Who was in fancy dress, posing as a ballerina.

Now that is a tough one. Fett has a code of honour while the Joker is well... One to follow his own rules.

I really think it would be a close call. I'd hope Fett would win, but the Joker would certainly make him work for it!


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(Let's revive it, I'll try and post later tonight...)

LOL it's funny what young kids pick up.

I did enjoy this episode and the following two, but did find it annoying that both Bossk and Anakin know who Boba is - it means Vader knows exactly who is under the helmet and Bossk (if he has any sense) would also.

I loved Boba showing his skill on the laser cannon - kick butt boy!

I also liked in the last episode that Boba is reminded of his father's honor and code - something Sing is seriously lacking.

Welcome back, big_smile

I've been rather absent too. Hopefully I'll be around more often. We need to RPG!


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Ah memories. Superhuman was certainly one of my favs big_smile


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Resident Evil: Rebecca & Billy (from Zero), Claire, Leonie & Ada (RE2 & RE4)
SW: KOTOR: Revan!!!
Dino Crisis 1 & 2: Regina

Terminator: Sarah Connor & Kyle Reese
Aliens: Ripley & Hicks (he so should not have been killed in Alien 3!)

Big Bang Theory: Sheldon (can't help but laugh at the guy)

Gah too many... won't even start.


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And a Merry Christmas to you too, may you get lots of goodies!


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Hmm I think "old" sums it up. Especially when I've just come back from a Wiggles concert with my 2 & a half year old.


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Boba Fett featured, in a fairly substantial part, in the Han Solo Book Trilogy.


I think any fan will love this DVD. Boba Fett does make a brief appearance when Yoda and "Ian" are fight over comlink channels.

Very funny stuff (especially when Jar Jar gets shot to bits - hooray!)


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LOL I must have missed that one, shall have to check the DVD.


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Hmm Carth could perhaps talk Canderous to death, if Canderous was out of ammo tongue


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Alas, I'm still oceans away...

For me it was the visage and the mystery. I didn't really become a fan until I read "The Bounty Hunter Wars" trilogy. I remember waiting for the second book to come in at the bookshop, nagged the poor woman there every day until it turned up.

I loved the fact that Boba Fett was such an enigma. He never gave anything away by showing any emotion and had such strength of character. What can I say, I love strong characters and anti-heroes.

I liked the Jaster Mereel back story and was disappointed when it was replaced with Boba being a clone. I guess I preferred the idea of Boba being a one and only.

LOL yeah Lucas is a worry tongue


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Hmm sounds like an April Fool's Day joke to me. (Fingers crossed)


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Yeah we'll get it going again! wink


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**LOL sorry for the delay, been rather busy the last few days**

Rarja Telkent snarled her rage as she slashed her scarlet lightsabre at the HK training droid. Her anger was not at the droid but rather her master, Darth Tibullus. How dare he bring another Sith Lord on this mission.

She pivoted and took off the HK droid’s left arm. Rarja didn’t show particular glee at the hit. Instead she continued to prod the droid for further weaknesses.

The HK droid slashed at her with a vibro axe, making a slight tear in her sleeve. She took off the droid’s head in retaliation as the wall com chimed.

“Mistress Telkent,” the voice addressed her and Rarja immediately recognised it as Gavren Zyloss, the ship’s pilot. She didn’t allow him to finish.

“What do you want, Zyloss?” she all but growled.

“We’ve arrived at Odacer-Faustin, your master has requested you be part of the landing party.” Zyloss informed her.

Telkent’s mouth twitched, she didn’t believe for one moment that Darth Tibullus would send orders to her through this lanky. However the idea of getting off the ship was an appealing one. “Very well then, I shall meet you at the aft ramp.”

Telkent extinguished her lightsabre and kicked the remains of the HK droid out of her path as she headed to her quarters. She already knew that Odacer-Faustin was a world of extreme cold. She’d need to dress in warmer clothing before meeting with Zyloss and his party.

Jodo Kast is an intriguing character but Boba didn't get his reputation by being forgiving. Kast could have made a name for himself with the Mandalorian armor but not claiming to be better than Boba Fett. That was asking for trouble.

Also I think too many novellas have made Boba seem a little soft, I was glad to see this darker side. After all Boba got his reputation by doing the jobs nobody else would take - we just never hear about those.


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Just wondering if anyone is going to Comicon this weekend? (Kansas City).

I won't be, I'm on the wrong side of the planet.


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RPG: Zombie Plague

Setting: Over three thousand years before the movies – taking place one month after the events of SW: Red Harvest (this is prior to Darth Bane’s time).

Location: Initially on a planet called Odacer-Faustin where a Sith Academy had been. Then moving back to an isolated planet on the mid rim called Notix Prime – landscape: barren wasteland (think something like Mars but with more mountainous terrain).

Background: On Odacer-Faustin, Darth Scabrous discovered an ancient Sith secret that potentially promised eternal life. However the formula is flawed, it kills and reanimates the subject turning it into an insatiably hungry zombie.

The only way to stop a zombie is to cut it into as many pieces as possible. Decapitation doesn’t work as the head and body will continue to function separately (eg, the body could pick up the head and throw it at your character).

The Rules:
1. You may create any character you want.  Clarify their name and species so others can follow their actions easily.
2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you. However you can wound other people's characters. Zombies are fair game.
3. You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move.
4. Be consistent, eg if someone says they blew up a building, don't suddenly be assaulting it.
5. If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die. If you're a Jedi you can use the Force to help heal yourself - if that's one of your powers. If you’re bitten by a zombie, you will become infected.
6. Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.
7. Don’t be overly gruesome, younger readers may want to take part.
8. Have fun.
Info:     Sith Ranks: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sith
    SW: Red Harvest: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Red_Harvest_%28novel%29

Name: Darth Tibullus
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Affiliation: Sith
Rank: Sith Master
Appearance: Typical Sith, dark robes, gaunt face, yellow eyes. Tribal tattoo down the right side of his face to add to his fearsome visage, he only carries one lightsabre.
Apprentice: Rarja Telkent, human female (I will also be writing for Rarja)

Let us begin...

Darth Tibullus stood at the helm of his ship Vendetta watching as the frozen world of Odacer-Faustin came into view. The pilot made some comment about lack of communication from the ground and Darth Tibullus merely waved his hand with little concern, “Go down regardless.”

He already knew that communications were down. He’d had five spies on the ground at Darth Scabrous’ Academy. All of them had been silent for a number of weeks and that meant something was going on.

He’d tried contacting Lord Shak’Weth, the blademaster, however there had been no response. There had been no consideration in contacting Darth Scabrous as Tibullus knew he would not answer for his own twisted reasons.

From the spies’ last reports, Darth Tibullus knew that Scabrous was up to something. He’d locked himself in his demented tower, hardly showing himself to the occupants of the academy. It was also reported that a handful of students had gone missing recently, there was much speculation but generally the populace thought that Scabrous was abducting them for a darker purpose.

As the ship drew closer Tibullus was able to see that the tower was no longer standing, it appeared to have been destroyed in some sort of explosion. The buildings surrounding it were also impacted by the blast.

A further look and Tibullus noticed that the ancient library had also been destroyed, although it looked more from fire than an actual explosion.

Beside the pilot a Sith soldier, that Tibullus hadn’t bothered to remember the name of, tapped steadily at his controls. “Darth Tibullus, the readouts indicate an explosion in the tower area. There are no life signs in the vicinity.”

Tibullus raised a dark eyebrow, “Interesting, the student population was in the hundreds. Perhaps the explosion killed them all.”

The Sith soldier continued on, “Even in such circumstances there’s usually at least one or two survivors that have found shelter. Should we investigate?”

Tibullus scowled at the Sith soldier, to suggest a course of action to a Sith Master was something to be frowned upon in the least. “Since you’re full of ideas, soldier, you can lead the landing party. Make sure you take a Sith Lord with you, I will await your return. Be sure you have the data I need.” Tibullus said with a sinister edge to his tone. He raised his hand and pinched his fingers together in the unmistakable gesture of a Force choke grip.

“Yes sir,” said the soldier as he departed.

(Anyone please feel free to take up the role of the Sith Soldier or Sith Lord going out, Rarja Telkent will be part of the landing party).

Before the prequels came about Boba Fett's unknown past was touched lightly and it was said that he was Jaster Mereel from Concord Dawn, prior to becoming Boba Fett.

Now that the prequels are around this theory was completely destroyed and Boba Fett the clone has become the "true" origin.

However what if we messed about with it. What if a person named Jaster Mereel took clone Boba Fett's identity? Say Mereel was on the run from the law (as it was said he was supposed to be exiled from Concord Dawn) and decided to off clone Boba Fett and take his place - hence clearing his name and becoming one of the most fearsome bounty hunters in the galaxy. I'm thinking this would happen before clone Boba Fett was 17.

I always figured clone Boba Fett would have too much baggage to become the notorious bounty hunter we all know and love. Jaster Mereel could come from a much harsher background, hence the cold and calculating Boba as an adult.

So would you prefer the idea of an alternate reality from what Lucas created?


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Hmm all is quiet...

Finished reading Red Harvest yesterday and loved it. Nothing like Sith vs Zombies, then Sith becoming zombies... shall say no more as I don't want to ruin it for others.

Great fun, you'll enjoy it if you liked Death Troopers (certainly not for the faint hearted or younger readers).


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I just got me a copy of SW Red Harvest, the second SW/zombie crossover novel (although apparently no ties to Death Troopers). I'm about to start reading it.

Has anyone else read it? If so, what are your thoughts? I'm hoping it's a good one wink