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So, Boba's paid some insane amounts of money for his services... and all that cash just keeps piling up... what do you think he does with it/wants to do with it?
I mean, it's obvious that a good amount may go into meals, fuel, weaponry, disguises, etc. but he has more than enough to cover all of those expenses.

Does it ever actually say in any of the books/comics what he does with it or wants to do with it?
I was kinda thinking that maybe he likes to anonymously donate some of his credits...? Maybe to organizations that deal with environmental issues (what? Maybe he cares about the Ewok population!) or to ones that help support orphanes (since he was once one himself).
I guess I say this because, admittedly, I like to see Boba Fett with a tender side. tongue I'd just hate to think he hoardes all that money all to himself with nothing to do with it!!

Other than that, I hope he takes vacations every once in while... to a Spa on Kamino... Hologram Fun World (which I'm sure is totally canon).

*sigh* Well, it's late at night, I can't sleep, & I have nothing better to do... so I was just trying to kill some time. XD

Funny thing in your last typed line: 'just trying to kill some time' I feel might be what Boba might've did; Besides his 'job' and maintaining his ship & arsenal, I'm sure there were alot of unspent credits because how much could one really spend without actually throwing it away?

BFFC Chrys wrote:

It's clear by now that not everyone has the fondest feelings towards Jango Fett.  If you're one of those who hates him, explain why.  Or, if you think he's great, tell us why he's worthy to be Boba's father.

Jango was what he was; Check out that old Gamecube video game "Bounty Hunter" and it really filled in the 'gaps' of his history pre-"Attack Of The Clones" era.
You had typed: 'worthy to be Boba's father'? -Being a clone, Boba Fett in essence was Jango Fett (other than having an individual mind set) and everyone that knows Star Wars knows that!

rengaw wrote: … nty-trail/

I loved the film.  Great special effects and acting.  My favorite part was when Boba presses the button on his wrist to lock the Slave 1 and it makes the beeping noise. Hilarious!

"Bounty Trail" was a very well done fan fic; I also like those other two "Wrath Of The Mandalorian" and "Chronicles" -not too sure of title but he battles Snowtroopers!

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Hello again everyone,     i thought this would be a good question.......since there are alot of cool things about Boba and most alot of us like him for different reasons. Post what you think is the coolest thing/s about him, and lets see what we get.  I'll start....i like boba fett because he is always working independantly......he doesnt need anyone's help (if ya know what i mean).

                                           Ke Nu'Jurkadir Sha Mando'ade!
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                                                                      MandalorianSpy9   big_smile

I like characters in movies that adapt, grow & improve- Boba does that quite nicely; His ship, battle suit, gun and prey capture techniques were second to none.


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Rayek wrote:

This is my first serious post here and, as I'm sure this topic has come up over and over on the previous board, I think it should be here.

Okay. What worries me is how the prequels try to make Boba Fett a sort of evil, malicious, self-serving individual. In part that's true, bounty hunters are highly self-serving, and their methods of killing and capturing their quarry are sometimes quite malicious ("No disintegarations..."), but I never imagined it possible that Boba Fett, the quiet, unknown bounty hunter from Star Wars to lower himself in screaming, "Get im, Dad!"

Aside from his mannerisms, it seems that the prequels completely wax over the fact that all Boba Fett wanted from Vader and Jabba was the money. If the Rebels had enough money and the mind to do so, I beleive he would've fought for them. I definitely don't think that Imperialistic ideals were ingrained in Fett as a young boy, so he hunts Solo for 'the greater good of the galaxy', he wants his cash.

Any thoughts on this? There's a different side of Fett that I haven't seen as of yet, the side where he works for the good guys just because they pay him.

I'm thinking the amazing Samurai movie Yojimbo, but with Fett, the Rebels, and the Imperials.

I have the feeling Jango (& later Boba) aren't 'bad guys'. They had to be 'bad' in dealing with that element of numerous bounties which were some really mean hombres!


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DoomFactor wrote:

Who would win in a fight,the mandalorian or the wookie hater ?

Boba would win while in his prime yet not as a kid like in the Clone Wars series.