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Probably my regular ol' Don Post Fett helmet. I tried modifieing it (at the time I wasn't aware of paint thinners negative affects on plastics), and it just turned into a gooey mess.


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It just sucks, as a game. So many bugs. So many holes in the coding. Still, I figure it'll be worth it for anyone that didn't play it back when it was really good.

I hear its getting better.


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Soldiers in what sense? Mercenaries, yes. Soldiers such as...the US Army? No, they dont kill for money. They work for their money. In the case they are sent to combat, and given combat pay, its compensation for risking their lives. An E-5 on a battleship (meant for going out and killing), doesnt get paid anymore than an E-5 on...say...an unarmed freighter.

And again, it boils down to point of view. Is a Sniper's job to kill, or to protect his country, with killing being the only option?

Anywho, back on topic.

Evil lay where  individual people draw the line.  Kudar, I belive you contradicted yourself when you said good and evil doesnt depend on what people think, but where it lay morally. Because, whether or not it can be considered morally right or wrong depends on what the individual thinks. To someone with true Antisocial Personality Disorder (AKA, sociopath or psychopath), killing someone isn't morally wrong.

Is Boba evil? Well, the actual definition of an evil person is "one who is morally reprehensible or sinful"  and "one of bad character or conduct"  I would consider murdering someone for money to be bad conduct. No matter how he justifies his actions, he is still no better than an assassin or hitman.  So yes, by the true definition of the word, Boba is evil.

Youngest master, and in the council?

I'd probably have to say Mace. He wasn't that old compared to most others in the council (especially considering he was human, which in the Star Wars universe didn't have much of a life expectency past 150-160), yet he had already risen to be one of the heads of it. Thus, he must have entered the council many years prior.

However, if you merely mis-typed your question, and meant "youngest to join the council", it'd be Anakin.


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It WAS a good game. I was a long-time veteran...but then they really screwed it up.

From what I hear, though, the dev's are finally making an effort to fix it up.

Well, either all of Coruscant, or maybe just the area around the Emperor's Palace, was known as Imperial Center even while the planet was known as Coruscant. That could be what youre thinking.

My bad, Miba. I'm just so used to people saying otherwise. smile

As for it being called Imperial Center...it's possible in the earliest of the earliest drafts. Or maybe never even in a draft, just GL's head. But there is nothing that I know of confirming it.

I'll tell you what, guys...I'll talk to Aaron about letting me write up an entire explanatory process on vaccuforming, and other aspects of Star Wars costuming.

Though Im yet to join the 501st myself (you need a complete costume...I only have several partially completed ones), I have spent an extensive amount of time researching and working on armor. Unforunately the only things I know as far as cloth or other sewn items, are on Royal Guard robes.

But I swear...with some pictures and a step-by-step explaination, you'll soon realize how easy (in theory) it is. Its mostly a matter of money.

Only the name Coruscant was taken from the Timothy Zahn. The actual concept of Coruscant was created by Lucas (interestingly enough, it was originally named Alderaan before being renamed to Granicus), but it was never used in the movies (he had created the concept prior to A New Hope).

Before writing...Return of the Jedi I think it was, he again brought back the Imperial city-world idea, but this time named Had Abbadon.

When Zahn wrote Heir to the Empire, he merely took Lucas's concept and gave it a final name, which Lucas then adopted when making the Special Edition of RotJ.

KudarMubat15 wrote:

Cantina glass? You mean like a cup? That sounds pretty cool...

Its a beer glass similar to the one pictured here:
http://thechurchofbeer.com/images/churc … _glass.jpg

Except it has a little pic of the Mos Eisley cantina/starport area (kinda in a logo design), and says "Star Wars" in small blue letters at top of pic, and CANTINA across it.

It looks even nice when I've just filled it with some Colt 45. smile


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Vacuforming is incredibly easy...assuming you have a mold. Other then that, its as simple as heating some ABS on a rack in your oven, putting it on  a specialized table (which you can make our of scrap wood), and flipping the switch on a vaccuum. I'm planning to buy a bunch of clay and plaster, and asking a local 501st member to make molds of his armor.

Another way, again assuming you have the mold, would be fiberglass. This is a method almost anyone can do without even reading instructions on how to do it! Its that easy! Just go to a local hardware store and ask for fiberglass mat and resin+hardening solution.

Though, most household ones wont do. You need something more powerful...personally, I use a 6hp wet/dry vac.

But ya, like said above, check out the 501st. Go to http://www.501st.com/members/dsp_garrisons.cfm

Find the garrison closest to your location, and visit their website. Sign-up on the forums, and just...well, do whatever. Ask questions...

The best question to ask would be "When will you guys be having your next armor party?"

Then ask them if you may come along to see what its all about. Once in a while members will hold armor parties, where they basically hang out and help each other work on various aspects of their costumes.

These guys are really nice, and always willing to help.

I have...

Chapter books or novels:

A New Hope (multiple versions)
Empire Strikes Back (multiple versions)
Return of the Jedi (multiple versions)
The Phantom Menace
Attack of the Clones
Revenge of the Sith
Before the Storm
Shield of Lies
Tyrants Test
The Mandalorian Armor
Slave Ship
Hard Merchandise
Ambush at Corellia
Showdown at Centerpoint
Assault on Selonia (as well as a casette audio copy)
Han Solo and the Lost Legacy
Han Solo At Star's End
Han Solo's Revenge
The Paradise Snare
Hutt Gambit
Rebel Dawn
Dark Apprentice
I, Jedi
Vector Prime
Hero's Trial
Jedi Eclipse
Balance Point
Recovery (e-book)
Star by Star
Dark Journey
Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream
Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand
Destiny's Way
Ylesia (e-book)
Force Herectic I: Remnant
Force Herectic II: Refugee
Force Herectic III: Reunion
The Final Prophecy
The Unifying Force
Survivor's Quest
Rogue Squadron
Wedge's Gamble
The Krytos Trap
The Bacta War
Wraith Squadron
Heir to the Empire
Dark Force Rising
The Last Command
Tales of the Bounty Hunter
Shadows of the Empire
The Truce at Bakura
Boba Fett #1 - The Fight to Survive
Galaxy of Fear: Army of Terror
Galaxy of Fear: City of the Dead
Galaxy of Fear: Clones
Galaxy of Fear: Eaten Alive
Galaxy of Fear: Ghost of the Jedi
Galaxy of Fear: Planet Plague
Galaxy of Fear: The Brain Spiders
Galaxy of Fear: The Nightmare Machine
Junior Jedi Knights: Vader's Fortress
Young Jedi Knights: Delusions of Grandeur
Young Jedi Knights: Diversity Alliance
Young Jedi Knights: Jedi Bounty
Young Jedi Knights: Return to Ord Mantell
Young Jedi Knights: Shadow Academy
Young Jedi Knights: The Darkest Knight
Journal: Darth Maul
Journal: Luke Skywalker
Journal: Anakin Skywalker
Jedi Quest
Prophets of the Dark Side

Plus some others Im sure I dont have listed. But only a couple, if that.


Emissaries to Malastaire (complete, 6)
Bounty on Bar-Kooda
Murder Most Foul
When the Fat Lady Swings
Enemy of the Empire (complete, 4)
Wizard Boba Fett #1/2
Chewbacca #3
Crimson Empire (complete, 6)
Dark Empire (complete, 6. Also, copy on audio cassette)
Dark Empire II (complete, 6. Also, copy on audio cassette)
Dark Forces: Jedi Knight (audio cassette)
Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire
Infinities: A New Hope (complete, 4)
Jango Fett: Open Seasons (complete, 4)
The Bounty Hunters - Scoundrel's Wages
Underworld (I forget which one)
Union #4
Vader's Quest #1 (exclusive limited gold foil edition with signed certificate)

There are 5-10 comics not listed on here.

Reference or non-fiction:

Essential Guide to Characters
New Essential Guide to Characters
The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes (has a recipe for Boba Fett-ucine. Delicious. So are the Bossk Brownies.)
Star Wars: Cookbook II Darth Malt and More Galactic Recipes


Hah. Im not even going to begin that list. But I do have the 2 Boba Fett editions of Galaxies, Id like to say. smile

And....OMFG! Read the NJO series! Get on it ASAP. Its worth every penny. Buy the e-books even (though Recovery comes with one of the other books...Star by Star I think). It is by far the best read I've ever had. I got so abosorbed into it, that  I found myself actually muttering various things about the Yuuzhan Vong gods while out with friends. Was kinda wierd O_O

Actually, there was more to it then Fett just randomly dropping Neela off at Jabbas. He knew who she was.

I read TotBH, and I thought it was utterly ridiculous, at least in regards to IG-88 and Fett. Fett was protrayed as someone who can never be bested. Invincible. There was also no depth of character (outside of Dengar) with that book. Very little development.

Jeter was very detailed in developing his characters, as well as developing any element of the book. It showed that Fett wasnt invincible, and can in-fact be bested. I liked this aspect most of all. Also, as someone mentioned, it showed Fett as more of a thinker instead of a straight-up killer who always mystically appears in the right place at the right time.

Edit: And yes, GL does get into the EU. He had made several deicisions, and made outlines of what could and couldnt be done, for the writing of the New Jedi Order series. Also, notice Anakin's scar in RotS and Clone Wars? That was from EU.

Yeah, I love my unleashed Boba. Its my only Star Wars things on display (aside from my Cantina glass).

Lando = cool.
Billy D. Williams = Stuck-up jackass.  At least he was when I met him at SWW.

Boba = even cooler.
Jeremy Bulloch = Witty, and loyal to his fans (though it seems all the English actors were.) It was good fun watching him and Warwick Davis (another Brit)  go at it on stage. Lol.

*shrugs* I got Chewie. But then I lowered the "hairy" question, and I got Fett.

Hehe, youre correct in your doubts. A decent Fett costume would cost quite a bit more than $250.

I'm only half-way done with my TIE Pilot costume...which really (aside from other small things and helmet gadgetry, as well as my homemade A/C system to keep me cool during long troops in the Florida sun) is a helmet, a flightsuit, armor chest and back, a box, and some tubing.

At the moment I have my helmet (a Classic Action), which Ive modified a bit...I ordered a flightsuit...and have my tubing...and fiberglass to make the armor. Thats run me over $100. The gloves and boots I already had. By all means, though, what I have so far should have cost more in the area of...$400-550.

Boba Fett...a lot more armor. The helmets also suck, so they need to be heavily modified (painting, new visor, maybe even a little re-shaping). The cheapest way to make a good Fett suit would be to learn how to vaccuform ABS plastic (not too hard, really). Even then, youre looking at a nifty price tag.

'Course, Im talking about 501st quality costumes. You could make a below-par costume for under $200, that would look good to the average person.

The pride of my collection would have to be...my Classic Action TIE Pilot helmet.

They're worth a few hundred $$, but I got it for less than a hundred.

Though, when I think back on it... there are 2 other items that mean a LOT to me.

First, my POTF2 orange-card Boba Fett figure (http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/bounty/t … orange.jpg).

I spent a VERY long time trying to find this figure. Checking all stores, and even calling the Star Wars fanclub on a weekly basis to see if they had any in stock (they never did).

In fact, a couple times I even had dreams where I had found the figure in a store.

Then, I got it one year for Easter.

2 days later, I found it in Toys R' Us, and again in a small comic book/toy store. Hahaha.

Second...my very first Star Wars toy. POTF2 Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper disquise. Picked it up in a Kash n' Karry.