I'll even decided to enroll into a course at University... my ambitious streak.


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Sweet! I just got my copy of the SW Boba Fett Omnibus... need to get this one next!


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LOL yeah Sev, come to Australia... you're legally an adult at 18 wink

I have such a warped sense of humour, I think it should mean "prepare to wet your pants" sorry I just had to say it tongue


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Aaron did get this, he emailed me to check it out. Very impressed however I'd suggest running it through spell check first. It'd be great to see further development of this story big_smile

Sometimes it takes a while to get Fan Fiction submissions up in Multimedia - don't worry it'll get there wink


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I've just started this fan fic, the baby woke up before I could write more than three pages. Hope you enjoy what I've put together so far:

Gunston Knox stood and leaned against the window as it continued to bow from the assaulting wind. “Who picked this hole to stay in?”

Three humanoids sat huddled around a table playing sabacc. “Quit your whining, Gunston, there’s enough noise coming from that damned thunder storm.” Replied Reaper Tang who had his customary unlit cigar hanging from his lips, as usual he was sporting several days’ growth on his chin and his long brown hair was falling loose of his ponytail.

Gunston snorted, “Who put you in charge?”

The lone female, a blue Twi’lek named Candar Orvan, turned in her chair while placing her cards firmly against her ample chest. “Reaper has always been in charge. You simply liked the illusion that you were the boss.”

“What’s this past tense crap, I own the ship that got us here.” Gunston snarled as he prowled around his companions who were more intent on playing sabacc.

Irving Netalix, rubbed his temples. His skin was crimson marking him as a Zeltron, his hair was a dark blue that was almost black. “Gunston would you stop with the bad mood, you’re messing with my mojo.”

Gunston rolled his eyes, “Isn’t there a cure for being an empath?” he stroked his blaster, “oh yeah, that’s right it’s a blast between the eyes.”

Candar snapped, “Save your anger for the bounty hunters, we’re bound to be located soon enough.”

A thunder clap rumbled and the lighting flickered in the room. Reaper shook his head in annoyance. “The cards will scramble now just you watch.”

Gunston rolled his shoulders, “You sissies keep playing cards. I’m going to take a dump.”

Irving rearranged his cards, “I wish his mother never taught him to share. I really didn’t need to know that tidbit.”

Candar smirked, “I don’t think he had a mother, I heard he was spawned by some monster under Coruscant.”

Irving shook his head, “You give monsters a bad name. I think it’s more likely he’s an Imperial experiment. You know, human crossed with slug.”

The trio cracked up laughing. The room lit up with a blinding flash and suddenly the lights went out.

Reaper cracked a glow rod. “Honestly Irving, couldn’t you have landed us some place nicer than this dank hole?”

Irving shrugged, “The hyperdrive cooked on the last jump it was here or Hoth.”

Candar shivered, “I hate Hoth, nothing much there but snow, snow and more snow.”

Reaper lay down his cards, “Pure sabacc” he grinned.

Irving shook his head, “I knew I felt some happy vibes from you.”

Candar lifted a brow, “I didn’t think Reaper knew the concept of happy.”

Reaper reached out and collected the small pile of credits. Irving threw down his cards, “He’s a man of depth it would seem.”

Reaper released the cigar from between his teeth and rolled it in his forefinger and thumb, “I’m a wealthy man now.”

A blaster barrel suddenly pressed to Reaper’s temple, “Actually you’re a dead man now.” There was a flash of crimson and Reaper went down.

Irving tried to pull the blaster from its sheath but the loop to hold it in place delayed his efforts.

Candar had no such problems she fired at the bounty hunter but he disappeared into the shadows.

“Sithspit, were did that bastard go?” Irving growled as he finally pulled his blaster free.

“You’re the empath. Can’t you feel the emotions of that hunter?” Candar pointed out.

Irving tried to sort through the emotions that lingered around him. Since Candar was closest he felt her emotions more clearly than anything else. “I feel cool calculation, but I can’t pinpoint it.”

“Where’s Gunston?” Candar said as she scanned the room.

Irving shrugged, “Still outside I guess.” He cautiously moved to touch Reaper’s neck. It was no surprise that there was no pulse.

Candar touched Irving shoulder and twitched her head to the side. Irving saw the silhouette and aimed his blaster. At that moment the power returned and the lights blinded them for a moment.

Gunston squinted, “What are you punks doing? I heard a blaster go off.”

“We have company,” Candar informed him and indicated to Reaper, “They took him out before we even knew they were there.”

“How many were there?” Gunston said as he hefted his heavy blaster into his hands.

“We only saw one,” Irving told.

Gunston’s brow furrowed, “Only one and you didn’t get the drop on him?”

“He was silent, like a ghost,” Candar added.

Gunston rolled his eyes, “Next you’ll be telling me it’s Boba Fett.”

Irving and Candar looked at each other questioningly.

“You can’t be serious,” Gunston snarled as he scanned the room.

“We only saw the blaster barrel,” Irving confessed.

“Was it an EE-3?” Gunston queried.

Both Irving and Candar shrugged, “Does it matter?” Irving asked.

“Do you want to live?” Gunston replied sarcastically.