Possibly, do you know anyone interested?

Thanks for your input guys- I figured it would be worth inquiring about at least.  I hate having to put stuff up for sale, when someone has something worth trading for.  We'll see how it goes.


Hello all,

Jim Brady here from beforethedarktimes.com- some time back, I posted for all to drool over, my one of a kind Boba Fett motorcycle helmet, that I had airbrushed by a total pro for my private collection.  The helmet was highlighted at the below link at my home site:


To date the helmet has NEVER EVEN BEEN WORN, as I've simply found it too beautiful to wear while riding (or doing anything for that matter).  When I ordered the helmet from the painter, I was given a 6-month lead time because the guy had so much work coming in.  His skills are truly unbelievable.

After my helmet was received, and I displayed it on my home site, another Boba fan came forward asking how he could get one- he was going by the handle of Jade Jedi at the time, and lived in Australia.  To date this is the only other helmet that I know of, that was done by the same painter as mine.  The transaction for the helmet was completed through my site, and was shipped directly to the buyer from the painter, so I never saw it in person.  I know the buyer posted pictures of his online as I had, but at the moment I do not have them to show.

The reason I am providing all of this information is because not only am I a huge Star Wars fan, I am also a fellow collector and costumer.  I have an Emperor's Royal Guard suit that I made using info off of the Obi Wan Jedi Academy site, and it turned out really well in my opinion.  It can be viewed here:


I wore it to the local Episode III Premiere, where it was greatly appreciated by many Star Wars fans.  My ultimate goal one day was to have either a Boba costume or Stormtrooper costume, that I could also wear.  I tried doing the Boba suit myself, and the project was unfortunately a failure .  However, I was thinking recently that if someone were interested in my Boba cycle helmet, I would openly trade it up for a complete Ep IV-Ep VI style Stormtrooper suit.  It would have to be complete and ready to put on, because unfortunately as gifted as I am, working with the ABS plastic was something that I could not do (learned it with the Boba suit that I failed on).  The helmet retails at well over $500, so I thought that would be a fair trade for either someone with an extra suit OR someone who had the skills to create another one for themselves if they traded me their current one.

If anyone here is interested, or knows a 501st member who might be interested in the trade, kindly contact me and I will provide more info regarding my sizing and location.  I think for a fellow Boba fan such as myself, this opportunity is a stellar one.  Again, the helmet has never been worn by myself or anyone.  It is an XL HJC helmet that was black prior to the airbrush work.

Always great to see this site still up and running, and that there are still so many fellow Boba fans out there!

Best Regards,

Jim Brady III
Webmaster, beforethedarktimes.com
Former Web Editor/Reporter of artoosnews.com (2000-2003)

I'm kind of concerned about how Lucas is doing the writing for the episodes- he's looking for global input which in some ways is cool, but it could also detract from the overall SW feel of the series.  Thoughts?



I made a news post regarding this on my home site earlier this month- it will be coming to Philly in Spring 2008.  They had details on it while we were visiting the TUT exhibit.



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There are so many hormones in their food that if Boba took Jango there 3x they'd be the same size.



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I wonder how hard it would be to make my Hayabusa look Slave I-ish..

Then there's the matter of finding someone to paint it!!



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I talked to Jaster briefly, he got the helmet- stay tuned for pics and feedback!


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No prob, glad you guys have enjoyed the post- now if I'd just taken a pic of the Trilogy Arcade game...   I'd LOVE to have one of those in my house!



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'cat' as in........ "category"  big_smile

If someone would move this topic to that category/thread it would be greatly appreciated..



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Sorry if I dropped this in the wrong place- I missed the "General" cat..  sad


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I posted a detailed review of the arcade at Hersheypark, complete with pics..  and of course I neglected to get a shot of the game that led me in in the first place..  the STAR WARS TRILOGY ARCADE game.   Gaddammit.

At any rate, you can see all the games here.


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Accoring to the below URL, there is no 1138 reference in ROTJ:




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I always liked in ROTJ when the Emperor walks up to Vader and says "Send the fleet to the far side of Endor.  There it will stay, until called for..."   It's so Dr Seuss how he says it- I usually follow it up with, "I will not eat them on a boat, I will not eat them in a moat..."   big_smile



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FettFan79 wrote:

VG--great job on the helmet! I too would like to get a bike (well, my BICYCLE I put miles and miles on anyway...LOL) but a motorcycle would be great for me to commute to work and home--really save on gas and it's only 20 miles one way.  That helmet would be another reason to ride!! lol
I just recently took an airbrushing class up in Chicago, so I'm hoping to one day put my talents to use like that.

Be sure to show us your work FF79!

As for my mondo list of posts, sorry about that- I didn't even think to consolidate them all b/c I responded then *CLICK*, responded then *CLICK*.  Must have been from when I hit my head walking into the Slave I  big_smile



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Sadriel_Fett wrote:
Devil Girl wrote:
Valthonin wrote:

I think the names comes from the one line in the movies that Ben Kenobi says when he's talking about the jedi to Luke in a New Hope.
Back on topic,I think i'd look better with an actual antenna instead of it painted on. Kinda impractical for a motorcycle helmet i guess.

You are right it is from A new hope, just after Luke has met up with Obi Wan and they are talking at his wee home.

I know this is completely off topic, but that's also where Dark Horse Comics get the title for one of the series they're currently doing, "Star Wars: Dark Times."  Takes place between Episodes III and IV and covers the "dark times" that Kenobi refers to.  But, that's for another thread.


I had the name first big_smile   Even offered to help them promote the new series when I got wind of it..



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Sintas Vel wrote:

Well I'm into Dirtsports so I think I can handle a street bike. They look like so much fun!

They really are- the only thing I recommend prior to buying one is learning every back and secondary road you can find near your home or work.  It's simply not worth it today to ride on the main roads and highways... too many folks are doing any of the following while driving: texting, talking on the phone, drinking, doing drugs, yelling at their kids, watching DVD players, the list goes on...  It pays to know the roads less traveled..



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rengaw wrote:

I don't even own a motorbike nor ride one but I WANT THAT!

Funny thing is I HAVE a bike, and can't even bring myself to wear MINE while riding  big_smile  It's too much of a work of art.  The idea came to me while visiting a car show in Baltimore MD..  A guy had a huge display of helmets painted like the Terminator Endoskeleton, Predator, Comic Book characters, and a ton of other great stuff- even the visors were painted! But alas, no SW..   I was like, "man a FETT helmet would simply kick @$$.."  the rest is History..



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Karson Fett wrote:

My Dad had one but he sold it mom didn't like it much that why.

My wife hates my bike- but nonetheless the bike stays..   big_smile



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draco fett wrote:

I'd hate if that happened.

Agree- it would lessen his proficiency with weapons and his gauntlets..  he wouldn't need those skills anymore.


Dageen Fett wrote:

im getting one similar to this but instead the Slave 1 is top lefthand corner and botton right is bantha skull; im getting it for xmas from my mom so  ill post pics day after i get it.
http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n283 … tattoo.jpg

Totally love the one in the pic...



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Makes me think about the symbol Elton John would have if he was a bounty hunter  big_smile


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I have been a Boba fan as long as I can remember...  I'm sure it started with ESB- his suit rocked, his ship was totally different from the others, and it had the most wicked sound when it left the Bespin platform..  I was hooked.



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I really wanted to see this, ESPECIALLY with there being a vintage Asteroids machine in it too!!