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What you're probably thinking of is that while he was being re-made by the Imperium, they'd used various chemicals and drugs on him during his training and the side-effects had given him the tendancy to hallucinate, probably on and off for the rest of his life.
I suspect there may be a bit of post-traumatic stress there as well though.

I quite like the idea, although you'd have to be damn good writer to turn out a believable scenario.
Jodo might be a nasty little git, but he's cute.


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I nicked mine, because my copy of Paint Shop Pro 7 had perished in a reboot, and I couldn't find the CD. Now I've found the CD, no more pirated software.
My advice would be to find a old copy of PSP 7 somewhere. It will probably be very cheap now, and can produce art that's just as good as what you can do with the new art software.

'Pants' in English either means underwear or something that's a bit crap. You can say: "My pants are pants." So if my art comes out pants, it means I didn't draw very well.

When I was young, I thought Luke Skywalker was hawt.

Now, my embarrasing secret is probably that I'm a closet yaoi fan.
No coments on pairings... (-_-')

I don't tend to geek that much gear-wise. All I've got is a few books, comics and little Boba and a little Dengar sitting side by side on my desk.
Although I did just rescue a Star Wars comic magazine from a Christmas fair junk stall for the sake of Boba on the cover and five pages of Enemy Of The Empire.


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Decoration, signatures, you could use them for links, I suppose. 80x15s are generally used as a more grown-up version of blinkies... people just plonk 'em on their website like bumper stickers.

People do sometimes use them for linking. I've got one for my new blog: http://dismalaesthetics.com/buttoncieblog.gif


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Insomnia rocks.
But when Cie-chan no sleep, strange things happen.

Who wants website buttons?




When you've got kids, you tend to start thinking about personal safety and taking care of yourself so you can take care of your little one.. I think that's why Jango hired Zam Wesell.

As for the Boba clone thing, I've got no trouble with it since I think the concept of the clones is pretty cool - I've always been fond of faceless cannon fodder, supersoldiers, bioweapons and so on.

Boba is paranoid and likes to have backups... and backups of his backups. It's partly a Mandalorian thing, but I do suspect he's a little more paranoid than most. Might be a bit of schizotypal personality disorder in there somewhere.

The extra ships are there in case he needs to get somewhere unnoticed or if Slave I needs to visit the mechanic.


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I don't mind if Boba buys the farm this time. He's lucky to have made it to a grand old age, and not many people get to spend their last days as the leader of a very cool nation.

Still, it would be better if he gets himself sorted out.. after all, it wouldn't exactly be had to find suitable replacement organs and such...


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I'd probably say I identify most with Aurra Sing. Rather like her incompatibility with Jedi training, I had a terrible time in school and most other institutional attempts to teach me. Instead, I've ended up generally going my own way and only agreeing to improve myself when it either seems useful or I can't help but respect my teacher. While my family life has been thankfully much better than Aurra's, I do feel that I've been passed around a bit by school and so on.

Now I'm determined to assert my own independance and succeed in the face of the things that didn't work for me. I'd also say I'm a bit 'eccentric', sometimes a little childlike, and have been know to natter privately to myself in a way that might come out as captions if I were a comic book character...
I'd agree that I mainly do loyalty on a basis of what works for me.. if I came across something that would work out better than what I'm currently up to, I'd probably switch plans.

On a purely superficial basis, I have red hair and grow my nails. I also have a love of sniper rifles and gadgetry, and a few of my favourite pieces are almost part of me...
I think that in most gatherings, I'd probably be seen as the odd girl hanging around the edge of the main action.

(This is probably among the more in depth summaries of my personality that I've written. I usually find it akward to write about me, but comparing myself to a character makes it easier. Oddly enough, I wasn't a particular fan of Aurra Sing until just now... tongue)


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Es war ich.

<- This one, right?


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My problem with Jar Jar Binks is not just that he's immensely annoying and behaves like a cretin even in the most serious situations, but that the majority (prehaps all) of Jar Jar's humour comes from the fact that he's a bit thick and doesn't speak 'the Queen's English'. Now, I'm not usually a great supporter of political correctness, but this seems a little too 1920s even for me.. it has the stench of a racial caricature.

I don't think I'd have any trouble with this if Jar Jar had been put to good use or hadn't been so exaggerated. But he didn't appear to have any purpose other to be annoying. I'm sure greater geeks than I will be able to point out his true reason for being part of the storyline, but I think that he could have been left out or replaced by a smarter Gungan with no damage to the story.


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A cipher is a code, something that stands in the place of another thing to keep it concealed. It also means a nonentity or a nothing. Since my online identity is what I use so I don't have to give out real life details about myself, and that my online identity is a nonentity in the sense that it's not my legal name, it seemed appropriate.

I added the 'e' because the word 'cipher' looks a bit incomplete and so it's not as widely used as cipher or cypher. If you Google 'Ciepher', nearly all the results refer to me.

I also use the name 'Rip Van Winkle', and variants of Rip, after a relatively obscure character in a relatively obscure manga called Hellsing... luckily, both the character and manga are becoming more popular. I identify with her an awful lot, and have made a little fansite.


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I think it's often a personal thing, worn for the same reasons that medieval knights displayed a coat of arms and people in Japan still have mon badges printed on their kimono - to make it easier for people to recognise you, to show your allegiences, and give people an idea of who you are.

Since they wear helmets most of the time on the battlefield, Mandalorians would have to rely on crests to recognise and form opinions about allies they've never met before. You'd know that a guy wearing a jaig crest is probably going to be highly skilled, and the guy with the crosshairs crest has probably got a decent aim. A leader dealing with squads he's never worked with before would have an easier time deciding what he wants everyone doing.
Family and clan/group crests would make is easier to know who's with who and who's related to who. It's rather morbid, but it would also help sort out the dead after a battle.

In the real world, crests sometimes have something to do with names. Even today, the Mitsubishi company uses the Mitsubishi family's mon of three diamonds. 'Mitsu' is Japanese for three, and 'bishi' is diamonds.
Inspired by this sort of thing, my Mandalorian character wears a mouse becuase her Theelin surname (Equiqua) sounds like 'Little Eek' in Mando'a (Eki'ika).

Crests can also be tied in with personality quirks or exist solely as art. In real life, this is very evident in Japanese kabuki performers. The Onoe line (pronounced 'o-no-eh', not 'oh no'...) encouraged people to pay attention to their performances with a design of 'listen carefully' - 'yoki koto kiku' in Japnese - with a design consisting of an axe (yoki in Japanese), a sort of musical instrument called a koto, and a crysanthemum (kiku).

Personally, I wouldn't have any trouble with Fett prefering the company of gentlemen, so to speak. For whatever reason, quite a few men have trouble with forming deep friendships with women. People who aren't usually very social often to want to very close friendships with the few people they do connect to. If Fett is like this, then he just might find it easier with a lad than with a lass.

I still think that love wouldn't be a high priority in life for him, though. On gender preferances, he might not really have any.. I think it would be more of a matter of personality than body. As someone said earlier, he probably isn't interested in nice racks and rumps.


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Sounds like English, looks like English, in my opinion. If I were to include a banner or sign with writing on in my Star Wars fanart, I'd write in English. I'd say the same would go for a signature.

Of course, these days, he'd need to learn to write a signature in whatever alphabet the Mandalorians use. As a commander, he might find it a wee bit embarrasing to sign documents with an 'x'...


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She was drawn in pencil and ballpoint pen and coloured with a 50% opacity in Photoshop CS.

I think your art is very good as well. I've never been skilled at making anything look realistic.
If you're not fond of the 'solid colour' Photoshop look or want to keep your pencil/pen lines visible, try doing what I do. Make a layer and set it to 50% opacity and colour over. Personally, I don't use any shading of colour and just stick to pencil shading a drawing, but shading at 50% op might still work.


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Tiba Mouse coloured. Her birth name was Diva Equiqua, which sounded like Tiba Eki'ika to her Mandalorian comrades. Eki'ika is like 'Little Eek' ('-ika' being a diminutive suffix a bit like '-chan' in Japanese), and mice make the same sound wherever you come from (except in Grand Fenwick, where they sometimes roar). Hence the mouse referance.


Now I've got Mandalorian armour down pat, I may have a go at Boba Fett. For some reason, I never want to draw my most favourite characters - I'm always certain that it'll come out pants.

Dengar and Greedo are my favourites.

Dengar because he's a normal bloke in extraordinary circumstances. Despite (or maybe because) of all that's happened to him, he's casual, rude, crude and cynical. Aloof professionalism is all very well, but personality is much more fun.

Greedo because he looks like a little green mousie.


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BobaFett243 wrote:

true.. ciepher... this may sound weird but can i have ur avatar my sis loves things like that.. i wont use it or anything... please

She's drawn by an artist called Trevor Brown. His art site is here, and the image I use as my av can be found in 'my alphabet'.
Be careful though, because a lot of Trevor's art is very dark and definately not for under 18's.

This is the full image on it's own.


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My first Mandalorian-themed drawing... in fact, my first Star Wars drawing in a long time. A Theelin Mandalorian sniper, my roleplay persona (which is why she ended up looking like me hmm), and central character of my (currently embryotic) fanfic 'The Mouse That Went Bang'.



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draco fett wrote:

Fett won.

Phew, that's a relief. (;


I found this pic with that little gadget that fishes out images posted to LiveJournal. I've got absolutely no idea who drew it, and no idea if there is any real meaning behind it except for "Hey, wouldn't it be pwnage to draw..."

But anyway - badly scarred bounty hunter who never shows his face vs badly scarred mercenary who shows his face more often than he probably should.

Personally, I've got no clear opinion on this one. I adore Deadpool almost as much as I adore Boba, and they seem fairly evenly matched on all aspects. Except for telling bad jokes and realising they're fictional, that is... Deadpool's got the upper hand there.

This is something that I haven't had anything to do with so far... which might be a shame, because the art looks gorgeous.
Generally, I don't tend to watch serials, and the Jedi thing put me off. Jedi bore the pants off me (so do mages and paladins). But I might keep an eye out for the next series for the sake of the pretty pictures.