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wookiehunter wrote:

I know this is my own topic but even I didn't expect such weird answers. Jar-Jar as Darth Vader LOL, but I'm a little disturbed by Pad`me going out with Obi-Wan and Anakin.

oh the wrong directions fan fiction can run. -_-

Although I think Jar-Jar as vader would have been slightly... more terrifying, but probably really short lived (thank god)


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I liked Shrek... k, the first one way more than the second.  but i did a "dear god why" when I saw the ad for the third in the station last week.

I only saw a clip of the holiday special.... the part with boba in it.... all i remember was the animation being really bad.  I don't think I paid much attention to the story... except wasn't chewie in there or something?


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*likes the mercenaries boba fett style idea* that'd be fun!


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english and japanese.  Some Spanish and if one or two words count French, German, Polish, and Latin... and Sindarin, Ewok, and Huttese


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they're running Phantom of the Opera here in Osaka in may.  I really want to go!!  I've only seen a few musicals, and they closed the theater in Toronto the year my parents were planning on taking me, so I never got to see that one live.

I liked Cats too.  That's a fun one, but again, never saw it live.  Sucked being a high school student, and then flat broke in college, hehe.

I was bored a while ago and went through fanfiction.net's star wars section and picked out all of the stories with Fett in them.  There's something like 220.


I figured I'd let you guys know about it.  I have one story in there somewhere too that is ancient and unfinished since I started college (4 years ago... ;_; ).  Anyway, not all of them are good, but there are a few jewels I found.  Hope some of you enjoy it. (Hope this is an okay place to put this topic....)


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i've only got metroid hunters to use over wi-fi (I royally stink at that game ;_; )

Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

I don't have much else to say but I'm surprised I haven't found a fan fiction where Boba is payed to protect someone important. And she tries to turn it to romance. Imagine if you will, Mandalorian armor with a clip-on tie...

I actually did find one like that a few years back.  It was that or Maul, but I think it was Fett... I recall it being very poorly written.  Though I have found one with the cliche woman takes in wounded stranger=falls for him=rides away=gets into lots of trouble that was actually well written.


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*raises hand* me too.

I have to agree with being attracted to the dangerous "bad boy" type, but serial murderer/bounty hunter... actually I've seen books written on the psychology of women who love men like that.  Interesting study.

*attractive person looking bored*

Fett: *attracted* ......

Person: .....

Fett: ...... $*@! I suck at this.

sorry... mental pictures tongue


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The thingies in castlevania with the skulls stacked on top of eachother that spit stuff at you... are those called bonetower as well?  or am I just giving them that name? o.O (sorry, I know thingies is such a descriptive word)

I find it hard to think he'd be embarrased or worried if they found out if he was gay.  I see it as a possibility, but can't say I follow your reasoning, especially for Jango.  Bounty hunter's don't have a long life expectancy.   He'probably have the same mistrust or problems with an intimate relationship discussed about Boba, and it would be hard to raise a son/child on your own with that lifestyle.  My guess would be he wanted to continue his line, or the mandalorians whichever, that typically means a son rather than a daughter.  See a chance and take it, especially if they're already making thousands of little copies of you.

Not saying it's impossible, but the evidence doesn't really add up to that conclusion, at least to me.   I just wouldn't be surprised if he didn't worry a whole lot about sexuality in general.  If he did it'd still be hard for him to keep anybody close even if there were no personality issues.  I don't think being gay would ruin his character, but I do have to say I think that being gay and ashamed of it would ruin his character. (/my opinion)


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Sithkittie, your avatar is the "Knobby White Spider". The predatory root phase of the Gnarltree on Dagobah.

Check this out...Knobby White Spider

Granted, "Squid Monster of Doom" sounds alot cooler.

I like Squid Monster of Doom better ^_^  It's good to know though.  I was kinda curious.  Thanks for the info!


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draco fett wrote:

Sithkittie, is your avatar of Cthulhu?

nope, but that'd be awesome. ^_^  It's a concept art for a random squid monster from the original trilogy.  I'm not sure what they were gonna use it for... I scanned it out of the magic of myth book. Can't say for sure what it is.... o.O hence squid monster of doom. ^_^;


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I got mine from my friends because I was hissing during episode two (I used to hiss a lot).  They started calling me kittie.  The sith just kinda got stuck on somehow.  My old screennames were getting spammed like nothing else, so I needed a new one and just used that cause it amused me.


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okay I was hearing Lenard Nemoy sing that and almost woke my roommate up laughing. hehe!  That makes my non-sleeping morning very very happy.

oh so happy. ^_^


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Thanks ^_^ 

I'd think dark chocolate, but I'm kinda biased. (>o<) Would he go for something that rich though?  or just go for the all out 99% cacao baking chocolate?


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I thought he was a pilot or something for the Imperial Navy... Maybe it was just my automatic association with pilot and navy rather than footsoldier and navy.  Did he actually complete the academy or did he cut out part way through because of what happened with Chewie?  it's been so long since I've read those books.

I'm pretty sure the Imperial Fleet could take out the Federation fleet. Those ships in a battle just seem to explode so easily, and they're incapable of organizing a defense.  But they have the transporters.  Way more convenient than shuttles.  But the Empire is willing to fight dirty.

Fett could probably wipe out most Trekkies, but I think a good number of Trekkies would be able to do some damage.  I think they'd stand a better chance than the average person in a fight, if only for their brains (some).  But I've only seen a few hard core trekkies able to exert much in running or fighting.

I like Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.  I respect the orginal for its time and some of the stuff the creators thought up.  I grew up on Next Generation though.  Healthy mix of both Star Trek and Star Wars.  I don't think the series' are on teh same level in general.  Yeah, they're both sci-fi space adventures, but the actual plot and drive of both are pretty different in my opinion.  As one example, Star Wars has more of a mythical feel of something that could have happened, whereas Star Trek is more something of a hopeful future of what might be some day. 

But yeah, since Trekkies don't know yet how to build reliable nifty weapons, I'm thinking Fett would definitely be able to take all of them on.


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I'm probably a mix of Qui-Gon and Anakin.  I tend to see multiple sides of things, weigh things.  I'm pretty slow to loose my temper, but when I loose it I really loose it.

Actually the tests I take online always tell me I'm one of the "bad" guys.  Vader, Fett, I've gotten Sidious before.  I think I owe that to my sense of humor.  I'm really a "good" guy. (o^_^o)


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I so vote chocolate... though I wonder which kind of chocolate he would eat.  Dark, Milk, if dark 99%, 70%, etc?  doubt he would indulge in bricks of chocolate though, not exactly of teh useful or healthy variety.

chocolate ration bricks.  that just ruins all thought of chocolate. (x.x)

Anyway, besides the above reasons listed, I think Boba doesn't have a girlfriend because he hasn't found one who matches him in ability or wits. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy to fall for a "nice rack" or anything like that so yeah...I'll shut up now before I start to ramble.

I agree with that.  I'll also venture to say he's not exactly the most desirable of guys out there, from a realistic point of view.  As much as I love the character, not many people would go for the whole idea of their lover being in that kind of work, you know the kind where death is everything.  The risk of death factor would get grating eventually.

I also think approaching as a would-be lover would be too obvious of a ploy for an enemy to get to him.  I think he'd be wary of that.  Unless someone got him young and inexperienced, but I think even then he would have been nervous about close relationships.