Happy New Year!

He might spend a lot of money buying information. Tracking down some of the most wanted criminals in the galaxy would probably involve paying off informers. Fear and intimidation can have little effect on criminals who feel that they have nothing to lose, anyway... but almost everyone has a price.

regimas wrote:

can sith become ghosts?

Darth Plagueis was said to have known the secret of the Force Ghosts...



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My friend Roger has seizures. I don't know if it's from Epilepsy, but we were all sitting around playing X-Box, and kinda like what you said happened. He twisted his head all the way to the right, then twisted his body to the right and slid off the end of the couch. He laid on the floor as stiff as a board. Stiff, not shaking at all. It scared the hell out of all of us, but luckily his close friend was aware of his condition, and told everyone to calm down. A few minutes later he was totally fine. We wanted him to go to the hospital, but he was adamant that it was a normal occurance for him. We took him home, regardless. He can't have a driver's license because of his condition.


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Big dogs are the best. The bigger the better. I wish I could have a big dog too, but I live in a small apartment in downtown Atlanta, and work long hours, so it wouldn't be a healthy environment for the dog. Attie's gonna love his farm in Iowa.

His momma's name is "Cupcake". She is a real sweetie.

I own a .475 Wildey Magnum ( the gun used by Charles Bronson in "Death Wish III"), and I have been thinking of having the wood case it comes in engraved with "WESTAR 34"

Would that be cool, or not. Honestly, I can't decide.



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Apology accepted, Mr. Lucas...



Why didn't Han ever pay Jabba?

I've heard a few answers, but let's face it... he DID have the money. The Rebellion paid him what he asked after he returned Leia to Yavin. The rebels had alot of money, which they used to equip themselves with a formidable arsenal. And as for not having time, because he was caught up in the rebellion, they could have easily sent a courier to Jabba to handle his debt for him. Jabba had alot of respect and patience for Han and his capabilities as a smuggler, and offered him a decent interest rate as well as the time he needed to work it off. And Jabba wasn't exactly known for his patience.

It's like Han thought he could just blow Jabba off, now that he had clout with the Rebels. It wasn't until years later, at Ord Mandell, that jabba put the scare into him.


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Still a little guy, just weaned, but momma can only be described as MEGA.

They are beautiful dogs. "Attie" will grow up on a farm in Iowa.

I'll post pictures when he sends them.


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My cousin just bought an English Mastiff pup for $900.

He named him AT-AT.

I haven't read any of the Republic Commando novels. I want to read Order 66, but will I be lost without knowing the other novels? How much of the book is actually based on the Clones and their reactions to Order 66, as well as how it was carried out? It always bugged me that ROTS spends like 5 minutes to chronicle the entire destruction of the Jedi. I was stoked to hear about this novel. So what's up, now that some of you have read it?

If you think I need to know the storylines of the other novels in the series to understand Order 66, how about throwing me the Cliff's Notes... like maybe condensed into a paragraph or so, if possible.



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I was like, six years old. It was Saturday on a beatiful Spring day and my dad asked if I wanted to go to the movies.

I hate him.


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Like everything else, it's mostly sugar, but some Japanese mad scientist combined it with a complex series of Amino Acids derived from Giant Hornet venom and Tryptophan.

Yeah, that's right... Giant Hornet venom.

Basically, your muscles can't feel themselves getting tired, so this stuff is strictly for athletic endurance. Several Olympic Gold Medalists swear by it, especially the marathoners. After I destroyed the ACL in my knee skateboarding, this stuff brought my hamstrings back from the brink and helped me to run again, I'm here to tell ya.

Tastes like bland lemonade.

VAAM ~ "It's what ALL the clones are drinking"


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Viking1, do they like, paint his Death Skull or his Insignia on stuff? Like on the sides of vehicles and weapons and stuff? Like AR Fett's rifle with the laser engraved Mythosaur skull.

I've seen where the crewmen write stuff on the bombs and rockets. I'd like to see a bomb with "NO DISINTIGRATIONS" or "WHAT IF HE DOESN'T SURVIVE?" scribbled on the side.

Cool topic, man.

Why didn't Han ever pay Jabba?

Yeah, there are a lot of them for sale on eBay, not to mention Amazon and "Google Shopping". They seem to be going for about $400 for the Limited Edition and you can tack on another C note if you want Bulloch's John Hancock to go with it.

$400 was a lot of bread, don't doubt that. I sweat blood in many hours of overtime to save up for this, and it was totally worth it. I mean, let's be honest, the T-Visor IS Boba Fett.

In my opinion, this is THE Boba Fett item to own. Do what you gotta do.

Just got the helmet in the mail today! I bought it new off of eBay for $400 and this thing smokes, man! Excellent attention to detail by the artists at Master Replicas. The fit is fantastic. There's no chin strap, but you don't really need one.

It's worth every penny... believe me!

You gotta get this helmet. To hell with the rent.


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Don't worry Si... I drive a 1969 Dodge Coronet now.

It's 383 is so freakin' loud, I can't hear what ANYONE on the street says anymore.


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Miba wrote:

I walked down the "aisle" to the Yavin Ceremony song.



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"Love Machine"

That's what some of the girls in my old neighborhood used to call me.

Not because I was smooth with the ladies, but because my silver Nissan had a blue door, like Cheech's 1964 Chevy Impala he named the "Love Machine" in the movie "Up In Smoke".

True story. Sad... but true.


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Stop me if you've heard this one...

A driver for a limousine service gets a call that he has been selected to drive the Pope from the Vatican to the airport. After being picked up, he leans foreward and asks the driver for a favor: "They never let me drive anywhere. Would you mind if I drove the car to the airport?"
"Of course not, your Holiness, just please be careful." says the driver as he and the Pope switch places.
As soon as he is behind the wheel, he guns it. He's running stop signs, going around corners on two wheels, and driving like a maniac. Before long, the limo is pulled over by the police.
"You see what's going on while I run the plates. Let me know if you need back-up.", the cop says to his partner.
Soon the limo drives away and the cop returns to his car as white as a ghost.
"Why'd you let them go? Who was in the limo, anyway?" asks his partner.

"I don't know... but the Pope was his driver!"


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I've always wanted to visit Southern Spain, where my family emigrated to the United States from.

Also, Greece and the islands of the Aegean Sea look beautiful... the stark white cliffs against the blue-green Mediterranian have always caught my eye.

Frank Oz as Yoda in the OT... I can still watch that flick and be convinced that he's not a puppet. Now that was a performance!

And of course, Temeura Morrison. "Always a pleasure to meet a Jedi." Man, that guy was cool!


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Congratulations, Miba!


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Death Stick dealer...