The Mandalorian didn’t say anything but he shoved Indo forward, he emphasised his point with the barrel of his blaster.

Naya smirked, “Ah good. You can be toast for the next round.”

They walked another 20 metres before the next trap sprung to life. This time it was electrical arcs that sizzled from the walls. The problem was that Indo was on the other side of it when it began.

The Mandalorian cursed in a few choice native words and charged after Indo as the trap fizzled out. Naya kept up the pace, but was sure to be two steps behind. Fortunately Indo tripped over and fell heavily to the stone floor.

As the Mandalorian yanked Indo to his feet, Naya was able to see a faint glow. “It looks like there’s something up ahead.”

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That looks awesome. However from that particular angle it's a bit of a "Michael Jackson" pose, if you catch my drift...

Naya had to refrain from snorting. “How about age before beauty,” she replied as she pointed at Indo. “I figure if there are any booby traps down there, we let Indo cop it.”

The Mandalorian looked at Indo for a moment. “A good idea, however Indo’s bounty is for live capture.”

Naya snorted, “Typical.” She took a moment to run over to the bar and grab a couple of disposable glowrods from under the bench top.

“What are you doing?” The Mandalorian asked sharply.

“Getting glowrods so we can see through the gloom,” Naya stated as she cracked one of the five glowrods she’d found. The Mandalorian eased back and Naya reluctantly took the lead.

The passageway was dark and dank, yet the floor was relatively clear and clean. “I get the impression this tunnel has been used fairly recently,” Naya told as The Mandalorian closed the seats back down. It felt like being enclosed in a tomb.

They were only a few paces in when they heard an explosion behind them. “I guess the Imperials blew the doors,” Naya said quietly as she picked up the pace.

The illumination of the glowrod exposed Indo’s sinister grin. “What’s with the creepy smile?”

Indo started to cackle, “You’re not going to make it out of this tunnel alive.”

At that moment Naya felt the stone beneath her foot sink. She immediately jumped backward, just as a burst of flame shot out from both walls. The flames rolled together for only a few moments before going out.

Naya turned to glare at the Mandalorian. “Once again, I suggest the scumbag goes first.”

Naya kept her eyes on the Mandalorian as she lowered herself to pick up the blaster. The E-11 was a little heavy, yet sat comfortably in her hands. She lowered her eyes from the hunter momentarily to check over the weapon. It seemed the blaster had almost full charge and was set to kill.

"Alright, I'll help you." Naya said as she stalked forward. "Although going out blasters blazing isn't the only way out of here. I'm sure your bounty over there has access to areas of this building that I do not. I have heard the establishment owner talking of an escape tunnel. Mind you, I wouldn't trust Indo as fair as you could throw him."

After finding a hiding place beneath the stage floor, in a bunker of sorts, Naya had waited out the inevitable fire fight. She wasn’t alone in the bunker as one of the Rodian dancing girls had grabbed her by the arm and dragged her inside.

Once the noise of battle had died away, Naya had cautiously emerged from the bunker. The Rodians had stayed put, too scared to move. But Naya was not one new to battle. She knew there would be reinforcements soon, it was best to get out now.

Pulling the cloak tight against her body as she moved, Naya wished she had access to a weapon of sorts. Not that there were any real options in the dressing room, nor any of the other rooms the resident slaves had access to. The only way out for her was through the front door. No doubt the rear exit would be covered.

The smoke was starting to thin as Naya stepped into the shambles. Debris littered the floor, making it impossible to travel quietly. Suddenly the soft sound of a body hitting the ground, along with a groan, turned Naya’s attention to the front exit. There stood a Mandalorian, who had clearly dropped Indo Drasten on the floor, to line her up in his sights.

Most beings feared Mandalorians, but not Naya. One of her closest and most trusted friends had been a Mandalorian. He had fought side by side with her during the chaos back on Ryloth. She never knew what happened to him, although she suspected he’d been killed in the final battle.

The Mandalorian spoke with a voice meant to intimidate, "What are you doing here, who are you?"

“I’m trying to get out of here, just like you. My name is Naya Alta’ec and I have no desire to stay here for the Imperial reinforcements.” Naya took a step forward, “So may I leave now, or do you intend to shoot me?”

Name: Naya Alta’ec
Species: Twi’lek
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5"7
Appearance: Green skinned, slim yet toned, a pretty face with a brain behind it.
Occupation: Slave for cantina entertainment.  Formerly an explosives technician for a renegade faction back on Ryloth.


20 minutes prior…

Naya stood behind the stage curtain, her fingers holding the heavy fabric open slightly to view the small crowd beyond. She was up next, much to her distaste.

As usual she was adorned in the scanty outfit the cantina owner had instructed she wear: a metallic silver halter top with plunging neckline, a matching skirt that reached mid-thigh with a split up to the heavy black leather belt that sat low on her waist. Plus a pair of knee-high black leather boots trimmed with silver highlights on the eyelets and toe.

Naya inwardly cringed at the thought of her parents seeing her in such attire. Not that it was possible since they were both dead. Talia’s Place had been her home now for over seven months, yet she still hated it with as much passion as the day she had arrived.

The tempo of the song playing slowed and Naya took her cue. A pair of Rodian females exited the stage as Naya and two other female Twi’leks took their place. Naya moved into position beside the dance pole furthest to the left. The music became more tribal as she and her fellow dancers started their routine.

As Naya swang around her pole and into a squat she noticed that something rolled through the door. It was a small metallic globe. Suddenly two more joined the first and smoke started streaming from all three. Within moments the doors were stormed by the tell-tale white of Imperial troopers.

Naya rolled to the floor and tumbled her way back behind the stage curtain. She saw the lead stormtrooper giving hand gestures to his squad and knew something bad was about to happen. “Patrons, remain where you are.”

Naya immediately darted to the change room and threw on a black lightweight cloak. She needed to find a way out.

Only to turn them into zombies that craved eating underwear!

The Jedi had become too arrogant and complacent. I haven't read Order 66 (mainly because I think Travis added too many characters in the series and I got bored with all the sub-plots in the book prior), but taking what I do know, I find it hard to believe that none of the Jedi were able to realise that Palpatine was hiding right under there nose.

What ever happened to "Force visions of the future?" Especially when Palpatine's own master had a vision of the future to come in the Darth Plaguis novel (a very good read too).

I wouldn't even buy it for my three year old. Mind you he loves lightsabers, I'd rather get him one of those. wink

Hmm, perhaps he has a fettish for lipstick and that's why he always wears the helmet. Hehehe... sorry my warped sense of humour strikes again tongue

I also like Cad Bane, but I wouldn't say he's equal to Boba Fett. There are some similiarities, like having their own code of ethics and valuing their reputations.

I get the impression Cad is all about the money and the fame. Where Boba is much more calculating and up for the hard challenges on his own. Cad seems more of a "group" hunter when things get tough.

Yes, I think Boba Fett's character was worse after AOTC. Mainly because a mysterious history had already been created for him via the novels written.

I really didn't like the idea that he was a clone. I liked to think he was one of a kind. Plus I didn't want to know what he looked like under the helmet.

If anything, the idea of seeing him as a kid seemed to weaken the image I had of Boba Fett. I know he had to be a child at some time but that wasn't the kind of past I had thought he'd have.

But what can I say, the prequels really did wreck a lot of novel storylines that came between the two trilogies.


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I'm probably the complete opposite of Boba Fett. I've always loved strong characters because I admire that strength. As for the silent type, well I'm more like Little Miss Chatterbox tongue

I've just signed up and saw the note about potential free play. I just need to go through the download to play...


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I saw this image and thought, "Hmm, I hope Boba has great health insurance."


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This has finally come out in Australia. I just need a faster internet connection now...


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There's also a list of books on the site:



I found a great place for finding books/comics I've been after wink

Another place to find the info is "Brothers All" wink


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Hey Rev,

Alas it has been ages since I was on here *sigh* funnily enough I pick today to pop in for a stickybeak.

I've been busy with work, uni and family. Can you believe Cael is going to be 3 years old in two weeks! We're currently rocking on to The Wiggles wink

I'd really love to get into another RPG, but who knows when I'd have the time.  I hope all is well.


"Holy tutu, Batman. We must defeat the GI Joe wannabe!," and Robin pulled a bazooka from his back pocket.


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Darth Tibullus was sifting through his files on the data collected so far, when he felt a distinct presence in the Force. A stain to the Sith name, and that was saying something. "Drakus," Tibullus hissed.

With immediate haste, Tibullus stormed from his chambers to the bridge.

Admiral Rusknall appeared from nowhere, "Lord Tibullus, we've got a ship on our sensors, no identification-"

"That's because the ship has no official title just like it's mongrel owner." Lord Tibullus snarled. "You better have a shooting solution."

"Yes sir, however their shields will probably survive the brunt of our attack." The Admiral told.

"That doesn't surprise me, this particular cockroach has survived more attacks than most. Keep a sharp eye on him, if he attacks, obliterate him."

**Sorry there's not more, I have a toddler that won't go to sleep.**

Who was in fancy dress, posing as a ballerina.

Now that is a tough one. Fett has a code of honour while the Joker is well... One to follow his own rules.

I really think it would be a close call. I'd hope Fett would win, but the Joker would certainly make him work for it!


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LOL it's funny what young kids pick up.

I did enjoy this episode and the following two, but did find it annoying that both Bossk and Anakin know who Boba is - it means Vader knows exactly who is under the helmet and Bossk (if he has any sense) would also.

I loved Boba showing his skill on the laser cannon - kick butt boy!

I also liked in the last episode that Boba is reminded of his father's honor and code - something Sing is seriously lacking.