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I don't get on much either, my little boy is a toddler now and into everything! Between looking after the family and working there hasn't been much time for BFFC.

I need to RPG again, I'll be getting rusty tongue


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I've been shopping on Amazon yet again and found you can download the Kindle application free to your computer, which means you can download ebooks also. I found that there are a range of Star Wars ebooks and I even found a freebie:

Kindle for PC: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/r … 1DM2AVATYT

Star Wars Freebie: http://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Tribe-S … amp;sr=1-1


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Bossk eats Greedo, end of story tongue

a teleporting wampa appeared wearing a tutu and...


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Tonight be my last night of 29... tomorrow I turn 30.

Wow third decade smile (Remember I'm a day ahead, so B'day be 2nd October).

The other day I was out shopping and came across a kid's version of the Boba Fett helmet. On the side was a button that activated Boba's voice. Firstly it was not the original voice, much to my disappointment. Secondly it had none of his original sayings and thirdly it had too many sayings.

Boba is renowned for being the silent deadly type. It really annoys me that this sort of merchandise it being pumped out mainstream.

I put the helmet back on a random shelf hoping never to find it again. I pray it's one of a kind.

Yeah  I have the PS2 version, he was a hard cookie to crack - yay a tough arsed Mando - woot!


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As for the question of Yoda, I think that the Jedi had become so set in their own ways that they couldn't think outside the box, so therefore Obi Wan could not defeat Palpatine at that time.

If Anakin hadn't been such a moron and saw passed his own nose, he probably could have topped Palpy baby, as he was arrogantly certain of his control over Anakin.


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**OMG I can't even remember my character's name - has it been so long? tongue **

My absence is due mainly to looking after my toddler (can you believe he's 1 already!), working and house work. I'm still waiting for my Sim-Maid to appear... tongue

**Yeah I've hand internet issues. Shall try and post in the next couple of days. Also most have been waiting for Darth Maul Clone to post.**


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LOL bring on the Bobian wars tongue

As Merlidan was being hauled down the corridor, both security guards’ comms went off. “Security breach, security breach, sector one. All security in region A are to respond.”

“Ah crud, that means us.” The tall dark haired man on her left said.

“But we’re busy,” his shorter sandy haired partner replied.

“Honestly wouldn’t you rather shoot at something than transport this sorry looking chick to the holding cells. I seriously doubt she’d go far.” Dark hair said.

Merlidan decided to contribute, “In all honesty I don’t even know how to shoot a blaster.”

The men laughed. “Cuff her to the stair handrail.

Merlidan considered fighting them but cuffed and out of holding cells was better than cuffed and in holding cells.

The blaster happy guards had her cuffed and were away before she could blink. Fortunately neither had bothered to search her for a weapon, at least not where she had it hidden. She pulled the small blaster from her boot holster and aimed it at the chain.

“I don’t know,” she muttered out loud. There was a lot of room for error and quite frankly she didn’t want to shoot herself in the hand. She decided to take a moment and think about it. Hopefully the Sith soldiers would be rather busy for quite a while.


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I'd like to wish Aaron (BFFC Admin) a Happy 27th Birthday!

Gretch was working furiously as perspiration dotted his brow. Despite this he seemed to be in his element and relishing the challenge. “There it’s done. It may take a few minutes to get a reply. You want a cup of caff?”

Merlidan shook her head, “Nah caffeine will only give me a buzz of energy and I really don’t need it.”

Gretch grinned, “From that message you sent I’m not surprised.”

Merlidan’s hands fidgeted with the hem of her shirt as she waited nervously. She had sent a message to the Jedi telling of their situation and the need for reinforcements. She hoped a response would come through soon as she had no idea how long Ostace would last against the Sith minions.

At the thought of Ostace she quickly buzzed his com, she received a clipped "Report."

"Message is sent, awaiting reply," she told simply.

Gretch returned sipping from his steaming mug. “Something has got the security thugs entertained. They’re all heading for the main entrance.”

“Do you have a security feed in that area?” Merlidan asked.

Gretch’s fingers caressed the keys before him and a live feed was shown. Ostace was elegantly defending himself with what appeared to be little effort. However a Sith soldier had managed to somehow get behind him.

“Ah the Sith and the Jedi, forever locked in battle.” Gretch said seeming more amusing than Merlidan would have liked.

Merlidan was so focussed on the screen that she didn’t hear the door behind them hiss open.

“Oh by the way, I told security you were here.” Gretch said as Merlidan was wretched out of her seat and dragged from the room.

Merlidan let out a sigh. She was an employee and that would grant her certain access. However if one of the security droids scanned her face they’d soon realise that she was an intruder.

There was one benefit she had: a friend on the inside. “Gretch, are you working today?” she asked via her comlink.

A tired male voice came back, “Yeah where else would I be?”

Merlidan held back a chuckle. “Guess where I am?”

“No idea,” came the response.

“I’m in the building with you.” She said and waited for a reply.

There was a pause, “Dare I ask how you got in?”

“Let’s just say I don’t have a pass and I’m hoping you’ll come to my rescue.” Merlidan said as she stepped further into the shadows of the empty office behind her.

A laugh came over the comm., “Sure this place has been crawling with agitated jerks. It’d be nice to see someone who won’t sneer at me for breathing.”

Merlidan quickly relayed her whereabouts to Gretch and sincerely hoped that he wouldn’t call security on her. He wasn’t that closer friend.

Five minutes later Gretch came to her rescue. He had an ID tag in hand, “This is my off-sider’s pass. You’re not too dissimilar in looks. It should fool the fleshies but I doubt it’ll fool the droids.”

“Fleshies? I think you’ve been working with machines for too long,” Merlidan said as she clipped the ID in place.

Gretch shrugged, “So where to?”

Merlidan hesitated, “I need to send a message off-world.”

Gretch scratched his balding head, “Hmm, that could be tricky. The boss man said no unnecessary communications.”

“Great,” Merlidan muttered.

“However,” Gretch said with a grin, “I could patch through a text only message via the holonet.”

Merlidan grinned, “Fabulous, let’s try that.”

Deciding they’d be less conspicuous on foot, Merlidan and the Jedi left the opportunity to take a speeder behind.

The communications relay centre or CRC, was located in a building a block away from the office in which Merlidan worked. It was guarded by humans and droids alike. The security droids were a recent addition, Trask had justified the heavier security was needed due to the Kubaz threat.

The pair had only travelled for a minute before they came across an angry group, “Jedi! That traitor needs to pay! He’s a Kubaz lover!”

The angry mob was so intent on Ostace that Merlidan had the perfect opportunity to ditch him. She took two slow steps backwards. Ostace didn’t turn, “Where are you going?” he said only loud enough for her to hear.

Merlidan mentally shook herself. Where was she going? It wasn’t like her to go back on her word. She had said she’d take Ostace to the CRC and that’s what she would normally do.

“I’ll attack from behind,” she said in quiet response.

“No need,” Ostace replied as he gathered the Force to him and unleashed a wave that knocked all of the mob members back. He grabbed her hand, “Now we run.”

At the Jedi’s touch all thoughts of betraying him melted away. That sense of peace and tranquillity returned. “Is there something affecting the people?” she queried as they ran.

“You’re very astute,” Ostace replied, “Yes, there is a concentration of dark side energy in this area.”

“Do you know what caused it?” Merlidan said as they continued to dodge angry people.

“Yes,” Ostace replied but didn’t elaborate.

Merlidan understood, she had almost left him to an angry mob, there was no reason he should trust her. She decided to help give him a reason, “There’s heavy security at the CRC. It’s a mixture of human and droid patrols.”

“Any idea of numbers?” Ostace asked as they continued their dash.

Merlidan frowned, “Lots.”

Merlidan ground her teeth and lowered her blaster, although she didn’t let go. She turned as instructed. The being shouting the orders was not one she recognised. To be honest she wasn’t sure if he was humanoid or cyborg. What she did know, was that he was holding her at blaster point.

“Okay, I’ve done as asked. What’s the deal?” Merlidan growled.

Before the male dressed in a mismatch of Tusken and Mandalorian attire could comment, his blaster was wretched out of his hand by an invisible force. Merlidan corrected herself, it had been done with the Force.

“We don’t have time for this,” Ostace said as he Force pushed the oddly attired male aside.

Merlidan was a little annoyed that the push wasn’t more violent. It simply shoved the male out of the way.

“You,” Ostace said as he grabbed Merlidan’s arm. “Lead us out of here.”

Merlidan considered telling him to go jump but with a bunch of itchy trigger fingers, not only amongst the Kubaz soldiers but also the razed up human colonists, she really didn’t have a lot of choice. “I’m going to be so popular,” she muttered as she took the lead.

“Can she be trusted?” the Kubaz Queen asked the Jedi in her own language. Barulian had immediately placed himself between the Queen and Merlidan.

“I sense much turmoil in this one. However her heart is in the right place,” he said quietly, yet Merlidan still heard him. Little did she know that he’d actually mentally communicated with the queen, he’d only spoken out loud for her benefit.

Merlidan decided to take the least well travelled route she knew of. She was about to step into a cross road when Ostace held her back. “There are a number of hostiles that way. We need to go around.”

“Is anywhere clear?” Merlidan asked with less irritation.

The Jedi gave an affirmative nod, “East is clear for now.”

“Fine,” Merlidan said as she once again took the lead. As she moved she thought of a way to speed up their trip.

“Ostace,” she called quietly.

“Call me Genn,” he said as he quickened his pace to match hers.

She decided to ignore his attempt at being friendly. “There’s a speeder repair shop two blocks over. It might be wise to borrow a speeder to make a hasty retreat.”

Merlidan waited for Ostace to pass the message to the Queen but he simply looked at her before she nodded in what Merlidan could only assume was confirmation.

Jedi mind tricks, Merlidan thought to herself. Perhaps it was best to make nice with the Jedi.

They arrived at the street corner near the speeder repair shop only to see the proprietor angrily stalking his grounds muttering, “Filthy Kubaz ain’t taking my speeders. No way, no how, I ain’t going out of business due to that scum.”

“I say we kill him,” Barulian growled in Kubazian. He had some understanding of basic.

Having no idea what Barulian said, Merlidan leant back to comment to Ostace, “That’s Yodd Nix. He’s about as pleasant as a half starved rancor.”

“I’ll deal with it,” Ostace said as he stepped forward.

Without warning the spaceport’s status changed and klaxons blared, “Colony under attack, colony under attack.”

Merlidan rubbed her temples, “Perfect timing.”

The audio continued the updated, “Colony at war with Kubaz, lethal force authorised.”

Merlidan stared in shock at both Drymes and the crew members before her. “I thought we were supposed to be getting a peace treaty not a war.”

Drymes shrugged, “Well at least we don’t have to pretend to like the Kubaz now.” Merlidan was somewhat disturbed by his underlying enthusiasm.

With quick steps Merlidan made it to the main entrance of the space port and saw that the colony’s human inhabitants were already scurrying about with weapons drawn. “Fabulous, I bet there will be more deaths from friendly fire than anything.”

Drymes was at her side peering at the scene before them. “You go find out what our orders are. I’ll stay here and guard the crew for questioning.”

Merlidan glared at Drymes’ audacity to give orders, but under the circumstances she decided to roll with it. “Fine, but don’t let them out of your sight.”

“Yes ma’am,” Drymes said with the shadow of a smirk.

Merlidan palmed her blaster and headed out into the melee. The office was her destination and she sincerely hoped that she didn’t get shot on her way there.


The Queen was able to compose herself after her shock at being thrown against a wall by a human that had no right to utilise the Force. The Jedi Master was on their side for now and she wasn’t about to jeopardise the fragile alliance.

Her five remaining soldiers rallied around her determined to protect her from the violence that was building. The klaxon sounded and the warning went out. “We must hurry,” Queen Drenade said as they picked up their pace to a run.

Blaster bolts were fired in their general direction. Ostace deflected those bolts that were within the reach of his lightsabre.

As they rounded a corner they came face to face with a blonde human woman with a blaster pistol in her hand.

Barulian was set to fire but the Jedi pushed his arm down. “Merlidan, please don’t fire.”

The human woman paused and her grip on her blaster pistol relaxed slightly. “I won’t fire if you don’t shoot at me,” she conceded.

Queen Drenade felt some relief but they were hardly out of the woods.


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Hmm do you think we should tint the windows fluro yellow or highlighter green?


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Hmm Mrs Fett, I think I need me one of those wink


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Come on, surely his name was Bob and he wanted something more fancy tongue


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I heard a call sign the other day I liked: Slag.

It stands for: Screams Like A Girl

It was for a figher pilot that screamed in excitement every time he flew. tongue


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Hmm, I wonder if that's a spelling error tongue


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**No problem, Sev. I created the Queen so I'll roll with it for the meantime.**

With a regal nod, she turned and introduced herself. "I am Ka’Bae Drenade, queen of the Kubaz of Balkest."

Again the protocol droid translated, this time into basic.

Queen Drenade noticed that her soldiers were as eager as Mr Heyurk's to fight. Despite her own patient nature, the Queen could feel her own hackles rising slowly. She turned to the Jedi for reassurance. The droid translated his words, "I am Jedi Master Genn Ostace. I have already heard some background from Mr Heyurk. Your majesty, I'd appreciate hearing your side of things."

The Queen gave a slow nod of understanding, then she began. "When I first came to this planet there was only the indigenous creatures living here. I had left my own planet due to the lack of territory for a fledgling queen. I had a handful of family with me by that time, my mate and the first six of our children."

She paused as the droid translated. She saw the human leader snort and had to reach out a calming hand to Barulian who understood the human’s reaction as one of disdain. Barulian bristled but did not move to further action.

“We lived in harmony with the planet for two years. Then the first ship landed. The occupant was not human, I believe he was a Zabrak, but I cannot be certain as humanoid species often look too much alike for our eyes.” The Queen said as she shot the human leader a look down her long snout.

The human leader made a comment that the protocol droid translated before the Jedi could intervene. “Yeah well you insects look all the same to us, especially when crushed.”

Barulian was on his feet before the Queen could stop him. “You filthy scum are the cancer of the galaxy!” he snarled.

The Jedi stood with outstretched arms, “Stop,” he commanded both parties, “We’re here to negotiate peace, not start more conflict.”

The Queen stood and gave Barulian a meaningful look. He bowed his head and returned to his place without a word needing to be said. Queen Drenade knew that his anger was still simmering beneath the surface. “Shall I continue?” she asked the Jedi.

Ostace placed his hands in the sleeves of his tunic, “Please,” he said with a respectful tilt of his head.

The Queen took a deep breath, “The Zabrak landed away from our settlement. He did not see our landing pad as he arrived from the opposite direction. We knew of his presence for several weeks before he finally realised he was not alone on Balkest.”

“Was he hostile?” Ostace asked.

She shook her head, “No. He said he had come searching. It was hard to communicate with him as his astronomical droid was limited in languages it could translate. From what we understand, he was looking for a site for the human miners. But he said his real hope was to locate some Bith trinkets.”

Mr Heyurk rolled his fingers, clenching his hands into fists. “This is nonsense. The Bith aren’t interested in this planet.”

Ostace waved his comments aside. “Please hold your comments until the Queen is finished.”

Queen Drenade was starting to like the Jedi as he was clearly more hospitable than the human colonists. “The human colonists arrived shortly after our contact with the Zabrak. He stayed on for a while and one day approached us with excitement. He claimed to have found a trinket. He showed us a ring with a large obsidian stone set in claws. It was an ugly piece yet it was strangely captivating.”

With a sigh the Queen continued, “It was only four days later that the Zabrak was killed in a mining accident. I thought nothing of it at the time. We have had tunnel collapses of our own due to the nature of the soil here. The only oddity was that the Zabrak’s disposition had turned nasty before his demise. However what I do find interesting is that Mr Heyurk appears to be wearing the same ring the Zabrak once had.”

**As you guessed the ring is a Sith artifact. It is one of five. It has some darkside power but nothing compared to the combination of all five rings...**