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1: My old Church books smile
2: Transformers
3: Halo series
4: Republic commando
5: Boba Fett series


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Don't worry guys.
I'm coming back pretty soon.

I'm gonna start on the next chapter as soon as I get a Chance.

P.S  Uh, You guys know i'm a girl...right?  lol


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I remember these things. I came across one in Empire at war. It's really hard to get in.

* Faints from excitment *

Wow... That was Sweet!
Great Chapter! big_smile


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My favorite spot is Creative. big_smile


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Look in " Star Wars Unusal Allies "

I have somthing very simular to that, but it's Jango.


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All you have to do is try, Dageen.
I know i may never make a best seller or anything, but that doesn't stop me from writing.

" You get mad, you get strong."
" Wipe you're hands, shake it off."
" Then you stand."


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Oh, yeah. big_smile  My bad.

Yes, Commandos are Deadly when they work alone.
If i remember right, didn't Niner take out part of a small vilage?

It seems already clear that Commandos can handle certain matters when their by-themselves.


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They still have their independence.
Republic Commandos work in Squads, while ARC's work alone.


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Jango has also killed many Jedi.


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Go to her Livejournal Website, it has her picture and everything, or look in the back of TZ.

Karen Traviss is actually real friendly, but like you said, talking about Star Wars all the time can be a little boring.
Not to mention She doesn't read fanfictions, and she is usually VERY busy.

If you want to email her, i can give you her adress.
( She usually accepts questions or FAQ )


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I like the Jetpack.
Even though it would probably be the death of me.


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That's how pro writers make it big. big_smile


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I really don't mind voice changes. I didn't mind the Boba Fett voice change and i don't mind Yoda changing, either. You are right though. Yoda looked like a druggy.


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Alright Peoples!
Since all the posts say yesterday. It is now time for the next chapter. big_smile




Hija sat back with a calm resignation." Message is away. All we have to do i wait."   Kamari swallowed hard." Master, what have you been thinking these past few months we've been away? I've sensed disturbance in you."

Hija sighed." What has happened to the Jedi code, Kamari? We're peacekeepers, not soldiers."

" Do you think the counsel knew this was coming? "

Hija took sudden interest in the navagation charts." The Counsel knew many things, But i highly doubt even Master Yoda himself could've forsaw this."

Hija couldn't deny that she sometimes " Questioned " the Jedi counsel's decisons of action in the war. But what other choice did they have.

Kamari was more open then she could ever be.

" Master? What are we really fighting for? "

Hija turn to face her." Restoring the peace, wasn't i clear on this? "

" The way you made it sound was that You didn't trust the other Masters."

Hija stopped herself before she made matters worse. She smiled sadly.

" You are right, Kamari. I shall be more mindful of my actions."

They both fell silent for a moment. Each managing their own task such as checking the charts and scans on the ship.

Kamari broke the silence." You don't think the Republic is invovled somehow, do you? "

Hija pondered that for a few seconds." It's hard to tell what is going on in the senate, and i can hardly mark the Holoclip from the Temple anything less than disturbing."

There was a blinding light, and the ship rocked dangerously back and forth.

Hija had to seize the co-pilots seat just to stay upright.

Kamari struggled with the controls." Then why are they shooting at us?! "



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" We will, we will, Rock you." big_smile

Seems like Star wars has made it big all over the world.

I think, I started somthing.


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I really need to pick up Paint shop pro. I'm dying to get some Boba Fett Pictures up here somtime.

It's a little thing that happens alot with my computer. Somtimes it lets be log on here, and somtimes is doesn't. I was all worried about posting my next chapter, and i think my nails are alot shorter then they used to be.


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* Holds Star Wars Flag *

We are number #1 ( Hey! )
We are number #1 ( Hey! )

Hey! That's my catch! My teaser idea! j/k j/k
No, i'm kidding. big_smile
Great Teaser! I've been freaking out all day beacaue i couldn't log back in here, so i ran around the house yelling " Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!! " Just not in so many words.


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I bet Daenna could tell us next time she logs on.


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Hey! Where can i get Paint Shop Pro? And is it a Free download?


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And i just sent you one. big_smile