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The 1st day of my summer vacation, I woke up. Then I went downtown to look for a job. Then I hung out in front of the drugstore.

The 2nd day of my summer vacation, I woke up. Then I went downtown to look for a job. Then I hung out in front of the drugstore.

The 3rd day of my summer vacation, I woke up. Then I went downtown to look for a job. Then I hung out in front of the drugstore.

The 4th day of my summer vacation, I woke up. Then I went downtown to look for a job. Then I got a job, keeping people from hanging out in front of the drugstore...

If the Jedi Council believed the Sith to be EXTINCT for a millenium, and balance can only be brought upon the Force by the Chosen One destroying the Sith, then why did they feel the Force was out of balance in the first place? By their own reasoning, hadn't their prophecy been fulfilled a thousand years ago, at the Seventh Battle of Ruusan?

Or was the idea of that insipid Jedi pretty-boy, Valenthyne Farfalla (even his name is annoying) possibly being the Chosen One too bitter of a pill for them to swallow?

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Even the other Gungans hated him.

Sev Fett wrote:

the boards at marvel.com claimed my account was banned even though I've rarely even posted nevermind anything offending.

I was banned from Marvel.com as well, before I had a chance to post ANYTHING. They don't know what the heck they're doing.

Ralin Drakus wrote:

Why does Jango shoot his partner to protect his idenity with a weapon that pinpoints his exact location?

Ya got me... a blaster bolt can't be traced at all. In a way, the more exotic and rare (being available on only one planet) your weapon is, the easier it might be to trace. And the whole point of hiding on Kamino is it's very secrecy to the galaxy.

And why couldn't Obi-Wan or Anakin sense the incoming sabredart? There was certainly enough ill intent (which is supposed to be a big factor for the Jedi Reflex) behind it's motive to kill Zam. Jango could've just as easily shot all three of them, as oblivious to the situation as they seemed to be.

After all the trouble they had just went through chasing down Zam, they never even bothered to chase Jango as he rocketed off... he couldn't have been more than a quarter mile away at that moment, alot closer than Zam was as Anakin tracked her through the skylane traffic and all over the city, if you consider where the chase started (Padme's bedroom) and where it ended (the alley behind the Outlander Club) without losing track of her. In my opinion, Jango was close enough to have been Force-Grabbed in mid flight, but they gave him almost no regard. After he flew off they turned their backs to an obviously very lethal enemy intent on murdering a Senator (not to mention Anakin's love interest).

The Jedi Council should've hired a Mandalorian to solve their mysteries for them...


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BFFC Admin wrote:

BUBBA FETT changed the subject mid-topic

I did no such thing, man.

I answered his plea for help... Death Metal destroys Emo like radiation destroys cancer.

Why didn't they just sew Anakin's arm back on?

~It was severed cleanly and cauterized instantly below the elbow. (according to Timothy Zahn, a lightsaber's actual cutting surface is microscopic in area... so there was almost NO tissue damage or scar tissue formation at all) It was also lying right next to him on the floor.

~The injury occurred in a relatively sterile desert environment.

~He was rescued by Yoda mere minutes after the injury occurred, who could've used the force to help necessitate the wound's healing.

~Clone medical units arrived on the scene immediatly, with state-of-the-art combat triage to stabilize the patient on the ground until he could be sent to an orbiting medical frigate, and finally to the galaxy's finest medical center.

~Padme must have been turned off by his freakish metal arm, at least to some degree.

~If they can attach cybernetic limbs (indeed, create whole cybernetic bodies), then the surgury to reattach an existing limb should have been a breeze. It should have been the first, most logical option.

~Rehab for the limb could be overseen by the Council itself. (lightsaber training, Force projection, etc.)

~As the "Chosen One", wouldn't the Council prefer Anakin as whole as possible? If "everything" depends on him, wouldn't they spare no expense in his healing?

Now, I know the answer is that Anakin is beginning to lose his humanity on the path to becomming Darth Vader, but it's like the Jedi actually went out of their way to attach a mechanical arm, instead of reattaching his real arm.

If I may quote Eric Cartman to sum up my thoughts on this matter: "Lame"

What was the "purpose" of the crystal skull as the main plot device?

~ The aliens came to Earth about 7,000 years ago and tought the local yahoos how to grow crops, dig ditches, and stack stones into a triangle shape? We humans couldn't figure out how to do that much without alien intervention? They can live as disembodied skulls?

~ The Conquistadores found the spaceship / temple hundreds of years ago, and just took one of the skulls, out of EVERYTHING that was inside? Why the skull? Why only ONE skull, if thirteen skeletons were present? Why were they allowed to take it in the first pace? How did they get inside the alien crypt without a crsytal skull to open the door, if they hadn't stolen it yet?

~ What did the alien carcass in Area 51 have to do with the crystal skull they were looking for?

~ Why did the aliens store a treasure of knowledge and artifacts from the world's cultures of the time for posterity, if it would all be destroyed indescriminately as the spaceship powered up?

~ Area 51 is guarded by like, only 5 men?

~ Why did the spaceship power-up and leave when they returned the skull to it's skeleton? The crystal skull is just an egnition key, or something? Was it actually an alien skull, or a mechanism of some kind, shaped to look like a skull?

~ So, did Galadriel the Commie, like, die, or what?

Awesome flick! Loved every minute, George!


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A healthy dose of DEATH METAL is a good start...

True Warrior wrote:

WHY was Jar-Jar made a SENATOR!?!?TW

I don't know, but he was still more effective at changing Senate policy than a lot of U.S. Senators are.

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What's the story on eFX Collectibles taking the reigns after Master Replicas?

I'm very interested in the MR Stormtrooper Helmet, and I've read that eFX's version that's due out soon is the exact same design used by MR before they could complete their production run.

Are both helmets identical in construction? I know MR had a few different versions out already, in ABS plastic as well as fibreglass.

In short, is one company's version better than the other?


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Thanks Merciless and everyone else,

StarWars.com would have ripped me to shreds by now, with 20,000 incindiary posts eventually leading to the thread being locked by the moderators. Death threats, etc. I'm all too aware of how touchy this topic could be, and I'm glad everyone is being so cool. Trust me, I'm walking on egg shells here, as I'm sure some of you have noticed... the Boba questions are gonna be tough, but I know I'll find what I'm looking for. I need advice from the pros, so please bear with me.

I should clarify one idea: The EU is just as much SW canon, in my opinion, as the films. However in a situation like the examples I've mentioned, where a discrepancy arises between the two, I as a Purist will simply negate the EU in favor of the films. The backstory written by the EU is no longer valid to me. Like Virulent said earlier, the other option is to overanalyze the two until you drive yourself nuts, believe me.

First Lucas allowed the EU to create a very fluid and in-depth account of the Stormtroopers, then he introduces us to the Clones, now we're here trying to make sense of this dillema.

Long ago, as I'm sure many of you remember, rumors were circulated amongst fans that Boba was somehow tied in with the Stormtroopers. I personally loved the idea, and propogated the rumor every chance I had. I think Lucas may have latched onto that notion when scripting Jango and the Clone Army. I don't know what was in the dude's head, but I've learned from interviews that the guy has ears everywhere regarding Star Wars fandom, and is quite hip to a lot of fan speculation. You'd be surprised at how much the guy knows about how we feel in the EU. If I had the chance, I would ask him if that was the case with Jango. Nevertheless, rumor is now fact.

So there you have it: The Stormtroopers are clones of Jango Fett, just as Boba is. In this instance, i'm glad to disregard the EU in favor of Lucas' writing.

Let me know what you think... this is about to get interesting.

This is what I love about the BFFC, so many different viewpoints, and from fans who are very knowledgeable regarding just about everything from the EU. I myself am not that familiar with the EU, but I DO consider myself a fan. Thanks Si, for your points regarding True Colors, as well as Darth Nihilus and Darth Malak. Spot on. And Virulent, it's true... when there is a conflict, the only way NOT to overanalyze a way out, is to trump the whole mess in Lucas' favor. Sometimes it works out best, sometimes not so much. Ralin, to address a small point, the Clones Technically didn't win the war, anymore than the Droids lost it. The war was a mechanism to destroy the Jedi and secure Sith control over the Galaxy. The Clones were instrumental. They were key to the whole plan. That's why Jango was chosen. That's why he kept Jango's Clones.

Remember the scene where Jango hits his head on the hatch of Slave 1, after defeating (and he DID defeat him in that fight) Obi-Wan on Kamino? That's a direct reference to the Stormtroopers always hitting their heads on hatchways throughout the OT. It wasn't because the actors couldn't see sh*t through their helmets, it's because Jango was always hitting his head. That's pretty cool. And funny.

I was discussing this topic with a friend who brought up a very interesting point: It's not so much that the EU comes into conflict with the narrative of the films, rather, it's the films (as they are released to the theaters) that create conflict within the EU. In most cases the EU was there first. LUCAS himself approves what can or can't be written into his universe, and then changes his mind entirely when he makes the next movie, forcing fans of the EU to try and work out the new discrepancy. This happens quite a bit.

I'll give a quick example, and try not to stray off of the Stormtrooper topic: General Grievous' wheezing and coughing. Well, "What's up with that?" I thought in the theatres. Lucas allows Genndy Tartarsauceky (or whatever his last name is) to suggest that moments before we see Grievous enter the bridge, his chest was Force-crushed by Mace as he made his escape from Coruscant. Then I listen to the DVD commentary for Episode III where Lucas explains that he wanted to show that the cybernetic breathing apparatus was archaic and troublesome, giving rise to Vader's mechanical breathing. What the hell, George!? Which one is it? Genndy's idea is way cooler than Lucas', but it IS Lucas' gig. If that's what he says, then that's what it must be. If there's a discrepancy between the films and the EU, then "only the films are canon". In this circumstance it sucks, I don't agree with Lucas on this idea, but Lucas has final say. It's not about Mace, it's about Vader. Whatever.

According to Lucas, Jango's Clones ARE the Imperial Stormtroopers. I always wondered how the Emperor could convince volunteers, or conscripts that destroying whole planets was in the best interest of the Galaxy. Wouldn't a lot of Stormtroopers rebel against the Empire themselves? How could he guarantee loyalty on such a grand scale as vast as his army was? And Vader was always freakin' killing his own men. "This outfit sucks, man... I'm outta here."

How? Because they were bred to obey.

"They'll do their job well. I'll guarantee that."

Sorry Ralin, I was editing my post while you were replying to the original text... let me know if this affects your train of thought before I reply.

Thanks Ralin,

Now, according to the films of the Original Trilogy, there is NO origin given for the Stormtroopers. The viewer is left to assume whatever he/she wants, or like me, you can turn to the EU. Fine. Good. Then, Episode II comes along and we learn of the development of the clone army. At this point, the viewer knows that they aren't really going to be used to defend the republic, we know that they were created at Palpatine's wishes.

Enter Obi-Wan... standing on the balcony and looking out over what are, UNDOUBTABLY, the Stormtroopers. They don't just look similar to Stormtroopers, they ARE the Stormtroopers... albeit known to the Senate as the "Grand Army of the Republic". Sounds fancy, doesn't it. I'm sure Palpatine thought so too. The Republic sure dug it. "Awesome" I thought... Lucas' design for their origin trumps the EU, and in this circumstance, I'm glad.

In the EU, the clones have been rendered largely obsolete and replaced with a standard Human army.

In the films, the clones ARE the Stormtroopers.

So, which one can you possibly side with? Some would argue to just pick whatever story you like. I say that the EU has created a discrepancy with narrative of the films, and must be overridden. Retcon the EU, or whatever, but the Clones ARE the Stormtroopers... This is Lucas' design. He has ignored the EU on several occasions, and has done so for the Stormtroopers. I must side with Lucas.

To address your points:

1st, I wouldn't exactly call an army that can erradicate the Jedi "Stupid" or "Insignificant". The Death Star has one function: Destroy planets who don't tow the line. The Stormtroopers were the first line of attack in "convincing" disgruntled systems to shut up. Because the Death Star is "Plan B". Everything rolled into his lap because of the grand design of the Sith to defeat the Jedi. Yes, the whole pie was HIS... now he would have to keep it.

2nd, Honestly, I'm not exactly sure what you meant here...

3rd, The Clone Commandos who disobeyed Order 66 were largely ARC Troopers, and even then the percentage of total troops to disobey were easily less than 1%. If this made him nervous, how would drafting strangers improve loyalty? How could you know his personal motives? The Clones had NO ulterior motives. The Clones were totally obedient. Obedience to their leader was part of their genetic design, according to the Kaminoans.

Hence, the Purist trump card: "Only the films are canon"

I appreciate all the input. Thanks, everyone. I think it's safe to assume that we are, largely, all on the same level regarding the definition of a Star Wars Purist...

I would like to post a sample question, before I begin my discussion regarding Boba Fett. In another topic, I read a reply to a post I had made that, as a Purist, I strongly disagree with:

~ Jango Fett's clones used for the Grand Army of the Republic are, for the most part, not the same soldiers used for the Imperial Stormtroopers. ~

I'm somewhat aware of the EU's definition of the Stormtrooper ranks. I remember reading early (long before Episodes I-III hit the theatres) that Stormtroopers were largely conscripted humans. There was no mention of Clones at all. It seemed much like a standard army. Later, I read in one of Timothy Zahn's books, that Grand Admiral Thrawn was once again using Clones to repopulate his ranks. This was considered extremely dangerous, because (if I remember correctly) the Clone Wars were the result of "Clone Madness", an unforseeable side-effect of the early cloning processes that involved growth acceleration giving rise to a "Force Echo"... In short, Clones give off an identical "frequency" in the Force that would irrevocably drives the clones insane, and much carnage ensued. I also read that Stormtroopers were later cloned from seperate genetic templates, such as Imperial officers, and the like.

Now, in a Purist sense, if one were only to watch the movies, then you can only come the conclusion that the Imperial Stormtroopers ARE the same soldiers as the clones of the Grand Army of the Republic. The armor is identical, their unswerving loyalty to the Emperor is the same (and a vital quality needed for his personal army). Why would the Emperor allow for genetic anamolies to enter his ranks after the clones had performed so perfectly in the Clone Wars? Especially after the results they produced regarding Order 66? They had gone through such effort to find an ideal genetic specimen in the Fett bloodline of the Mandalorian Warriors, why tarnish your ranks with a less than ideal officer or human volunteer or draftee. A large part of the Clone's advantage was their teamwork. It's almost as if, in battle, they all thought along the same lines. In any given combat scenario, it would be hard NOT to know what your teammate is going to do. Throw strangers into the mix and you take away the clone army's greatest strength.

As a Purist, I have to disagree with the EU's definition of an Imperial Stormtrooper...


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I think it's the temple burning, too. The blood splattered on the helmet is a gruesome touch as well... can't wait to read it!

Sev Fett wrote:

2 Jedi and 2 Sith.  Balance.

That's pretty much how I've always viewed it... Balance is attained when only "Master" Yoda and "Apprentice" Obi-Wan are followers of the Light Side and "Master" Palpatine and "Apprentice" Vader are followers of the Dark Side. Although, in the DVD commentary for Episode III, Lucas states that he disagrees with this notion, and that "balance" is acheived in Episode VI, when Vader once again becomes Anakin and kills the Emperor.

The Destruction of the Sith brings balance to the Force.

I don't get it, but that's what the man says...


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"She's rich..."

And so she marries the guy and gets knocked up.

By the middle of Episode III, why hasn't Anakin decided to just blow off the whole "Jedi / Sith / You are the Chosen One" crap, and joined the Pod Racing circuit instead?

Where would the Jedi Council's and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's precious little scemes be then?