Oh I forgot to mention, there is a another Boba Fett in white armour which is significantly cheaper at $180 (though not as cool):

https://www.sideshowtoy.com/collectible … s-1001361/


That looks awesome. I got a Fives not long ago and couldn't believe the detail.

https://www.sideshowtoy.com/collectible … s-1002041/



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I really enjoyed The Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy by KW Jeter (The Mandalorian Armor, Slave Ship and Hard Merchandise). These were written before the prequels so there's no reference to Jango Fett etc. They take place after Return of the Jedi.

I really enjoyed the film because it was so much better than the prequels! Sure there were a few moments that were similar to ANH, but I think it was more to show fans that they were getting something that understood the history of what came before.

As for Kylo Ren, I must admit I was a bit surprised when he took off his helmet to see an unmarred and young face. He's not meant to be a fully fledged villain as yet but it does seem a little odd that Rey was able to beat him. She clearly had some fighting ability as seen near the start of the film where she's defending BB8 with the "stick". I got the impression that Kylo Ren's outbursts of rage and lack of control in such circumstances were why he was beaten.

The hardest part for me was with Han. I could see it was coming but still I didn't want it to happen. Though I understand it's all part of the story development. In a lot of ways Han took the role of old Ben Kenobi in ANH being the elder with the knowledge that's sacrificed, while Luke has become more of a Yoda (who just looks like Ben Kenobi).

I did like the salute to Mando's even though we didn't see any. But overall I thought it was great.

Hmm, wonder if I can buy one and pretend it's for the kids tongue

Name: Clive Maverick
Faction: The Claws
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 36
Appearance: On the taller side of average, lean but muscular with blonde shoulder length hair generally tied back into a ponytail. He carries a number of concealed weapons; displaying an old blaster on his hip to lull any potential enemies into thinking they’ll have the upper hand.


The ship’s alarms were wailing like a newborn. “Oh shut that noise up already!” Maverick snapped as the Twi’lek pilot’s finger raced across the controls. “Have you identified which Korsair ship has attacked us?”

The alarms dropped to an annoying buzz. Shaylon glanced at Maverick over her lekku as she continued working, her green skin was taking on a sickly orange hew from the emergency lighting. “No idea but no doubt they’ll hail us soon.”

Maverick slouched back in his chair, “If they don’t blow us up first.” With a heavy booted foot he swung the chair around to face the cockpit exit. “Do what you can. I’m going to go play with our new friends.”

He staggered to the aft turret bay where Nell and Dess were arguing as usual.

“You do know we’re under attack?”

The Devorian twins stared at each other dumbly for a moment. “Nah boss, when’d that happen?” Dess sniffed.

Nell slapped Dess up the back of his horned head, “Does it matter? We get to shoot the new disruptor cannons.”

Maverick gave a lopsided smirk, “Now there’s a good idea. Shove to it.”

The Devorians thundered off to the other bays and Maverick was warming up the system when Shaylon’s nasal voice sounded over the com, “I’ve managed to reroute some power to the sub-lights but as soon as I fire up they’ll be on us again.”

Maverick thumbed the modified disruptor cannon to life, technically the cannons were too large for a ship their size but Nell was one heck of an engineer. A powerful thrum sounded as the cannon charged. As soon as the green light pinged Maverick opened fire; a cascade of blaster beams tore through the blackness of space and hit their mark, “Frag, they’ve got heavy shielding,” Maverick muttered into his headset.

Nell and Dess’ cannons echoed Mavericks and shields quivered in response. Nell laughed, “Hit ‘em again and they’ll be down.”

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Naya had never been to Mandalore but the place lived up to the image she'd expected. The spaceport was immaculately clean, with huge windows which displayed the elegant skyscrapers outside.

A hand grabbed Naya's elbow, turning her around. "Do you like what you see?" Cheln asked.

Naya was unsure if Cheln's question held a double meaning, "It's certainly an imposingly impressive place."

Her answer seemed to satisfy Cheln, "Yes it is. It's pleasant to be home." He turned and looked at Naya sharply, "However we have business that must be addresses very soon."

Cheln's communicator suddenly buzzed and he released his hold on Naya's elbow. He walked a short distance from her but she still caught enough of his side of the conversation to know that something was up.

"...yes I know I need to see the boss ASAP, however I thought I'd have some time to actually get to Teramine Tower," was the sentence that caught Naya's attention.

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As Rogan drew closer he realized he was not dealing with hooligans but a ragtag bunch of pirates. "You have got to be fraggin' kidding me!"

Two blue twi'leks were the closest of the bunch of mongrels trying to actually steal his herd. Rogan had always been a great shot, at one point he'd even considered trying out as a sniper but his bad business decision had put paid to that idea.

Again he pulled the dewback to a stop and took a moment to line up the shot. The speeder bike was moving fast but it was tracking in a straight line. Rogan fired and scored a shot to the twi'lek on the left, he tumbled off the speeder bike while the other cast a brief glance at him.

Rogan didn't have time to line up the second twi'lek. The speeder bike was far too close and Rogan realized how exposed and alone he was. Cletus was taking pot shots at the human riders but only managed to hit one of them.

"Damn it," Rogan cursed as he pulled out his blaster pistol and began firing rapidly at the second twi'lek.


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I'm currently enjoying The Blacklist and Agents of Shield.

I love the depth of character with Red from The Blacklist. I want to keep watching to know more. While Agents of Shield is just fun.

Agreed Ralin, I tend to ignore a lot of the new perspectives of Star Wars in a lot of things. It really ticked me off that a number of books written between the old and new trilogies were ruined (eg Jedi not marrying and having kids - the novel Children of the Jedi is sudden nil and void etc).

Plus the changes to Jaster Mereel - so damn confusing he was originally Boba Fett pre-bounty hunter days, then he's a totally separate Mando - grr! It may as well be random fan fiction.

KOTOR was the one thing that was awesome! big_smile

For memory I just remember thinking the voice and sayings were lame. Plus the accent sounded put on (no one ever gets an Aussie accent right - they're pretty crap with New Zealander ones too).

This in turn drew the wrath of Hungry Hippos, who had been secretly living in the guise of hutts.

Rogan grit his teeth as he rode his dewback hard. The trouble makers were so intent on his herd that they hadn't noticed him coming. Rogan would have loved to have thrown a thermal detonator at them but it would scare the herd and cause more trouble than it was worth.

Of course the mongrels were on speeder bikes. Rogan pulled his mount up and lifted his rifle, he lined up one speeder bike and took a shot. It managed to hit the rear housing of the speeder bike, destroying its delicate balance. The damaged speeder bike suddenly careened out of control and smashed into the speeder bike beside it.

The remaining eight slowed down. Confusion was plainly clear on the riders faces. It didn't take long for them to draw their blasters and scan the surroundings.

Name: Rogan Metzel
Age: 41
Sex: Male
Species: Human (originally from Corellia)
Appearance: Tall with dark hair. He has a muscular frame from hard labour, his skin is darkly sun-kissed and lined around his eyes. His clothes are practical and worn.
Brief History: Young love and the promise of “easy credits” brought Rogan to Concord Dawn. He was duped into buying a herd of dewbacks to breed for meat to provide to the locals – he was told they were an expensive delicacy on Concord Dawn. Turns out he’s only able to sell the meat to a few local taverns and lower class restaurants. The young love of his life, Vivan Trenton, dumped him as soon as the money ran out and took their two children with her.

Rogan remains bitter and jaded. His dewback farm has been up for sale for over 18 months and hasn’t sold due to its isolation and constant raids – due mainly from bored locals or Devaronians.


The shadows from the daunting cliffs were growing long as Rogan surveyed his property with a pair of micro-binoculars that had seen better days. It was the time of day that generally brought trouble. He’d already lost two dewbacks to local thugs who enjoyed scaring the large beasts into stampeding through the dry basin.

Rogan’s stubbled jaw clenched as his ire rose. He was sick of this place and yet he had no way to escape without selling this damned land.

He turned to one of his two jackaroos, yet the only one on shift, “Cletus, have you got that blaster sorted?”

The gnarled old jackaroo sat slouched in the seat of his dewback saddle, “Yeah boss, but it don’t have much charge. There’s dust in places there shouldn’t be dust.”

Rogan listened to the slow drawl from Cletus. The man wasn’t his first choice in employee, but pickings were slim especially when Journeyman Protectors were recruiting again. That bastard Lenovar always managed to steal the only decent employees Rogan was ever able to hire. Speaking of which, he’d heard the mongrel had taken a number of poor saps to The Adjudicator’s Seat for training. Rogan wondered how many were dead.

His musings were interrupted by the caterwauls of incoming trouble. Raising the micro-binoculars, Rogan spotted at least ten trouble makers heading their way. “Here they come, Cletus looks like they’re sporting shock whips.”

“I’ll set the blaster to stun,” Cletus said as he fiddled with the weapon.

“You do that,” Rogan growled as he kicked the sides of his dewback. “I’ll take them from the right flank, who knows, maybe Lenovar might bring one of his rookies down to play.”

Well we've had the Jedi Path and Book of the Sith, now there's the Bounty Hunter Code. It's definitely going on my Christmas list:

http://www.amazon.com/The-Bounty-Hunter … 1477805982



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Hi Gojan, it's been a long time. Although I can't talk as it's been ages since I've been on. Would love to RPG, though I might be a bit time poor at the moment wink

**Sorry for the delay!**

Naya seriously didn’t want to join Deathwatch, but she suspected that her only possibility of escape was by gaining the Mandalorians’ trust. That was not going to be easy under any circumstances. However the likelihood of having Vren come to her rescue was probably pretty low.

As much as Naya liked the idea of Vren helping get her out of the situation she was in, she wasn’t about to throw all her hopes on it. She’d been a slave long enough to know that the only person she could depend or rely on was herself.

The ship was into its final descent when Cheln returned briefly. “So have you made up your mind?” he asked.

Naya nodded, “Yes. I’ll help your team. What can I say, the idea of playing with ultra-blast is just too tempting.”

Cheln smiled, “I’m glad to hear it. I’ve got to go back to the bridge. We’ll discuss the op more when we land.”

Oh definitely asking Santa for one of those  big_smile


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Very cool  big_smile

magical cod piece of enchanted good luck and lightening bolts. It was the source of...

Naya did not like the idea of having anything to do with Deathwatch, let alone join their demolition team. However, if she agreed, there was the potential for escape. “Let me think about it,” she said out loud.

Cheln studied her for a moment, bringing his hands together, finger tips touching. With a nod he replied, “Very well.”

“So what happens when we get to Mandalore?” Naya asked.

Cheln returned to eating his meal, he took his time in answering. “I have some business to attend to. You will be my guest, until you decide on whether or not to be part of my special ops team.”

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Naya had been sitting in her room for less than ten minutes when the door chimed. She answered it to see Cheln facing her. She somehow managed not to swallow. “Yes?” she said keeping it short.

Cheln was looking fairly relaxed, “We’re still at least an hour away from Mandalore. I was wondering if you’d join me for dinner.”

Naya was a little surprised by the invitation. Although it didn’t really sound like it was optional. “Ah, sure, when is dinner?” she said.

“Now,” Cheln said as he extended his hand. Naya stepped forward but avoided his hand, in turn he placed it in the crook of her arm. “This way,” he said guiding her down the corridor.

Naya had expected to be led to the mess hall, but instead she found herself in Cheln’s rather large quarters. A table for two had been set and a large covered serving platter sat in the middle of the table. Cheln pulled out a chair for her and Naya sat, surprised at the gesture.

Cheln lifted the platter cover, “I had slow roasted gornt with red wine jus cooked as I heard it was something of a delicacy on Ryloth.”

To say Naya was surprised was something of an understatement. Cheln had either been to Ryloth or he’d done his homework. “Wow, er… thank you.”

A smile touched Cheln’s lips, “Sometimes it’s nice to taste a little bit of home.” There was an undertone to Cheln’s words but Naya had no idea what it meant. Cheln served up the dish and then took his own seat. “So have you been to Ryloth lately?”

“No, I haven’t been to Ryloth in quite a while,” Naya said truthfully as she started eating her meal.

“So you’ve been travelling with Vren for some time?” Cheln said casually and Naya suddenly realised where this was going. Cheln was trying to assess her worth as a bargaining chip with Vren.

Naya shrugged as she took another mouthful of the delicious meal. “You could say that,” she said, considering that they had travelled down that dark tunnel for ‘some time’.

“How did you meet?” Cheln said, asking a more direct question.

Naya took a moment as she finished her mouthful. “We met under fire. The circumstances led us to a co-operative agreement,” she told, looking Cheln straight in the eye.

He studied her for a moment, “So what is your field of speciality?”

A broad smile spread across Naya’s face, “Explosives.”

Cheln matched her smile, looking impressed, “Ah a lady after my own heart. I started my career in explosives.”

Naya nodded, “So what’s your preferred product?”

“Ultra-blast,” he grinned.

Naya’s eyes widened with enthusiasm. “It’s good stuff if you can get your hands on it.”

His look turned smug, “I’ve got some on board.”

Naya’s jaw dropped, “No way!”

“I’ve got a unique job that requires something more spectacular than regular explosives,” he said as he looking at her with a tilt to his head. “Perhaps you’d like to assist my team?”

Cheln turned to Vren, “As agreed, you can take your bounty and claim your pay.” Cheln turned to look at Naya, “She comes with us back to Mandalore.”

“What?” Naya gasped, “Why do I have to go Mandalore?”

Cheln smiled coldly, “To ensure Vren keeps his side of the deal.”

Naya’s eye twitched slightly, it seemed that Cheln thought she meant more to Vren that he actually realised. She was a virtual stranger to Vren and she gave him a questioning glare.

Vren spoke, “I’m to meet them at Mandalore. Then you can go do as you like.”

“When exactly are we going?” Naya asked as she narrowed her gaze at Vren.

Cheln took her arm in his large hand, “We leave right now.”


They were half way to Mandalore before Naya realised she’d made a potentially fatal error. She hadn’t had much choice in the matter of going to Mandalore, however Naya’s blood had almost frozen in her veins as she overheard Cheln mention the need to report to Dun Gorah.

Naya’s hand absently touched her damaged lek in response to the White Wall. She’d barely escaped death at his hands only months before. Her mind wandered back to the image of him standing over her. He had some sort of clawed glove on his hand. He’d grabbed her by the right lekku and twisted the claws into her delicate flesh. Through the pain she’d somehow managed to obtain her hidden pistol and shot him between his thigh and knee plates.

Naya shook her head in attempt to push the memories away. A faint sweat had broken over her skin and her hands were holding the material of her cargo pants so tight that her knuckles were white. She decided to vanish to her quarters before Cheln decided to make that call.

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Gripp led the way to Vren. The corridor was brightly lit but had the sterile feel of a laboratory. Gripp approached the door to Vren’s room and activated it. Inside Vren stood in his armour talking to another Mandalorian dressed in black armour with gold highlights. “That’s Grenatar Cheln,” Gripp said quietly, with an undertone of respect.

Naya got the impression that the name was supposed to mean something, but she’d never heard of Cheln. Perhaps he was the leader of this branch of Deathwatch.

Naya was able to recognise Vren due to his armour, this time he actually had his helmet off. It was the first time Naya had seen him without it. His face was all sharp angles yet he didn’t have a look of cruelty that some men did with such features. His skin was tanned and his hair cut short. Naya always found human heads fascinating. It seemed so strange that they were devoid of headtails. They lacked the extra appendages for added body language, plus they surely felt unbalanced without the additional weight.

Vren’s eyes met hers and a slight smile tugged at his lips. “So you’re okay,” he said simply.

Naya gave a nod, “Yes, and you look much better.”

Vren’s smile dropped, “I feel much better, but it comes at a cost.” His gaze turned to Cheln.

Naya wondered what that cost was.

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