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No, code 3 used the production models for ref, if you look at the production models and hasbro, code 3, f-toys, fine moulds, and Tomy, airfix AMT and Revell they all prove my theory.   If you own a slave 1 then look for yourselves smile


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Mr Lucas does make mistakes..... from time to time.. (Ewoks, JaJa Binks,need i say more)  big_smile


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Yes we do see only one side but..... The film has been reversed.
The side detail on slave one is completeley different on each side with different components and layout .... Its not symetrical, either  the film is in reverse or all the movie props and every model ever made of slave one is inaccurate. Code 3 have done a very good job with slave 1 but the side detail shown on the film is on the opposite side of the model and the code 3 model matches up with the movie prop and fine molds models. So my money is on mr lucas felling it looked better that captain solo was loaded onto the ship from the right hand side of the screen rather than the left.


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I know this may be a bit geeky but has anybody noticed when Boba Fett loads Captain solo into the cargo hold of slave 1 , the image of slave 1 is in reverse, i noticed this when comparing the modelling details on my code 3 slave 1 with the film images . I was comparing detail on the side of the ship and scale as i was looking for a Boba Fett that was in scale with the code 3 model. The code 3 model is accurate to the movie props and production models. Bit of a slip up by Mr Lucas me thinks! 
I did find a boba fett in scale with the code 3 model... The one supplied in the action fleet range is ideal. I also noticed the han solo in carbonite supplied with the code 3 model is far to big and totally out of scale with the model.


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Freeze him in carbonite !

I bet he's a Trekie !


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Wow! Thats one huge collection, if only i had the space and a wife who would let me collect that much! I have a very restricted space so my collection is a bit more modest. I am new to the BFFC and i am so glad i stumbled accross it...... Im not alone !

Here is my growing collection of Fetts.


I am looking forward to the sideshow 1/6 Fett and will be visiting the dented helmet soon as i want to be a full size Fett !