How is Anakin "redeemed" to the Light Side of the Force by simply deciding to kill the Emperor over his own son?

Vader killed BILLIONS of people. He murdered a whole planet for cryin' out loud! How can Anakin possibly be redeemed by one simple act after all the atrocities that he had committed over the decades?

All this death and destruction was necessary for Anakin to "bring the Force back into balance"?

Fett_II wrote:

clones. they can aim.

Really? Have you watched the Original Trilogy lately?

Hey! Hey! Hey! Let's keep it cool... this isn't STUDY HALL, ya know!

So the Falcon (at 0.5) is faster than the Outrider (at 0.75). I take it that's the general concensus?

Sharra Fett wrote:

I must say the EU makes things more interesting than just the films. Does that sound nonpurist?

Not at all, Sharra.

This is exactly what I mean. Somehow, Purism has come to define a separation of the EU to many people throughout Star Wars fandom. The Purists I know, as well as myself, love the EU. Purism only comes into conflict when the narrative of the films is in dispute. I would argue that it is the result of poor writing, and a lack of knowledge about what they have written. I would cite examples, but I'm really trying to keep this thread about the idea of Purism, as defined by my fellow fans HERE in the BFFC, and not go off on a tangent about a particular idea I've posted... Time for that soon enough.

I want you Mandos to know where I stand as a Purist AND a fan of the EU, so I can bring up my concerns without the argument being blasted at me (again), that as a "Purist" I really have no place in discussing events in the EU.

Thanks for all the input so far. Keep it comin'...

Exactly what part of Palpatine's offer to join the Dark Side so he could save Padme's life did Anakin find so seductive in the first place?

The "killing little children" part?

The "killing all of your friends" part?

The "I've really been your enemy this whole time" part?

The "I suddenly look and sound like a hideous monster" part?

Or was it the icing on the deal...

The "Technically, NO... I don't actually know the power to cheat death, myself" part?

Man, ol' Palpie could sell refridgerators to Eskimos, couldn't he?


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Your guess is as good as mine, Adeptus.

I previously had purchased the Luke Skywalker Episode IV Lightsaber (Elite Edition) on eBay for over $800, sight unseen... and I was blown away by the superb craftmanship.

Their Force FX Lightsabers are awesome as well.

Boba's helmet looks killer. I'm thinking about the Stormtrooper helmet as well.

They shouldn't have "weathered" the EE-3 in my opinion, and made the butt stock sturdier. I didn't check out the scope mount, so I don't know about that. Surely they know this thing is going to get passed around when showing it off to your friends. The last thing you'ld want to tell them is how wimpy Boba's blaster is in real life.

Master Replicas has never let us down before, and I almost bought the EE-3 based on their reputation alone. I would have been really dissapointed to open the package from mail order and discover what I saw in the store.

Maybe I'm being over-critical... just check it out for yourself first, if you intend to buy it.


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"I picked up Jar-Jar by his ankles and killed the Ewoks with him."

Si Titran wrote:

i AM blonde

So what? Clint Eastwood was blonde, and Jeremy Bulloch modeled his performance as Boba Fett after Clint... catch my drift, Si?

Si Titran wrote:

are there any scenes where Vader and C3PO are in the same space together?

They are right across from each other as Han is frozen in Carbonite...


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I just saw the EE-3 at a local shop, and sadly it's kinda lame up close...

It has a somewhat "flimsy" feel to it. It's got some heft, but you can easily tell that this thing won't stand up to much at all. If it even falls off it's display your'e probably screwed. The butt stock could break if you hold it against your shoulder too hard. And it's smaller than you'd think.

The paint job is terrible. It's the first thing you notice. It looks fake as hell, even from a distance.

My first thought: "Awww... man. <sigh> THAT'S the EE-3?"

They're NOT selling, either. It's just way too expensive.

Sorry, friends.

Was Anakin bangin' Aayla Secura behind Padme's back?

And Barriss Offee?

And Adi Gallia?

"It's okay, baby... I'm the Chosen One"

Thanks for the info, Sadriel.

I wasn't even aware of the whole "Jaig Eyes" mythos until just now. Pretty cool history behind their use with the Mandalorians as well as the Clones... it actually helps explain a lot about the Clone Troopers reverence towards Mando'a culture and the markings they paint onto their armor.

The Star Wars Purist Doctrine: The films supercede anything in the Expanded Universe or the DVD Special Editions that may come into conflict with the narrative of the original theatrical releases.

That's how I've always defined myself as a "Purist" when debating events in the fantastic realm of the Star Wars Universe. Really, it's that simple. "Purist" is a title that has been given to me time and again during some very heated (albeit friendly) arguments with my fellow fans. But I've discovered recently that there is a very different (and generally widespread) definition of a Purist that I don't identify with at all. That it's us against them. That it's the big screen vs. the EU. That it's the Original Trilogy vs. the Prequel Trilogy. Even that it's the Purists vs. George Lucas himself. I, and many of my friends, honestly weren't aware of any of these ideologies when it came to calling ourselves "Purists" during a debate... and it troubles me. Indeed, there could be no Purists without the EU, so why the assumed emnity between the two? The films are the bedrock, the foundation, the very cornerstones that the wonderous EU is built upon. I don't convene with any Purists who aren't also fans to some degree of the EU. I wasn't aware that there was supposed to be such a rift between the films and the EU. Some of my favorite characters have only existed in the EU. Many answers I needed from the film can only be answered by the EU.

I don't dare engage this discussion on, as some of the fans inhabiting that site can be, well, let's just say, "seriously committed" to their point of view. I've found the BFFC to be much more even tempered for these sorts of ideas, and I'm curious as to what my friends here view as Purism.

As we flesh out the definition here, I will engage some questions in this thread about Boba Fett that have concerned me as a Purist for some time. Tough questions that I need to address with fellow fans and experts on the EU before the live action TV series begins in 2009.

This is why I joined.

So, my opening query is this: HOW DO YOU DEFINE PURISM?

In Episode III, during the opening fight sequence, I noticed one of Odd Ball's Clone Fighter Pilots( "They're all over me! Get them off my...") had the Mandalorian Insignia painted on the side of his helmet, right before his ARC-170 is destroyed by a Droid tri-fighter. The "leaf design" is the same as Fett's, with the "F" and the "Blood Drop" appearing to be yellow, I think.

What's the story on that? Are there other instances of the Clones adorning their armor with Mandalorian markings?

Dash Rendar's ship, "Outrider" held a hyperdrive rating of 0.75 with the use of a modified SoroSuub Griffyn/Y2TG hyperdrive system.

The Millenium Falcon held a hyperdrive rating of 0.5 with the use of a modified Isu-Sim SSP05 Hyperdrive generator.

The articles I've read don't really state that the Outrider is faster, but 0.75 sounds faster than 0.5, and both ships were rated with Hyperdrive Backup Class 10. The Outrider had a Megalight rating of 70 MGLT, while the Falcon rated 80 MGLT. The Outrider had a maximum airspeed of 1,000 km/h (which isn't much faster than Anakin's podracer), and the Falcon reached 1,050 km/h... although, I assume hyperdrive speed is what we're ultimately looking at.

Personally, I never really cared for Dash or the Outrider... they seemed too much like a Solo and Falcon rip-off in my humble opinion, so I don't really know anything about the Outrider except what I've recently read in Wookieepedia and the Star Wars Databank.

Is 0.75 faster than 0.5 ?


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The Clone Troopers were absolutely, unswervingly loyal to the Republic. They could not be bribed, they could not be dissuaded or disillusioned to combat. They served the Republic, and the Republic decided to grant Chancellor Palpatine more and more authority over the use of his army.

Battle Droids have a program. A scenario. If the tide of battle turns in a way outside of the battle plan, the Droid is essentially useless (ex. blowing up a command station).

Order 66, like every other battle order they were "programmed" with during their training on Kamino, was a legitamate scenario that they were trained to deal with on the battlefield. The Clones didn't obey orders blindly, like robots, they obeyed orders to secure victory. Without question.

One second, Commander Cody and General Kenobi and battlefield comrades. Order 66 is decreed on a secure channel from the Chancellor's Office, and Cody blasts that Jedi traitor right off the cliff face. There was no malice or hatred in their minds. There was no "darkness" to have been detected by the Jedi. They are following a legal decree from the Chancellor. They are following orders.

The clones who disobeyed were largely ARC Troopers, trained to work extremely close to their Jedi commanders, and their affinity for their comrades superceded the validity of Order 66 in their minds... and they were dealt with harshly for their independent thinking to disobey a direct order.

No droid army, no matter how numerous or advanced could ever be used to eradicate the Jedi. The Jedi are too resourceful, and the Jedi Reflex could detect the mechanical movements a split second before it happens.

The Clones are living beings with an imprint within the Force... if something is awry, the Jedi would easily be able to sense it, right? Go ask a dead Jedi.

"Organic"... all the way, baby.

For the record, I think revan07's topic, while very similar to the linked thread included, is more "topic specific" for the ideas I would like to post. The discussion on the other thread easily devolves into a discussion about how specific a particular idea can be (Organic in general vs. Mechanical in general, as opposed to Republic Clones vs. Separtist Droids in the war). My viewpoint fits better here, I think. I have ideas that are posted in that thread as well, for that discussion. But this is just me. The moderators can decide, it wouldn't bother me.

Now, in response to the decommisioned Battle Droids, you are correct. I should have worded my response more clearly... let's see if I can sum this up better.

~Clones became Stormtroopers. They were kept in service after the war and gained a fearsome reputation within the Empire.

~Battle Droids were decommisioned, and the idea of using them for wartime was largely abandoned. Droids were relegated largely to the service industry once more. They make better butlers than soldiers.

The Emperor controlled both sides of the chess board, and seeming placed little value on the Separatist Droids from the start. The Clones would destroy the Jedi and serve the Emperor. The Droids would simply be turned off and scrapped after fulfilling their purpose in his scheme. He never intended the Droids to be anything but cannon fodder for the war.

Still... it's hard for me to imagine that there wasn't a room full of Droidekas stored SOMEWHERE on the Death Star. Those things were badass, man.


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Hardcore, man.

F**king hardcore.


He ranks 3rd with me behind Jango and Boba... and if Lucas creates a live-action version of the nefarious Gen'Dai bounty hunter, then he may even surpass them in my opinion. Cartoons and comic books, no matter how well they developed the character, just can't compete with an actor in a costume as far as I'm concerned, so we'll see.

Hard to say, since both armies were merely pawns in a grand shceme outside the war itself.

So, let's take a look at the events AFTER the Clone Wars ended...

~Soldiers for The Clone Army of the Republic went on to become known as "Stormtroopers", feared and dreaded as they bumped into door hatches throughout the galaxy.

~Droids went on to become bartenders, butlers, doctors and mechanics for the most part, fetching meager prices from the Jawas and generally looked down upon by hillbilly moisture farmers... although I wouldn't mind owning a few Droidekas and IG Lancers for my own questionable purposes.

I'm not really that up to speed on much of the EU, and after searching around "Wookieepedia" and "Star", I'm still left with a nagging question...

Is the Millenium Falcon officially the fastest starship in the Star Wars universe, or is there something faster?

I'd still like to cling to hope, but with everything Star Wars related that Lucas seems to be working on right now, the chances of this happening seem pretty slim.

This sucks, man.

I'm gonna throw a brick through the office window at POPULAR SCIENCE Magazine for writing that article.

Resurrecting this old thread to see if anyone has heard ANYTHING about Star Wars 3-D. ANYTHING at all? Google and Yahoo searches don't seem to lead to any discussion that is even remotely current. It must have just been a rumor, huh? One hell of a rumor.


Oh, and while I'm here... since when do I have zero reputation and zero karma? Try telling THAT to the ladies, bee-yotch!

See ya in the threads!

I'm not worried... zombies eat brains.


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Thanks for the clarification, Jesse. It's all good.

In all honesty, I was hoping it was something like this. A BFFC member... and not just some random Star Wars fan visiting the site looking to steal what is, arguably, the COOLEST user name ever.

And, for the record, I DO own all the rights to the name "Bubba Fett". I registered it with the United States Copyright Office in 1995 after giving the name to my cat, for just this sort of contingency, 12 years later. A huge legal battle ensued with George Lucas, but the U.S. Supreme Court decided in my favor. Unfortunately, ol' Georgie-boy has never forgiven me, and still refuses to take my calls. But, Jesse the Kid is OK in my book, and has given the name his own personal touch.

Plus, now I've got an insider in Wikipedia... who owes me one. If you've ever tried to create or edit an article there, you know how valuable that is.

Thanks everyone. See ya in the threads.