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Nice ink, Jaster.
A little off topic, but I'm restoring my 1969 Dodge Coronet 500 ($10,000 so far into the stock 383 cid/ .060 over with a JERICO 5 speed alone), and I'm considering a pinstriped Mandalorian Bantha Skull design painted near the front of the hood.
That should be pretty tight, huh?

I was about 4 years old when STAR WARS came to the theaters in the small town in Iowa where I grew up.
I can still remember the impression the Lightsaber left on my young and very impressionable imagination. My family tried in vain to convince me that they weren't real, but to this day I still bear a grudge against Santa Claus for bringing me fake-ass TOY Lightsabers instead of the real thing as I demanded.
I made my father take me to see it. I made my mother take me. I made my grandparents take me. I went with cousins, and I went with friends. Later that year I started Kindergarten and it's all we talked about.
I know for a fact that from "EMPIRE STRIKES BACK" to "REVENGE OF THE SITH" I was at a theater on opening night.
One of the aforementioned cousins I grew up watching them with later attended M.I.T. and is now a resident chemist for Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. He is working hard to come up with a working real-life Lightsaber... at least, that's what he tells me.

This is an EASY one.
The Helmet.


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Thanks again, everyone. It's pretty fun here.
As for my Blaster dilemma, please feel free to chime in on the "EE-3 BLASTER" thread I posted in the "Collecting" board.


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I've asked around at a few of the bigger comic book and collectables dealers here in Atlanta, and most have told me that they're pretty hesitant to offer it in thier stores for fear the cost is just TOO high for the clientelle that frequent them. In short... customers will gawk, but no one will buy it for $700. I can relate, as most of them are still sitting on the 12" Boba Fett statue that recently came out for about $170. (I purchased mine in advance through STAR WARS.com).
Master Replicas has a good reputation among it's customers for creating very high quality reproductions. Has anyone out there purchased anything from them?


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Man... I want this gun!
I'm sure you're all familiar with "Master Replicas" upcoming release of Boba's EE-3 Blaster Rifle, as well as the cost: about 700 bills worth of intense fan appreciation.
I've got the cash (although, who can honestly say that $700 ISN'T a lot of bread), but I've regretted purchases like this in the past. The anticipation and expectation I'm building as I consider this purchase may prove to be quite a let down when it finally arrives, you know? The photo of the replica is a prototype. What you see is NOT the actual product you are purchasing. Personally, that really bothers me. While the description of the craftsmanship going into the construction sound very nice, It's the so-called "weathered" look that is almost singlehandedly dissuading me from the purchase. Painted scratches and abrasions... that's almost certainly what they mean by "weathered". And let's be honest: that looks lame, regardless of the application. It looks like paint, not wear. I've never come across an artificial "weathered" look that wasn't a detraction to the aesthetic of whatever it was applied to.
I almost wish they could send me a "new" replica, and I'd just take it outside and drop it in the gravel driveway a few times. Instant authentic battle-wear.
I'd relly like to know how my fellow fans feel about my concerns.
Limited Edition, folks. The clock is ticking for me to reach a decision.
Thank you.


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Thanks for the warm welcome. I've been cruising this site for some time now, but am only just now joining the club.
Everyone seems pretty cool (though, I would expect no less from Fett's fans). I was just checking out the "Collector" threads and the many links posted there... If I'm not careful I could spend my life savings on some of the replica dealers, especially Boba's EE-3 Blaster full-scale replica coming out this winter.
Thanks again, and see you soon.


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Just joined the board. See you in the threads.