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I saw this image and thought, "Hmm, I hope Boba has great health insurance."



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This has finally come out in Australia. I just need a faster internet connection now...


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There's also a list of books on the site:

Novels: http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/bounty/books/novels/

Comics: http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/bounty/books/comics/

I found Amazon.com a great place for finding books/comics I've been after wink

Another place to find the info is "Brothers All" wink



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Hey Rev,

Alas it has been ages since I was on here *sigh* funnily enough I pick today to pop in for a stickybeak.

I've been busy with work, uni and family. Can you believe Cael is going to be 3 years old in two weeks! We're currently rocking on to The Wiggles wink

I'd really love to get into another RPG, but who knows when I'd have the time.  I hope all is well.


"Holy tutu, Batman. We must defeat the GI Joe wannabe!," and Robin pulled a bazooka from his back pocket.


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Darth Tibullus was sifting through his files on the data collected so far, when he felt a distinct presence in the Force. A stain to the Sith name, and that was saying something. "Drakus," Tibullus hissed.

With immediate haste, Tibullus stormed from his chambers to the bridge.

Admiral Rusknall appeared from nowhere, "Lord Tibullus, we've got a ship on our sensors, no identification-"

"That's because the ship has no official title just like it's mongrel owner." Lord Tibullus snarled. "You better have a shooting solution."

"Yes sir, however their shields will probably survive the brunt of our attack." The Admiral told.

"That doesn't surprise me, this particular cockroach has survived more attacks than most. Keep a sharp eye on him, if he attacks, obliterate him."

**Sorry there's not more, I have a toddler that won't go to sleep.**

Who was in fancy dress, posing as a ballerina.

Now that is a tough one. Fett has a code of honour while the Joker is well... One to follow his own rules.

I really think it would be a close call. I'd hope Fett would win, but the Joker would certainly make him work for it!


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(Let's revive it, I'll try and post later tonight...)

LOL it's funny what young kids pick up.

I did enjoy this episode and the following two, but did find it annoying that both Bossk and Anakin know who Boba is - it means Vader knows exactly who is under the helmet and Bossk (if he has any sense) would also.

I loved Boba showing his skill on the laser cannon - kick butt boy!

I also liked in the last episode that Boba is reminded of his father's honor and code - something Sing is seriously lacking.

Welcome back, big_smile

I've been rather absent too. Hopefully I'll be around more often. We need to RPG!


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Ah memories. Superhuman was certainly one of my favs big_smile


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Resident Evil: Rebecca & Billy (from Zero), Claire, Leonie & Ada (RE2 & RE4)
SW: KOTOR: Revan!!!
Dino Crisis 1 & 2: Regina

Terminator: Sarah Connor & Kyle Reese
Aliens: Ripley & Hicks (he so should not have been killed in Alien 3!)

Big Bang Theory: Sheldon (can't help but laugh at the guy)

Gah too many... won't even start.


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And a Merry Christmas to you too, may you get lots of goodies!


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Hmm I think "old" sums it up. Especially when I've just come back from a Wiggles concert with my 2 & a half year old.


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Boba Fett featured, in a fairly substantial part, in the Han Solo Book Trilogy.


I think any fan will love this DVD. Boba Fett does make a brief appearance when Yoda and "Ian" are fight over comlink channels.

Very funny stuff (especially when Jar Jar gets shot to bits - hooray!)


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LOL I must have missed that one, shall have to check the DVD.


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Hmm Carth could perhaps talk Canderous to death, if Canderous was out of ammo tongue


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Alas, I'm still oceans away...

For me it was the visage and the mystery. I didn't really become a fan until I read "The Bounty Hunter Wars" trilogy. I remember waiting for the second book to come in at the bookshop, nagged the poor woman there every day until it turned up.

I loved the fact that Boba Fett was such an enigma. He never gave anything away by showing any emotion and had such strength of character. What can I say, I love strong characters and anti-heroes.

I liked the Jaster Mereel back story and was disappointed when it was replaced with Boba being a clone. I guess I preferred the idea of Boba being a one and only.

LOL yeah Lucas is a worry tongue


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Hmm sounds like an April Fool's Day joke to me. (Fingers crossed)


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Yeah we'll get it going again! wink