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Boba's a Clone.
You can't get more like Jango than that.


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Thank you.

One of these days i'll try to show a few of my Mando'a pictures. ;p


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Could someone please tell me which board that DL was on?
And which forum.

I would like to read it out of curiosity...



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I saw a cool story in this website called * Carth Community *
It's called The Forgotten and it's in the Fanfiction section.
You have to look at it.
It takes place between KOTOR I and II.
There's a Girl named Keria Fett in it.

I thought it was really cool.
Tell me what you think.


Endless Roses Carth Onasi, into you're search engine.
When the Menu come up scroll down intil you see Carth Community.
Enter and look under fanfiction.

Sorry i can't get i link.
I'm still pretty new at this.


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* Faints *

I love those.
I thought Bard'ika was Perfect!
Karen Traviss...tsk.tsk..

How do you post pictures on here?


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They're not invincible!

Like Kriea  said " Soon all that will remain is their heritage and their armor upon a man 
                     ( When Jango Died )                                         ( The Clones )

to easily slain by Jedi )

I love them both.
The are both equal whether some like it or not.


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You fail to remember Draco, that Boba to had a daughter and was also putting her in considerable danger. Although it is true that Jango seemed somewhat easy to kill, He taught Boba most of his skills. Boba conectrates on stealth, Jango has more of a * Get off you're butt and Kill that worthless dikut'la * edge. But then again, it's true. Boba did grow up to be more ruthless than his Father, and survived the Sarlaac. But no without cost, it still caused him physical damage that are likely to slow his reactions. As you age you're reactions to things are fading as well. Jango was old, so there probally is a difference. When he was young his reactions were at there peak. As he got older..you get the picture. And if his jetpack haden't gone KABOOM!! he probally would've wiped the planet of Mace Windu. Also it seemed that Mace knew where to kill Jango since Mace tried to kill Boba in the series, using a lightsaber. But Boba Survived. Jango was sliced at the neck so...Bye bye Jango. Ironic that Boba survived a Blow to the head. Considering that Jango taught the Clones how to fight, they were able to kill Jedi. True it was from a distance, but remember. The Clones were made to be less indepenent than the origanal host      ( Jango) So basically saying that Jango taught his Clones his habit of Killing Jedi, and teaching his son. The Rest of Boba's talent is probally hard earned skill. After Jango was killed. * Soon all that will remain is the heritage and armor upon a man to easily slain by Jedi * ( Kreia, KOTOR II ) I'm not saying that Boba is less than Jango. I think they are both rightfully able to be called Fetts.

Of course that's my two cents..



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I think it would be cool if Daniel Logan was a member, i mean, it would totally rock!!!!!

.....But that's just me.