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Boba Fett's helmet gives him 360 degree vision. Something that a lot of writers seem to neglect...


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Miba wrote:

Oh, let's see....

1979 Boba action figure (not mint, but in very good shape, I think, got it for 9 dollars at a flea market)
The 90s Boba figure, the one with the big chest
Kid-Boba figure
Jango Kamino Attack figure
Jango with removable head
Jango Deluxe figure
Boba 300th SE figure
Boba Sarlacc Escape figure
Boba re-release Sarlacc Escape (I think is what it's called?)
Boba on a motorcycle Slave one toy
Short cute Boba that says lines from the movie if you touch the bottom of his boots
Jango poster (the whitish one with a big piccie of Jango and then on the sides little pics)
The books, of course, I think the only ones I don't have are a few comics
A few puzzles
Bounty Hunter
Jango Dart Game thing
I have Gamer #2 (or was that 3?) wich has Boba on the cover...
The old Slave I lego (OT version)
A little Slave I toy (the little one, metal cast or something, it's fairly new)
Jango/Boba Unleased
I think I have the Boba Unleashed but I'm not sure
And this little pack of two figures, Boba and Dengar, they're kids toys, not action figures
Another little Slave I toy (this one's unpainted, it's creamy-silver colored and I don't even know what it's about or from or anything, I found it at a thrift store)
Boba Pez
Jango Fett: Force Battlers
Jango Fett Saga Collection action figure
Boba Fett Saga Collection action figure
Boba Fett Transformer
Slave I Titanium Series Die Cast (the larger one)
Jango Fett Lunchbox New! (though it's not really a new item, my mom got it for me at a thrift store)

Instead of a new post, I'm just going to edit when I get something new.

Lets see if I can think of it all off the top of my head...

Boba Fett Unleashed Figure
Boba Fett Pez dispencer
Boba Fett Bobblehead
Boba Fett Holiday Special Bobblehead
Boba Fett Holiday Special Action figure with coin
Boba Fett Mquarrie Concept Art Figure with coin
two action figures from target, ESB and RoTJ versions
Boba Fett Titanium figure
Lego Jango Fett's Slave 1
Lego Boba Fett's Slave 1 (The latest one)
Some old Boba Fett burger king toy i picked up at an antique store
Boba Fett figure from the 90s. Where he came with some big jetpack device thing...
Boba Fett Hotwheels car
Plenty of Boba Fett novels and comic books
Two Boba Fett comic books from the 80s
Two T shirts